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  1. Just had a fun weekend tearing up a dead Atari 2600 and breathing new life into it

  2. This weekend I decided to create a little something fun! A modern-day multi-platform "Atari" console that is completely wireless! With the power of existing (dead) Atari 2600 board: And a Raspeberry Pi 3 and Arduino (to be used to read the I/O of a preprogrammed Atari EPROM): I went to town, repainting the old Atari case, and removing the unnecessary I/O: And installed the Arduino to be used to read the I/O from the cartridge and act as a "soft bridge" to turn on the Raspberry pi. The Atari cart acts as a "key" to turn on the Atari 2600 system and Raspberry Pi. I
  3. Took a dead Atari board and a beat up 2600 case and combined its main board with a raspberry pi and Arduino to make the Atari+
  4. 10 PRINT "HELLO THERE!" 20 GOTO 10

  5. I've been picking back up with the LimaTek console and video game development in general for various platforms such as Android, iOS. I even used to make homebrew games for the Dremacast and NES. So I made this thread for folks who may be interested in sharing their ideas of what they think a cool game would be! Collaboration is totally welcome! Here's a pic below of my latest game in development, it's called MegaSonik Rider, an intense 2D 16-bit scroller that's a smash between Turrican and Earthworm Jim. The hero is a kid who gets infused by an awesome super suit and thrown into a
  6. Love this series! The 80's vibe and story telling are amazing! Im setting up a projection system with sound this weekend for my wife and I to binge watch the first season. Season 2 is already in the writing stage.
  7. VCRs circa 1980 to early 1990s will outlive bluray players even after they've gone obsolete. The difference is in the quality of the components and design. Back in the 80's you made an investment to buy a VCR and kept it up / repaired it if needed, now bluray players are throw away items. I already had one player gag on me. I think the only major problem VCRs will have in the upcoming years / decades will be their plastic components which do degrade because of the grease used, but that's it, and that's IF the VCR had plastic (instead of metal) components. I'll start stocking up on V
  8. I'm an embedded engineer, animator and game programmer. So what is it you're trying to do exactly? Port the 2600 game Adventure to a Gameboy Advance? Any reasons why? Or is it a just-because kind of thing? Usually before I start a software engineering endeavor I ask these questions: 1. Who's my audience? 2. What are the use cases for this? 3. Will I return profit on this? What you have seems to be fairly niche. What I would do is get a bin dump of Adventure and either try: 1. porting the game if it's in assembler code (porting may be difficult) 2. Since the game is not that large
  9. I don't really think there is a fesable way anymore, unless you have a landline in your house. Even a lot of the carriers like NetZero and Juno have dropped the ability to dial out with the Dreamcast. Here's a list of free carriers: http://dreamcast-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3175&start=10 but by the looks of it, most of those ISPs no longer work. Dial-up is essentially a dead technology, it's only used in fringe cases and fax machines and the fax machines only talk to other fax machines, they don't connect to a network. the other option is to get the broadband adapter which has
  10. I knew one of the animators who worked on that film! It was a real challenge for them to do any kind of 3D animation back in the day because, well, the software for it didn't exist. So everything had to be designed with simple shapes in mind so that they could do 3D transformations (e.g. translation, rotation, scale, squash/stretch) more easily. Thats why everything had a 'simple' design to it. For example, that light cycle sequence is ALL math, from rotating 90 degree angles manually to all those shapes to translations. Those guys were pioneers. They used a Evans & Sutherland Pic
  11. I soooo want that portable!!! Look so fun and hackable too...
  12. Thanks! Yeah, I like goofing around with it to see how far I can push it (which... isn't very far)
  13. Not sure if this should be in the hardware section or the homebrew section but... This is a thread for all of the mad scientists out there who like to tinker, build, invent, repair and modify and goof off with what they make In my post, I've been working on improving the LimaTek's audio and controller interrupts so I decided to create a goofy firmware that just spits out "8-bit audio... 8-bit audio..." with the controller determining the pitch of the audio. So I just wanted to do something weird with it! Here it is:
  14. Adding multichannel audio to the LimaTek 1

    1. RickR


      Pong with fart sounds. Make it so. In stereo.

    2. MalakZero


      ^ what he said.

  15. Yup. Been through it first hand recently with two projects for a company I work for. Project Managers lowball project budgets and then expect it done in an unrealistic deadline. "We need this widget to do 30 different things, plus be new an innovative. Oh, by the way, you only have two weeks, There's cake in the break room, okay - bye!"
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