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  1. every retro console seems to be getting a mini re-release these days no matter how obscure they are these days. It's great to see so much interest in classic systems other than the standard Nintendo retro consoles.
  2. I have returned!

    1. Justin


      Welcome back DCG!! 🎉

  3. Congratulations on the Intellivision II and demo cart!
  4. Most people on YouTube use 8 bit and 16 bit music in their videos. I'm guessing this is legal since even big channels like Pat The NES Punk and Cinemassacre do this. What I'm wondering is, is it legal to use a song like Open Your Heart from Sonic Adventure? As you probably already know, I use 45 seconds of Open Your Heart for the intro of my Dreamcast Gamer series on YouTube (although it's not just Dreamcast videos for the series). Does anyone know if this is legal or if someone might make a copyright claim if they hear it in my video? I'm not monetizing my videos in case that helps.
  5. What I don't get is on Atariage, I saw a thread where people kept saying the 7800 is bad at playing 2600 games. What are they talking about? Everyone else I've talked to says it works great. I'm looking at getting one in the near future, as I like it a bit more than the 2600.
  6. Ninja Golf, Asteroids, and Desert Falcon are great. I see you've already got Food Fight, my favorite 7800 game!
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