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  1. This is something I've always wanted to do, and why I love the idea of the Neo Geo so much. I was going to attempt to make a consoled Atari System 1 cabinet about 20 years ago but never finished.
  2. lmao maybe an Atari Twist would do the trick
  3. I think the lack of Rufus would really make any Bill & Ted outing feel hollow, but fingers crossed this film surpasses expectations 🤞
  4. That is absolutely correct!! I received two packages this week from two different people. One contained two brand new Jaguar joypads, which I can't wait to use! The other contained a Blue Lightning Demonstration Cartridge for the Atari Lynx, it's what Atari sent out to Toys R Us and the other stores to put in their Lynx kiosks. It's a really cool thing, it keeps Blue Lightning on a really cool attract mode that does a great job of showing off the graphics and sound capabilities of the Lynx. I'm going to set a Lynx up in a glass cabinet with some other things and let it run on demo mode. As soon as I opened up those packages, I took a nice whiff of the cool breezy smell of brand new Atari merchandise. It's still there and it's never changed. If you watched @btbfilms76's most recent episode about Desert Falcon he unseals the box, gives it a whiff and says it has "a nice 1987 vintage to it". That smell is unforgettable. Great advice, I hope you're enjoying the game!
  5. Hell of a score! I forgot how brutal this game was, and to think we're only playing on Standard difficulty! Sometime we'll have to do a one-day challenge and play this game on Expert.
  6. They did it! The trailer is out. What do you guys think about this?
  7. I used to love this show when It was new. Sometimes you just get a feelin' like you need some kind of change.
  8. It's been a while since I've held a "normal" 5200. It would've been the 4-port that has the cable wrap that is a different piece of plastic plugged onto the bottom. If you give it a tug it feels like it will snap and break off.
  9. PS - I LOVE collecting Atari catalogs and posters! It really brings you into The World of Atari and it also gives a glimpse into the mind of Atari and their big plans that sometimes never came to fruition.
  10. WOWW I can't believe Mister 5200 has never had the pleasure of playing Jungle Hunt on his favorite system before!! It's an improvement over the 2600, I think you'll enjoy it.
  11. 🖖 Science fiction has always been the frontier for legitimate future predictions. Technology is what changes us more than anything else. Imagining what could be created, and what the effects are on culture and behavior, thats where genuine insight is found.

  12. Absolutely agree. The 5200 is pretty solid. Weakest point may be the little prongs that connect the clear plexiglass nose, flip-up lid, and the o-ring on the bottom for wrapping your RF cable around.
  13. Can't believe I missed out on this. I checked in around 9:40 hoping to catch the later part of your stream but I must've missed it. Great starting score!
  14. They most certainly did, but how many distinct variants did that result in?
  15. In my experience 2600 Jr. and 7800 shells are more brittle the later the manufacture date because they made them cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. Earlier 7800 shells are less brittle, particularly the 1984 builds. Nothing is a big hunk of chunky plastic tank like that 2600 base though.
  16. @btbfilms76 compares the two original Jaguar controllers in his Cybermorph Christmas Special of The Jag Bar. He says the earlier Jaguar controllers with the grey buttons and thick cord has a soft D-pad with very smooth touch to the control, while the later Jaguar controllers with the black buttons and thin cord has a very different sharp D-pad that feels cheap and is very hard to get any kind of smooth control with it, and that you can feel the differences playing Cybermorph. He talks about this at the 12:22 mark:
  17. I got two new Atari Jaguar joypads in the mail this week. I've heard various accounts comparing the Jaguar controllers. Of course we know about the Six Button Atari Jaguar controllers, but looking at the original 3 Button Jaguar controllers we notice differences. I've heard varying accounts between there being 2 versions of the original Jaguar controller, vs. there being 3 versions of the original Jaguar controller. Anyone with first hand knowledge want to weigh in? What I know for sure is at least two versions: 1st Rev: Grey Pause, Option & Keypad Buttons, Very Thick Cord, Smooth D-Pad. Very Nice Feel. 2nd Rev: Black Pause, Option & Keypad Buttons, Very Thin Cord, Sharp D-Pad with "pop" sound. Feels cheap. My original Jaguar controller (stolen) was the earliest release, as I received my Jaguar the morning they became available in November, 1993. It had the grey keypad buttons and the thick cord. You could buy additional Jaguar controllers at Babbage's, which I remember being the 2nd Rev. controllers with the black buttons and thin cord. My new Jaguar controllers that I just received this week also have grey keypad buttons and a thick cord, but the d-pad feels different than I remember, more mushy as though there's no internal spherical "rocker" base at the inside center of the d-pad. I also don't recall my original Jaguar controller having the numbers stamped in a "Courier" serif font, I remember them being more Helvetica. That leads me to wonder if there were actually 3 revisions of the original Jaguar controller. @Video 61 told me something along these lines a few years ago. Is it possible there was a 3rd Rev. that brought back the grey buttons, thick cord, but had a "spongy" d-pad and the keypad numbers stamped in a "Courier" font?
  18. I was going to ask that. This looks great!
  19. Rick bustin out that DeWalt is the greatest thing Notice how THICK that plastic is too. You never see things built like that anymore. Even 2600 Juniors and 7800 are paper thin compared to that.
  20. 🏆 BIG THANKS to @RickR who generously donated a pile of unused Combat cartridges to the site for use on future projects.

    1. RickR


      Yes.  There's also some SNES and Atari 8-bit. 


    2. Justin


      Sounds good Rick! If you'd like to set aside the Atari manufactured ones I would be grateful. 

    3. kamakazi20012


      I'd give the SNES non working games a home.  What games are they?

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  21. I remember your status update about this and commenting on it, and have been hoping to see much more on this project. I think this is one of the coolest threads of the year. Thank you for sharing this here @RickR and for taking the time to document your project, I love seeing builds like this. So great to see this VCS ready to play for another 40 years.
  22. MANNN this game is RELENTLESSS. I forgot how challenging Desert Falcon is! So much going on, shooting the guys up in the air, flying low and landing and shooting the ground level baddies, collecting jewels and hieroglyphs, there's a lot to juggle and a lot coming at you. High Score: 35,241 I'm going to keep working on my score. I had fun playing this today though. Good luck to everyone playing!
  23. That's cool! I love those little handheld games. It's so cool to see them brand new.
  24. 🎧 Currently listening to Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls (New Lockdown Version) 


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  25. This is a GREAT game for us to share our strategies here in this Squad Challenge. Figuring out all of the Hieroglyphs and combinations is key, and it's a smart move to download the Instruction Manual in the first post to get a better grasp on the game.
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