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  1. Uhh..dudes? Looks like there is an HD offering from Hyperkin that will potentially be announced during E3. Some folks were doing some super sleuthing in regards to the teaser trailer released for "Ataribox" and while they didn't find further details in regards to that, they did stumble across the following on the E3 exhibitor details site. This week could get interesting in regards to Atari announcements..for better or worse. http://mp037jm24.mapyourshow.com/7_0/exhibitor/exhibitor-details.cfm?ExhID=vKfzxkpC RetroN 77 Retro Gaming Console The RetroN 77 plays all your favorite 2600 cartridges in beautiful 1080p HD. It's one happenin' pixel party for the senses. Marvel at the slick wood paneling; the on-board game and difficulty select; and the included premium joystick - perfect for all you one-button warriors. Can. You. Dig. It? -My thoughts on Hyperkin very. I own the Retron 5 and while it I've had fun with it I admit that the build quality isn't exactly top notch. My SNES first controller port has crapped out (along with the cheap wireless controller the system came with) and I can no longer go left. I now use a sega genesis controller with my system. My friends Retron 5 system has completely bitten the dust after getting close to two years out of it. Some random questions include: Will this be emulation based? If it is emulation based will there be lag? Will it support paddle, racing, keypad, controllers?
  2. It can be hard to make a profit on smaller items on ebay for sure! Thanks for the expense breakdown as it really spells it out better than I could ever explain it. I'm under the impression that a lot of sellers on ebay will sell items at little to no profit just to raise their stats (such as amount of items sold, and potentially their satisfied customer rating) so that when they do sell higher ticket items they have a better chance of moving it. I know i'm personally one for checking a sellers rating when i'm placing a bid on something, especially when it is expensive.
  3. I'm a fan! To be honest there are games that play better with the standard proline controller and some that play better with the gamepad. You'll have to test it out for yourself but games like Ms. Pacman need a joystick..just my opinion
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