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  2. 400 pages about the history of the Atari Corporation and a little East-Westphalian company which developed from the Atari ST demo scene, including 40 pages of interviews with the makers. Volume 1 kicks off with the roots of Ataris 16-bit era and the transformation of bedroom coders to professionals. From The Union to Thalion. The Atari ST, followed by the marketing of the STE and TT. After the successful startup of Thalion the young computer freaks are confronted with an unexpected hard deadline business... www.microzeit.com
  3. Finally it’s available. In case you want to start with the Atari ST story just visit my new shop at https://www.microzeit.com
  4. Kickstarter again live! Restarted: http://kck.st/263wBJT Regards, Marco
  5. Hi Lost Dragon, where do you fly today? ;-) I am afraid you cannot help me if you do not support the project on Kickstarter. The successful funding is the only way the book will come to live. Btw Kickstarter does not allow payment through Paypal, you need a credit-card instead. If you don't have a credit card, you can ask a friend and make the deal with him. ;-) It won't make any sense to give me money, because I myself have to ask another friend of mine to take it then... that turns out to be complicated and you need a lot of trust to do that. I won't do it, by the way. If it f
  6. Hi guys, this is Marco Breddin, the writer of the Atari ST Anthology. Last 5 days of the campaign. I have overworked the page and added a new bundle called "The Undead Factory-Book-Bundle". It contains a huge Demoscene Poster with hundreds of Logo art (160*90cm) designed by a french graphic designer, who has also a scene past. You are invited to visit us again on http://kck.st/21I7feE If you have questions I'll happily answer them. Regards, Marco
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