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  1. Took a dead Atari board and a beat up 2600 case and combined its main board with a raspberry pi and Arduino to make the Atari+
  2. I've been picking back up with the LimaTek console and video game development in general for various platforms such as Android, iOS. I even used to make homebrew games for the Dremacast and NES. So I made this thread for folks who may be interested in sharing their ideas of what they think a cool game would be! Collaboration is totally welcome! Here's a pic below of my latest game in development, it's called MegaSonik Rider, an intense 2D 16-bit scroller that's a smash between Turrican and Earthworm Jim. The hero is a kid who gets infused by an awesome super suit and thrown into a parallel dimension to fight an impending onslaught of monsters and aliens who want to take over our world while riding on a turbo powered, weapon-ready skateboard.
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    Just an album for random photos
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