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  1. Congratulations Sabertooth! Congratulations to @Sabertooth his big win! Sabertooth just become Atari I/O's first Jaguar Champion! And a very special thanks to @RickR for helping out with Jaguar Emulation! @Sabertooth has had an incredible run this month! He won BTB's Atari 7800 Paddle Controller Giveaway, Namco shared his Pac-Man posts on social media, and Sabertooth just took the top spot in the Final Standings with an outstanding score of 477,900, becoming our first Jaguar Champion! I squeaked by with 201,200 points to claim 2nd Place on the board. @btbfilms76 was on fire and put up an impressive score to reach our 3rd spot on the board with 85,050 points. @Gianna was hot on BTB's tail with 81,550 points, @RickR made an impressive showing with 24,950, and @socrates63 rounds out the board bringing home his new Atari Jaguar to post a score of 14,250 points! Congratulations once again to @Sabertooth for the win, and as always I'd like to encourage Sabertooth to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and let's make sure this Challenge continues on! NOTE: Our next High Score Squad Challenge is the 2020 F-ZERO Christmas Challenge for Super Nintendo! Be there!
  2. I'm gonna give this one more shot! I made it to the final world with 199,400 points and nothing left to do on the planet to get a new ship awarded at 200,000. Problem is with this game it only awards the bonus ship once you've completed the level. Would've been great to have an extra life come up when I crossed the 200,000 mark! High Score: 201,200
  3. Not quite! @HDN @nosweargamer There are annual events we have in the forums which are fairly easy to predict, or require a little extra advance warning. The Pole Position II Grand Prix every Summer, the F-ZERO Christmas Challenge every Winter, HSW Day Ultimate Yars' Challenge, Summer Pizza Party Festival, and so on. Usually in these cases we let you know the game in advance as they are annual events and predictable, but hold off on announcing what course or level we're playing until the Squad Challenge goes up to avoid any unfair advantage.
  4. @Gianna and I are getting our scores in today! It's a great day of wrapping presents, cooking food, music, and enjoying some Atari Jaguar by the tree. Here's my score so far: High Score: 45,800
  5. WOW it's so great to read this. @btbfilms76 I've been trying to show people this since TG16 was still in Toys R Us. Idk how NEC/TTI let this fall through the cracks, if it was a marketing failure, an inability to bring over the best games from Japan, or if there just wasn't enough room left for Bonk and Zonk in a saturated market dominated by Mario and Sonic. TurboGrafx-16 is an absolute gem, as is the TurboExpress and TurboDuo. I'm glad you guys are enjoying them, and get ready for a TurboGrafx-16 Squad Challenge coming up pretty soon!
  6. Wow @RickR this says it all. Makes you wonder what the marketing guys at Atari were thinking at the time. Just not cost competitive.
  7. I have the original "Once Upon Atari" video HSW did in the '90s, it's excellent.
  8. Welcome to the Forums Joshua!! I hope you enjoy your time here and getting to know the community, it's great to have you join us
  9. Thank you Constable @RickR! Seriously, that's very nice of you to step forward and volunteer.
  10. 🦁 Our FIRST ATARI JAGUAR Squad Challenge is LIVE! 


