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  1. until

    @HDN I just checked today looks like its back
  2. until

    is chat room down or do I need to see it on another browser I don't see it on firefox
  3. ok I'll do the update in January to change the Wednesday listing for special ones, like before keep me updated for like contest in chat or special topics for the calendar, for newsletter I e-mails I send out I'll make mention to check calendar for weds night chats. no problem any way to help the community
  4. just letting you know that I got Atari IO chat listed in my jaguar community united yahoo group calendar and on the AVC Online calendar. right now its set for everyday all day. when you start with the Wednesday chat thing I can edit them. as mentioned in chat before, the yahoo groups don't send out reminder like before so I got a monthly newsletter being e-mailed out to them.
  5. I agree about the cost issues VGS was lucky enough to have enough to cover for this years after last years profit but wasn't enough to move to larger area. my early shows was mostly funded by my work vacation checks when I lost my job when the parent company closed the store I worked at had raise prices
  6. here the link to the face book post https://www.facebook.com/MGCgaming/photos/a.571489122931069.1073741827.140368112709841/1654846047928699/?type=3
  7. Dan loosen posted on facebook because of the snow storm on sunday the show took a major hit and to make up for it they are going try sell of t-shirts and hoodies on the site. the future of the show is up in the air for 2019 *hopefully it will be back and back at the center I could see my self return
  8. its the same for VGS since the only 7800 is mine since I use it mostly to show homebrew games via the harmony cart,it depends who can bring what same for the jaguar at vgs since the only jag is mine, except for this year I only plan on bringing my 7800 and I have somebody else handle the jaguar (we did have few people in past help with jaguar,but it has dwindled down, so hopefully we can do more jag and other systems in near future)
  9. I was planning to return but travel plans got messed up. just glad Jagfest made it return to MGC,with luck it will also be at VGS(I've been drifting away from it at my own show been doing harmony games mostly(2600 homebrew games hsc as well showing off other 2600 homebrews on harmony),I do bring my jag to vgs but its been mostly me lately hoping to fix that)
  10. great to hear. let me know the date of weds night chat so I put back up on the AVC Online website community calendar as well on JCU yahho group events(yahoo groups haven't been sending out notices for while though but I do have a link to it on avc online website)
  11. that happened with Dominick's in IL in way after safeway brought us, before that the store had domicks brand items and then after safeway brought it they replaced the Dominck's brand items with Safeway brand items,and they started to loose business. thats not the reason they shut down the domincks the fact is that they were already be planned to be brought out by another local chain Jewel and to avoid the monopoly the closed down Dominicks. but now Jewel is becoming like domicks
  12. yeah I remember those strips/tickets
  13. I worked at my local TRU around the time the Lynx was out, I used to be cashier then went to maintenance and collect shopping carts carts. used buy star wars figures and some atari games at the store too. this was only for xmas season. heres the funny part, this was basically the only christmas as far as I remember that my mom surprised me because was when I got my Lynx because she got the lynx at store I was working at
  14. as Isaid no big deal, I don't think you were member/subscriber of AVC/Atari zone of course back in the day we had a good turn out
  15. nice, I noticed my own zine is missing from the list "The Atari Zone" no big deal though
  16. this was on funderdome on abc few weeks ago
  17. watched the first episode,it was ok, and it was kind of rushed I know its an hour(think the original was two) only thing missing was simon sez, that fun to watch on the original
  18. met him at many CGE's in vegas great guy he will be missed
  19. well when or what ever keep me updated and I'll mention it on yahoo group again.(AVC online site is currently down as mentioned)
  20. my rarest is a xonox double ender: chuck norris superkicks/ghost manor rated r7 on atari age
  21. thanks for the update I will take Atari Io chat off the JCU yahoo group until you let us know you find a new chat place. wonder if you considered doing irc chat. I got my own website problems when Atari-users.net didn't renew the domian now I don't have word press sites for avc online or vgs(we plan on moving to godaddy after 12/13,unless I hear back from atari.org for hosting(I can connect to the server ip address to get files on aun but no website access)
  22. due to the fact that AUN (atari-users.net) domian expired our word press sites for both AVC Online and VGS will be down for the time being, After VGS we will be moving VGS to godaddy (AVC Online a bit later after that) we still have the basic site at angelfire for VGS http://avc.videogamesummit.net (btw we announced yesterday on our special guest is Brain Colin designer of rampage and xenophobe)
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