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  1. You've got some solid choices in that video! I couldn't agree more with the picks of Popeye, Frankenstein's Monster, and California Games. Here are a few of my picks for hidden gems: Solaris - a later release in the Atari library and boy did this push the limits on what was possible on the 2600. Moonsweeper - Imagic is commonly known for it's hits Atlantis and Demon Attack but this game seems to be forgotten at times. I love this one! BMX Airmaster - originally released by TNT (and re-released later by Atari), this game is action packed and features some solid tunes to boot Tunnel Runner - Pseudo 3-D version of pac-man where you play the ghost?! Not quite but I have an active imagination Turmoil - twitch gaming at it's best
  2. You've made same solid points here Justin. -I'm a huge fan of the 7800 and would love for others to give the 7800 games some love since many missed out on it back in the day. As a random thought Hyperkin could possibly release an adapter for the Retron 77 similar to the 3-in-1 adapter they released for the Retron 5 system. This plugged into the system and provided support for Sega Master System carts, Master System cards, and Game Gear games. I'm dreaming of a 77 adapter that provides me with the ability to play 7800, atari 8-bit computer, and lynx games. Dreaming rules! -I do expect a renewed interest in 2600 carts once this thing hits store shelves. Look what happened to the NES, SNES, and Genesis market once the flood of repro consoles hit. Prices have gone up over the last few years and I do believe a portion of that is due to the increased amount of folks who had the ability to again play original cartridges. Supply and demand...better grab those 2600 cartridges you've been skipping out on now.
  3. I quickly went from pondering my next big purchase from being a maybe this Retron 77 system thing to a definite must purchase on the Harmony cart. I didn't even consider the possibilities of playing work in progress games and unreleased prototypes! While i don't own one I now understand why it would suck if this new system doesn't support it.
  4. I've yet to jump into purchasing a Harmony Cart. It would probably save me lots of space (and money?) in regards to my collection..but i love me some Atari manuals and boxes. My family is probably planning an intervention in the near future. If this is emulation based I'm afraid you won't be able to use your Harmony Cart. The Retron 5 didn't support multi-carts or even random bootlegs from back in the day. I want to support Hyperkin jumping into making an HD Atari..but I can't help with be super skeptical at this point. Fingers crossed they prove me wrong
  5. Uhh..dudes? Looks like there is an HD offering from Hyperkin that will potentially be announced during E3. Some folks were doing some super sleuthing in regards to the teaser trailer released for "Ataribox" and while they didn't find further details in regards to that, they did stumble across the following on the E3 exhibitor details site. This week could get interesting in regards to Atari announcements..for better or worse. http://mp037jm24.mapyourshow.com/7_0/exhibitor/exhibitor-details.cfm?ExhID=vKfzxkpC RetroN 77 Retro Gaming Console The RetroN 77 plays all your favorite 2600 cartridges in beautiful 1080p HD. It's one happenin' pixel party for the senses. Marvel at the slick wood paneling; the on-board game and difficulty select; and the included premium joystick - perfect for all you one-button warriors. Can. You. Dig. It? -My thoughts on Hyperkin very. I own the Retron 5 and while it I've had fun with it I admit that the build quality isn't exactly top notch. My SNES first controller port has crapped out (along with the cheap wireless controller the system came with) and I can no longer go left. I now use a sega genesis controller with my system. My friends Retron 5 system has completely bitten the dust after getting close to two years out of it. Some random questions include: Will this be emulation based? If it is emulation based will there be lag? Will it support paddle, racing, keypad, controllers?
  6. Some really solid choices in the previous posts! Here are a few series I'd want to return off the top of my head: Joust - Joust 2 never received a home port, and I've never seen or played it in the arcade. Regardless I'm all in for another Joust game. Four player action if possible? Battletoads - Enjoyed this game back in the day on my NES (thank you Game Genie!). The last Battletoads game i played was at the local arcade. So much fun! Spent way too many quarters on this one. Mutant League - I really enjoyed Mutant League Football on my Sega Genesis (Mutant League Hockey was a bit lacking but passable when playing with a friend). I'd like to see this series rebooted and maybe a few more sports added to the line - sign me up for a Mutant League Baseball game.
  7. It can be hard to make a profit on smaller items on ebay for sure! Thanks for the expense breakdown as it really spells it out better than I could ever explain it. I'm under the impression that a lot of sellers on ebay will sell items at little to no profit just to raise their stats (such as amount of items sold, and potentially their satisfied customer rating) so that when they do sell higher ticket items they have a better chance of moving it. I know i'm personally one for checking a sellers rating when i'm placing a bid on something, especially when it is expensive.
  8. did a recent trade with Rowsdower70 for a complete copy of Atlantis. Really surprised that in addition to the manual it also had an Imagic game catalog/advertisement and the mail in warranty registration card. awesome. (I didn't get a pic of those or the loose copy of Intellivision Armor Battle he threw in!) Really happy to find such great folks to trade with on here. I recommend you trade with Rowdower70 for sure! Thanks again buddy!
  9. big delay on my part for posting this so late, but I had an awesome time trading with Atari.io member greenween! I scored some Atari computer games and met a genuine cool dude in the process! Highly recommended trader. Thumbs up!
  10. I'm a fan! To be honest there are games that play better with the standard proline controller and some that play better with the gamepad. You'll have to test it out for yourself but games like Ms. Pacman need a joystick..just my opinion
  11. Games for Trade! Loose: 2600 Laser Blast Vanguard Indy 500 Grand Prix (label is beat up - game plays great!) Berzerk Star Raiders Space War Space Jockey Surround Slot Racers Krull (missing end label) Seaquest Target Fun Pole Position Omega Race Fire Fighter (label is beat up - game plays great!) Let me know what games you are interested in, and I can provide pictures.
  12. I had a turbografx years ago and I absolutely loved Bonk's Adventure. Here recently I traded for a PC engine and some games. Right now out of the handful of games I own my favorite is Alien Crush. I'm really looking to get back into playing games for this console as it has a certain charm that I love (even if I can't explain it well) and some killer games that you can't really find elsewhere.
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