  11. Cybermorph Atari Jaguar Controller: JOYPAD / KEYBOARD / PLAYER'S CHOICE Difficulty Level: Access Code 1008, Player's Choice of any world from Default Screen Play on: Real Hardware / Dedicated Console / MAME / Emulation OK! ✔ Squad Challenge ends 11:59 pm PST December 14, 2020 Objective Play for the highest possible score using the difficulty settings defined in the challenge. Post a photo or YouTube video of your score in this thread. Scores must be achieved between December 1st through December 14th, 2020. Screen captures are not allowed as they are more easily manipulated for falsified scores. Multiple submissions are permitted. The player with the highest score at the end of the competition is the victor! Eligibility Anyone can join in. All players are welcome! Play Rules Games may be played on real hardware, Flashback / Mini console, or emulation, using any controller or keyboard, following all rules and game settings defined in the challenge. Choosing between real hardware or emulation, and choosing which controller to play on is part of formulating your strategy. Enhancements, rewinds and hacked versions of this game are not allowed. Difficulty Level Start game with Player's Choice of any world from Default "Select Destination" Screen (Access Code 1008). You can start with any world on that screen you'd like, and play through he worlds in any order you choose. Fair Play Your integrity is everything. Players should play fairly, be honest, and have fun! Falsified scores will result in your immediate removal from the site. It goes without saying that we will not allow cheats, hacks, cartridge frying, enhancements, rewinds, deceitful photo manipulation, subterfuge, or any other unfair advantage. Everybody hates a cheater. More To review detailed rules on how to play, please visit the High Score Squad page here: Message Welcome to our 93rd Squad Challenge, and our VERY FIRST EVER ATARI JAGUAR SQUAD CHALLENGE! We break the ice with one of the Atari I/O Team's favorite games to play at Christmas time, Cybermorph, the original pack-in game for the Atari Jaguar. Nothing gets me ready for winter like the sound of Cybermorph, the crackle of logs in the fireplace, making holiday meals, and hearing DS9 coming on TV in the other room. @btbfilms76 hosted a Holiday Special featuring Cybermorph which we will share below as an introduction to the game. Begin your game with the Default "Select Destination" Screen, which uses Access Code 1008. You can start with any world on that screen you'd like, and play through the worlds in any order you choose. Cybermorph was developed alongside the Atari Jaguar (and initially Atari Panther) and was released in 1993. For many gamers, Mario 64 was their first introduction to a 3-D open world. For those of us who grew up with the Jaguar through, we got to experience this three years earlier with Cybermorph. We just had two Squad Challenges in a row which introduced us to MAME and required us to get our Emulation setups in order. It wasn't easy, but we did it! Playing our first Squad Challenge on Atari Jaguar is going to be a similar experience. The Jag isn't as common as, say the 2600, and emulation support is essentially non-existent. It may be difficult for some of you to join in this Squad Challenge and participation may be lower than we'd like. But for those of you with an Atari Jaguar, Cybermorph is one of the most common games released for the system, so we're playing a game that most Jaguar players will have already gotten their paws on. Instructions are provided below. Good luck to everybody participating! Where did you learn to fly? NOTE: Our next Squad Challenge will be the 2020 F-ZERO Christmas Challenge for Super Nintendo! Be there! Cybermorph.pdf
  12. CONGRATS SABERTOOTH! Congratulations @Sabertooth on your big win! We'll get your paddle controllers packaged up and sent out to you this week! Thank you everyone for playing!
  13. CONGRATS @RickR!! It's always nice to see a good guy get a good win in there! ☺️
  14. Congratulations RickR! Congratulations to @RickR on his big win! Rick has become our second MAME Champion! We improved our turnout from our previous MAME Squad Challenge, nearly doubling last Squad Challenge's numbers. I know emulation can be tricky for some, and I want to thank everyone for doing whatever you had to do to participate! Once again, there was some help from friendly faces in the forums to help get people get set up and going on MAME, and it's always nice to see our community help each other out. @RickR is our champion for this Squad Challenge and the top spot in our Final Standings to claim 1st Place with 140,678 points. WOW! @RadioPoultry made a dominant showing with a great score and takes 2nd Place with 129,646 points. @HDN gave it his all to reach our 3rd spot on the board with 120,438 points. @nosweargamer was hot on HDN's tail, and @Dinobot711 @btbfilms76 @Emudan @socrates63 @MaliciousCarp @DegasElite and @Atari Creep round out the board all with their best scores! Congratulations once again to "The Don" @RickR for his big win, and as always I'd like to encourage Rick to post his new high score on the Scoreboard, and let's make sure this Challenge continues on! Also, @btbfilms76 will be LIVESTREAMING HIS ATARI 7800 PADDLE CONTROLLERS GIVEAWAY TONIGHT ON YOUTUBE! We'll share a link to the livestream later tonight, both here in this Squad Challenge and also in the Official Contest thread. To keep a running list of who's entered into BTB's Atari 7800 Paddle Controllers Giveaway Contest, so far the following Members have asked to be entered and are permanently enrolled through the rest of the contest: @Atari Creep @Dinobot711 @Emudan @HDN @nosweargamer @RadioPoultry @RickR @Sabertooth @socrates63 @TrekMD NOTE: Our next High Score Squad Challenge is for the Atari Jaguar and will be announced tomorrow! Be there!
  15. @btbfilms76 is all about spinners and paddles for this challenge
  16. You'd have to as @Gianna and the answer would be no, but next time we're at Universal Studios we'll stop by the E.T. Store and pick up another one for a future giveaway
  17. 🦁 7800 Paddles Giveaway TONITE! Jaguar Squad Challenge TOMORROW!

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