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  1. ok I'll do the update in January to change the Wednesday listing for special ones, like before keep me updated for like contest in chat or special topics for the calendar, for newsletter I e-mails I send out I'll make mention to check calendar for weds night chats. no problem any way to help the community
  2. just letting you know that I got Atari IO chat listed in my jaguar community united yahoo group calendar and on the AVC Online calendar. right now its set for everyday all day. when you start with the Wednesday chat thing I can edit them. as mentioned in chat before, the yahoo groups don't send out reminder like before so I got a monthly newsletter being e-mailed out to them.
  3. that happened with Dominick's in IL in way after safeway brought us, before that the store had domicks brand items and then after safeway brought it they replaced the Dominck's brand items with Safeway brand items,and they started to loose business. thats not the reason they shut down the domincks the fact is that they were already be planned to be brought out by another local chain Jewel and to avoid the monopoly the closed down Dominicks. but now Jewel is becoming like domicks
  4. yeah I remember those strips/tickets
  5. I worked at my local TRU around the time the Lynx was out, I used to be cashier then went to maintenance and collect shopping carts carts. used buy star wars figures and some atari games at the store too. this was only for xmas season. heres the funny part, this was basically the only christmas as far as I remember that my mom surprised me because was when I got my Lynx because she got the lynx at store I was working at
  6. love the 7800, if your into shoot em ups, raidin and xevious are great. classics Mario brothers,donkey kong and donkey kong jr are great just too many to go through, and of course these a bunch homebrew 7800 games.
  7. growing up in chicago area was the best, we had castle of toys (right next store was kiddie kingdom, an amusemnt park owned by the the people who ran the toy store) and in my old neighborhood of melrose park was kiddieland amusement park.we also had service merchandise as well, and Zayers home of great balloon drop and midnight madness sales.
  8. besides toys r us, circus world and kay bee chicago also had one of the best toy store Dispensa Castle of Toys
  9. I remembered shopping the stores for games, I used to work at toys r us during christmas season back in the 80's
  10. not to mention that scotts star castle was first shown at my show video game summit in 2010, I traded my laserman games for his star castle game really cool
  11. I was long time ago belonged to the Chicago Ti-users group and have some of my games in the libary (Baseball and a superman game)
  12. I have star castle arcade on my harmony, but I'll buy the cart as well.
  13. love zippy have it on my harmony, I was a playtester for it,back then Ionly could play on stella due to size.
  14. good story. when you said fast food this popped in my head
  15. I think that was the film that had leo dicapono play nolan but never got done.
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