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  2. 🏓 ALLEYWAY Squad Challenge is LIVE!


  3. 🎃 Hope everybody had a fun & safe Halloween! Had a ton of fun w/ Splatterhouse on TG16! I'll post a new Squad Challenge tonight!

  4. 👍 Be sure to check out @StormSurge's very thoughtful "Extra Life" Giveaway Fundraiser if you get a chance: 


  5. ⚠️ Here's what's going on with the Atari I/O Malware "Security Warning" Issue: https://forums.atari.io/topic/4465-atari-io-malware-security-warning-issue/ If you have experience removing malware from Wordpress sites we could use your help!


  6. 🎃 SPLATTERHOUSE TG16 Squad Challenge is live! Celebrate Halloween with us!


  7. I'll miss Robert Forster. What a presence. Just watched him in El Camino tonight, then saw on my phone he passed away from cancer. Was brilliant in Twin Peaks and Jackie Brown. One of my favorite actors, I'm sad he's gone.

    1. StormSurge


      😔 (BTW, El Camino was great!!)

  8. 👉 Rikki & Vikki is an awesome new game for Atari 7800. Check out @atarilbc's review: 


  9. 👉 New Intellivision Squad Challenge is up through the end of the month! We're playing TRON Deadly Discs!

  10. 👋 Update: Summer is wrapping up and we're headed into the Fall season! I hope everybody enjoyed our Summer Events this year, including the Pole Position II Grand Prix, Howard Scott Warshaw Day, and Pizza Party Weekend! We'll have some fun stuff coming up for the Fall and Winter too. I've been very busy w/ professional life and haven't been posting much. Hurricane Dorian is approaching and that will have my full attention for the next few days. I'm safe and everything is going well! I just posted the new Squad Challenge, we're getting ready for Fall by playing Ghouls 'N Ghosts on Sega Genesis. It's hard as nails, enjoy!

    1. RickR


      I hope all turns out ok for you with Dorian, Justin.  Looks pretty horrendous.  The storm is heading north now. 


  11. 💥 Ninja Spirit High Score Squad Challenge is up!!! This is a great TurboGrafx-16 game! 


  12. 🎉 We're celebrating our 6th ANNUAL HOWARD SCOTT WARSHAW DAY w/ another round of ULTIMATE YARS! 


  13.  Resolved the issue with the main part of the website and will have a new Squad Challenge up today!

  14. ⚠️ Having an issue with the main part of the website (not the forums) Likely Wordpress related. Working on resolving this. Will try to have the new High Score Squad Challenge up later tonight as well!

  15. 🎥 NEW VIDEO MONDAY! Here’s a throwback: a home movie I made when I was a kid, recreating the commercials for Atari Lynx. Who remembers these Lynx commercials from the ‘90s? 


    1. StormSurge


      That's gold!!!

    2. RickR




  16. 📰 Google paid $58.1 million for the Atari building at 1272 Borregas Ave.  This building was home to 2600 games development and all the zany things that went on there. The Mercury News has a nice article on this which quotes Atari I/O: https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/07/01/google-grabs-an-early-atari-building-in-north-sunnyvale-deals-widen/amp/?__twitter_impression=true 

    1. Atari Creep
    2. kamakazi20012


      I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.  I'll get back to this once I get over the shock.

  17. 📹 NEW VIDEO MONDAY! Sega Light Gun laser Tag? 


  18. 💥 I'll see everybody tonight for WEDNESDAY Night Chat!

  19. 📹 NEW VIDEO MONDAY! Nintendo, Sega & Atari After The Video Game Crash: 


  20. 😉 Just thinking.. I'm glad we have the group that we have. What a great bunch of people.

    1. RickR


      Great group, great host. We go together like butter on toast. 

  21. 🕹️ ATARI I/O LIVE! BTB talks about his RETRO GAMER ORIGINS: 


  22. 👉 DID YOU KNOW you can start a Club in the Forums? In the menu, go to Browse > Clubs and click the "Start a Club" button! https://forums.atari.io/clubs/ 

    1. RickR


      The first rule of Nerd Club is you do not talk about Nerd Club. 


    2. Justin
  23. 🍕 Summer Pizza Festival starts FRIDAY 🥳 Excited for our SIDEWALK SALE! Spread the word!

  24. 👻 Bustin:


    1. RickR


      OMG, this is so frustrating.  On the bright side, no one is going to be sued for copyright infringement. 


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