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  1. every retro console seems to be getting a mini re-release these days no matter how obscure they are these days. It's great to see so much interest in classic systems other than the standard Nintendo retro consoles.
  2. I have returned!

    1. Justin


      Welcome back DCG!! 🎉

  3. My mom may not be a retro gamer (she says all games look the same LOL), but she is willing to watch some retro gamers on YouTube with me. A few of the ones she likes are LGR, Game Sack, and yes, The No Swear Gamer! She enjoys your content! You have a fan who aside from the odd 2600 game doesn't even play video games!
  4. I will be trying it on another one on Saturday. Hopefully it works. Otherwise, I'll have to buy a Master System. Speaking of buying things, would anyone here be interested in an original Nintendo 3DS? I'm going to try selling it locally first, but if that fails, I'll be willing to ship it to someone who wants it.
  5. I actually just bought one from RetroBit and it seems fine. 1000mA compared to the 500mA of my AtGames adapter. It also doesn't overheat like my AtGames one, but my Power Base Converter is still not working. I can play it for about 30 minutes and can keep switching games, but after that, the next time I turn the console off, it will refuse to run for at least an hour. Should I just give up and return it? The guy who sold me it will give me my money back so I can get his model 1 Master System.
  6. I'm not exactly sure what to look for. Electrical stuff like that is not something I'm good with. However, I do think this cable is giving the Genesis insufficient power and that the PBC is pushing it too hard and refuses to run after awhile. I have it running Altered Beast at the moment just fine and even restarting the console worked too, but I have a feeling that if I try again later, it won't. I'm going to go buy a proper power cable today.
  7. I did your first suggestion earlier today, but as for the other one, I'm using an AtGamer power cable XD. I'll try to get an official one later this week. I had to repeatedly turn my Genesis on and off (about 100 or more times today) earlier when I was trying to get the PBC to work. That wouldn't have hurt my Genesis, PBC, or either SMS game, right?
  8. I've been away for way too long

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    2. Justin


      Great to have you back in the forums Gemini!

    3. Atari Creep
    4. DCG


      Hey everyone! It's great to be back.

  9. I have been away from this site for way too long. I was searching for some info about the Power Base Converter today and was pleasantly surprised to have stumbled across this old forum thread I made over a year ago. I hate to bump an old thread, but since I'd like to finally tell you guys the end of my story about my search for a way to play Master System games, I'll post it here. I got that model 1 Genesis earlier this year and have been enjoying it a lot and I did get a new Game Gear a month after this thread was started. This left me with all three options for playing SMS games. I decided against the Master Gear Converter awhile back so I was down to two options. Yesterday, I went to my local flea market for the first time in six months to finally buy myself a Master System, but then I saw something I never thought I'd find locally. The Power Base Converter! I bought it for $45 and got After Burner and Altered Beast complete in box for $25 which seems a little high for two common SMS games, but not is the Canadian dollar different, but also everyone here tends to charge more. I plan on collecting the entire North American SMS game library complete in box and I do hope to get a real SMS this Christmas (I found one complete in box for $125). I do have one question though. The Power Base Converter almost doesn't work. I think there's something wrong with my Genesis because I took it back to the flea market and tested it on the Genesis the guy originally tested it with and it worked perfectly. The issue is, most of the time, all I get is a black screen. Genesis games work fine, but not the PBC. I have to repeatedly pull it out and reinsert it and just hope it'll work and the odd time it randomly will and I can enjoy the PSG version of Final Take Off while blasting fighter jets out of the sky. On the flea market Genesis, it had no issue, but on mine at home, even just changing the game or turning the console off will screw it up for the next time I try to play it. Does anyone know what the issue might be?
  10. The Fatal Fury Review Is Here!

  11. To celebrate reaching 200 subscribers, I've remixed one of the best songs from the Sonic franchise, Flying Battery Zone! Thank you everyone for all your support!

  12. I'm currently enhancing some of my old remixes with better soundfonts as well as using my improved musical abilities starting with Awaken from Gain Ground

  13. Byron from Byron's Reviews and BSSE Productions just reacted to this!
  14. If the system supports it, I do. As shown in this video, I have a 3-in-1 NES, Genesis, and SNES console by Retro-Bit. It supports S-Video and plays every game I have perfectly (the Genesis sound is actually good!)
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