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  1. I liI feel these get a really bad wrap, I had lots of fun with mine. I remember I had Paperboy and Mortal Kombat ....I had Ninja Turtles and a Top Gun LCD game, but those were by Konami. I'm glad these are back in some form and hope they continue to release more...I could use a new Paperboy game since its going for upwards of $100 on ebay =/
  2. These are a work of art. The buttons are clicky and responsive and the proline mold provides the right grip.....buy all of them...
  3. Nabbed these end labels for my Jag games on etsy, liking the quality. Anybody else end label their carts? get your own here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/654726253/atari-jaguar-sticker-end-labels-set-for?fbclid=IwAR0yxX6drweI5YHCfGIAoPnxB3Ch4xNsfhmuAJxbowIKXNh01FDHZttDGks
  4. Two weeks into Jaguar ownership and I am convinced most of the game devs were on drugs..

  5. You're Welcome. https://reverb.com/item/33472722-atari-electric-guitar-atari-electric-guitar-2020
  6. New Lynx owner here, liking the recommendations thus far! Hows "Shadow of the Beast" on this unit? The Sega version was a big let down...
  7. I wasn't there day one but I also had zero knowledge about its infamy in game history. I didn't this it was bad, just kinda weird. I actually liked the sprite for pac-man and thought he looked neat. I was amused by the manual explaining the bonus "fruit" away as a vitamin or something. Only mild beef with the game was the flicker of the ghosts, but whatevs.....I still like the pac-man sprite 😂
  8. Always top notch games from this dev 🙂
  9. https://www.edladdin.com/Seagull-78-Controller-Adapter-ec-2-001.htm Its an adapter for the 7800, meant to let your Sega Genesis controller act as an Atari 7800 controller for 2-button games.
  10. So, I recently picked up an AtariVox+ (yay!) and noticed that it doesn't quite fit into the slot of my 7800. As it states on the AtariAge shop, not all extension cables seem to work with it. Thankfully, the Seagull 78 seems to be totally compatible with the little guy, giving 7800 owners yet another reason to own one (or two) of these things. So, that got me to try plugging in other random items with the same nine pin port. So far, most of the bootleg Famiclone controllers still dont work properly. The BrawlerGen from Retro Fighters works like a champ, and theres this odd lightgun called the "Panther" that "sorta works." I tried out the Panther with the seagull 78 and Crossbow instered, it for sure sees the lightgun and the shots register but theres no way to aim. Disapointing but its making me curious to see what else can be used on the 7800 thats to this little cable. Anyone here have any unusal stull that ended up working on their Atari units? https://www.edladdin.com/Seagull-78-Controller-Adapter-ec-2-001.htm
  11. I just love the box art, if they fall under $10, I'll give one a try
  12. Wow, I'm always so impressed what can be done for this console. Limitation really is the forge of creativity
  13. Will Sega be Sega about this and create add ons for their future flashback system? Imagine an extra usb port for "sega cd classic" add on
  14. Picked up Outlaw for my 2600 today! I have the perfect song for it:

    1. nosweargamer


      MZ! Great to hear from you! Been a while.

  15. Great trades with NoSwearGamer, thank you so much! Elvira's keeping them safe for me till I get back home
  16. Found Army of Darkness and Hammer Horror Dracula in the dumpster behind my apts. Christopher Lee....in the trash....what kind of degenerates do I live near? O_o

    1. RickR


      Yeah but SCORE for you!

    2. MalakZero


      Indeed, I found a lot of cool stuff that night.

  17. Can you turn the music off in Pitfall 2?

    1. RickR


      Not to my knowledge.

    2. Atari Creep

      Atari Creep

      An that is a good thing! lol

  18. I can now check PacMan for Atari 8-Bit off my list :)

    1. RickR


      Sweet game. No transition screens, though. Still, it was the best home version of pac man for about a year.

  19. Fact: The Weapon X program was a Canadian project to inject essence of Zap Rowsdower into a lesser lifeform.

  20. Mario had good taste in women.

  21. I love using a safety razor, I recently picked up the offerings from Bevel, which are also available at Target. Astra is a decent brand of blades but if you want something thats sharp enough to cut through stone, try Feather brand blades.
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