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  1. Ootake is my TG16/PCE emulator of choice: http://www.ouma.jp/ootake/ I’ll have to make some time to enter some scores in this contest, love this pinball series!
  2. Starbuck66

    I finally got a TG-16!

    Congrats Rick! Good call on ordering the Turbo Everdrive, it’s well worth the investment!
  3. Starbuck66

    Basic Fun "Oregon Trail" Handheld

    I’ve had one since they came out, and I haven’t played it a ton, but I like it! I agree they could have put some more games on it, but it seems to work great and has been a fun add to my collection.
  4. Starbuck66

    Atari I/O Secret Santa 2018!

    Yeah Willie regifted my disappointment of a Defender II cart from last year... apparently when he said Stargate he meant Stargate. 😆
  5. Starbuck66

    Squad Challenge - Tetris (NES)

    Another great tip; I would also add that you need to arrange your pieces to accomodate any next piece you get. I always try to make sure I arrange things so I can accomodate any piece.
  6. Starbuck66

    Squad Challenge - Tetris (NES)

    One I would add to Rick’s tips is to start the game on a higher level to get better at manipulating the pieces at higher speeds for practice. That and the more empty you can have the board by the time you get to level 8 the better, as that’s when things really speed up.
  7. Starbuck66

    Alien - Atari 2600

    Alien Atari 2600 Difficulty: Left B, Right B, Level 1 High Score: 38,016 October 21, 2018
  8. Starbuck66

    Gremlins - Atari 2600

    Gremlins Atari 2600 Difficulty: Default Score: 80,590 October 30, 2018
  9. Starbuck66

    Halloween - Atari 2600

    Halloween Atari 2600 Difficulty: Default High Score: 21,825 October 29, 2018
  10. Starbuck66

    Squad Challenge - Tetris (NES)

    Played some more this weekend on my real NES and finally cracked 6 digits... 117634
  11. Starbuck66

    Squad Challenge - Tetris (NES)

    65,177. I can't seem to keep it together at level 8 or 9, but I've been playing a lot on my PSP and 3DS, and I think I might do better at those higher speeds on actual hardware.
  12. Starbuck66

    Games your parents liked

    Atari my dad was into Super Breakout, Battlezone, and Combat. He had high score competitions with my grandfather (a career Army man and Vietnam vet) on Battlezone... I was too young to remember them but from what I was told they were pretty intense! Later when we got the NES I borrowed Solar Jetman from a friend, and my dad instantly fell in love with it! It was so bad I could barely get time on the game (even though I was much better at it than he was :-P). We went out and got a copy a week after I gave it back to my friend, and we hardly ever bought NES games, I always just rented them, so that was a big deal. My dad LOVED Tetris, both on the NES and Game Boy, and also Choplifter II on the Game Boy. On the PC he was big into Sid Meier’s Civilization, especially CivNet and Civ II. He’d play those games for hours! And of course MS Solitare games on the Entertainment Packs; he liked Tri Peaks the best I think. My dad was quite the gamer for a long time, until his MS got too bad for him to play anymore. He passed away several years back from complications related to it, but if it weren’t for him I don’t know if I would have had as big of a passion for video games as I do today.
  13. Starbuck66

    Secret Quest - Atari 2600

    Secret Quest Atari 2600 Difficulty: Default High Score: 148,107 October 13th, 2018
  14. Starbuck66

    Coconuts - Atari 2600

    Coconuts Atari 2600 Difficulty: B High Score: 1120 July 29th, 2018
  15. Starbuck66

    Barnstorming - Atari 2600

    Barnstorming Atari 2600 Difficulty: Game 1, Difficulty B High Score: 33.27 July 16, 2018
  16. Starbuck66

    Crystal Castles - Arcade

    Crystal Castles Arcade Difficulty: Default High Score: 286,336 July 31, 2018 Notes: Played on Nintendo DS Atari Greatest Hits Vol 2
  17. Starbuck66

    Crystal Castles - Atari 2600

    Crystal Castles Atari 2600 Difficulty: Level 1, Difficulty B High Score: 97,239 July 31, 2018
  18. Here are my scores! I have two for Crystal Castles Arcade, one used the level 1 and 3 warps (both played on the DS Atari Greatest Hits Vol 2), the other was straight up from level 1: 286,336 with level 1 and 3 warp 41,852 without using any warps: And I also have a score for the 2600 version, played on my 7800 with Genesis controller, 97,239 My daughter (Abby) also wanted to submit her high score of 5224 on the 2600: Really enjoyed the challenge this month, this was a lot of fun!
  19. I would love to get into real Neo Geo, but it’s more expensive now than it was when it released! Emulation seems like the smart choice for that system.
  20. Its funny, I have lots of systems that I didn't own BITD, but I played them either at a console arcade next to my house, or at my friends and cousins houses on a constant basis. The only consoles I owned as a kid are: Atari 2600 NES The consoles I own now that I never really played before are: Intellivision Atari 5200 Atari 7800 Colecovision The consoles I own now that I played a ton of when I was younger (pre-20) are: SNES Sega Genesis Playstation N64 Turbografx 16 Dreamcast on up I've owned myself, although I usually don't buy them on release. The exception for that rule was the Wii, Wii U, and Switch. Wii I got launch day, Wii U and Switch I got within 3 months of release. My wife got me into the CV; she played it a lot when she was a kid because her folks left it at her grandparents house after they upgraded to the NES. Some of the best pre crash graphics and arcade ports are on this system, and I'm glad we have one now! SNES and Genesis were no brainers for me; I played these things almost every weekend. I had two cousins that had the Genesis, and my best friend owned a SNES and his stepbrother had a Genesis which we borrowed pretty much whenever we felt like it. The SNES we have is actually my wife's original one she got for Christmas in the 90's, yellowed case and all! I had played the Playstation a lot at same best friends house; he bought one shortly after it launched. My brother in law also had one, and I played it a lot while I was dating my wife. Another one of my best friends had the N64 at launch, and I was at his house playing it a lot, or there were times when he would let me borrow it for a week, usually when I was on school break. He had already graduated and was working full time, so he was cool with me playing it when I was off school. The N64 we have is also my wife's original one she received for Christmas in 1999. None of my friends had the Turbo, but the console arcade next door to my house did, and it was one of my favorite things to play, mainly because none of my friends or relatives had one. I played the heck out of Bonk's Adventure, Galaga 90, and Blazing Lasers.
  21. Balloon Fight Nintendo Entertainment System Difficulty: Game A High Score: 643,750 August 5th, 2017
  22. Starbuck66

    Shaving & Razor Blades

    For people who really want to get serious about stropping: https://www.shaveface.com I read some reviews though, and using a dry towel is almost just as good. You could probably take a piece of old jeans and do the same thing as well. I used to use the Braun electric with the cleaning station and everything, and it wasn't bad, but again its that pain point of when you need new blades, you're shelling out a large chunk of dough. I also had trouble finding the cleaning solution cartridges sometimes, and those were also fairly expensive. It seemed like the blades just weren't holding up as well as a straight razor, and I also didn't get as good of a shave as I would with a manual razor.
  23. Starbuck66

    Shaving & Razor Blades

    Big Harry's fan here! I've been using their subscription service for about a year now, and I've only done three shipments of 8 blades? I agree with others that they don't give quite as good a shave as a Gillette, but for me its close enough, especially with the difference in price. I also started stropping the blades after use, something I wasn't doing before, and like Rick says, that really helps the life of the blade. I can usually get 2 weeks, maybe 2 and a half out of a Harry's blade. I'll have to check my local Costco to see if they started carrying the Mach 3 again, as I remember really liking that razor, and 27 dollars for 17 blades is pretty good; cheaper than Harry's actually which comes in at about 2 dollars a blade. I was buying Fusion blades at Costco before I switched, and they kept only carrying the Fusion Power blades, and it seemed like it was 50 dollars for 12-14 blades the last time I bought some? Pushing 3.50 or more for a blade was ridiculous to me. Edit: I also tried DSC, and HATED their blades. Ingrown hairs, cuts, not a pleasant experience...
  24. Starbuck66

    Venture - Atari 2600

    Venture Atari 2600 Difficulty: Skill Level 1 High Score: 7,100 May 25, 2017