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    Programming Atari games and retro development tools! Write Atari games in classic BASIC that run on all Atari consoles including the Retron7, the Flashback Portable and the Model 9! This BASIC features a soft blitter chip and a soft synth that use an extra 256 bytes of either SuperCharger or CBS RAM.
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  1. This cart should be produced by Hozer Video Games!
  2. All good choices on this thread! 🙂 Popeye, BurgerTime, Frisco, Gyruss and Moon Patrol have immersive captivating musical themes.
  3. Wow I was checking out the TI-99/4A bookshelf BASIC games, they all look awesome! 🙂 My best friend had a TI-99/4A growing up and I really liked the machine and it's colorful boot screen and the assortment of Tapes and cartridges we had. I also saw a GPL breakout game in the Assembly section of the bookshelf, always wanted to learn more about that interesting programming language unique to the TI, it sounds like a CHIP-8 type dialect closer to the hardware than BASIC and powerful enough apparently to run the BASIC interpreter.
  4. Yes that was it, I never tried it on the 02 but I loved Dark Tower. The Physical board, pieces and cards added another dimension.
  5. Yes I miss the Fidelity Chess Challenger's inclusion of the Chess board with the computer. There was another interesting board game released for the O2 with a physical game board that reminded me of Dark Tower, another board game with a computer in the center of the board like the Fidelity.
  6. Me too! At the time Video Chess was released there were dedicated computers just for playing Chess. I had the Fidelity Chess Challenger 7 which ran a 4K program which was equally amazing. I like the way Video Chess strobes different colors while the computer thinks and that I can play in color or black and white. The Chess Challenger showed animated eyes in the low res red LED move display while the computer was thinking.
  7. SuperCharger Disk BASIC has a special Zero code mode where no code is required only ASCII art 🙂 🙂 There is also an old-school mode that allows you to use just classic BASIC. The ASCII art designers in Zero code mode are similar to batari BASIC but they disengage as a code free design tool concept tool artists can use independently to conceptualize simple compositions and ideas on the Atari 2600 canvas. These tools can also be used as a stepping stone to BASIC Programming, a single line of BASIC can add animation and change the program making it easy to learn! virtualworld .............. .............. ...xxxx.....xxxx......... ..xXXXXx....xXXXXx........ .XX.xx.XX..XX.xx.XX....... .XxxxxxXX..XxxxxxXX....... .x.XXXX.x..x.XXXX.x....... .XX....XX..XX....XX....... ..xxxxxx....xxxxxx........ ...xxxx.....xxxx......... .............. .............. .............. .............. .............. .............. .............. .............. .............. .............. rowcolors 54,54,54,54,14,14,114,114,114,114 sprites ..xxxx.. .xXXXXx. XX.xx.XX XxxxxxXX x.XXXX.x XX....XX .xxxxxx. ..xxxx.. chiptunes 6,27,6,13,8 6,27,6,13,8 6,24,6,20,8 6,24,6,20,8 6,22,6,22,8 0,0,0,0,8 6,22,6,22,8 6,22,6,22 ,8 6,24,6,20,8 6,24,6,20,8 6,13,6,27,12 0,0,0,16,16 12,26,12,26,16 12,26,12,26,8 12,23,12,11,8 12,23,12,2,8 12,17,12,17,8 0,0,0,0,16 0,0,0,0,16 AIR HEAD 4,31,12,23,8 4,31,12,23,8 4,20,12,1,32 4,23,12,23,8 4,24,12,24,8 4,27,12,27,8 4,24,12,24,8 4,27,12,18,8 4,27,12,18,4 4,27,12,18,4 4,27,12,18,8 4,27,12,18,8 4,27,12,18,8 0,0,0,0,16 6,27,6,13,8 6,27,6,13,8 6,24,6,20,8 6,24,6,20,8 6,22,6,22,8 0,0,0,0,16 6,22,6,22,8 6,22,6,22,8 6,24,6,20,8 6,24,6,20,8 6,13,6,27,12 MOON PTRL 4,31,4,5,8 0,0,0,0,8 4,17,4,8,8 4,17,4,8,8 4,19,7,30,8 4,19,7,30,8 4,23,4,14,8 4,23,4,14,8 4,19,4,4,8 4,31,4,5,8 0,0,0,0,8 4,17,4,8,8 4,17,4,8,16 4,19,7,30,8 4,23,4,14,16 4,19,4,4,24 RPT 0,0,0,0,32 0,0,0,0,0 USADemo.bin
  8. Yes you can create either one large audio file or a playlist of the audio files to loop on your iPod or CD player and the seek mechanism will find the correct file. A looping cassette fully emulates disk drive functionality because the tape has to loop, an auto reversing deck will also do this and doubles the capacity for using both sides. A C-15 on an auto reversing deck will accommodate 2 MB at the fastest baud rate setting which is probably a good idea for a program that large on tape - pushing the technology to that limit will also cause the variable wait time between loads to be up to 1/2 hour. A a 3 minute continuous looping tape will hold 180K like a floppy disk and the variable load time will feel slightly faster than a Commodore 1541 Disk Drive. But it also depends on the program architecture - those are the average random access times, if you are not using the Tape Drive like a Disk Drive, and always loading the large game modules sequentially, then wait time would only be seconds.
  9. You need a flashcart like the Harmony, Encore, Uno or PlusCart to play the large ROM images, the SuperCharger and CuttleCart can play the big games from Cassette.
  10. BIG DATA for the Atari 2600 via classic hardware and magnetic Tape SuperCharger Disk BASIC can be used to create Atari programs up to 2 MB in size in a single ROM or on a standard audio cassette with the SuperCharger. This allows for modular program design with BASIC variables shared between the program modules. This is made possible by a security subsystem and ISAM mechanism in the SuperCharger that was ahead of it's time much like the ADAM Home Computers high speed indexed tape drive, allowing a directory structure on high speed magnetic tape to function similarly to a Disk drive in principle. How it works: Programs load other programs from the directory using standard MS-DOS style commands added to BASIC just like the Microsoft Disk Extended BASIC for the TRS-80 and Dragon computers.
  11. I think XONOX Double Enders were an awesome concept putting two ROM's in a phat cart. What would your wish list of Double Ender Cartridges be if this classic format could be reproduceable Today? Here are my picks: Zaxxon and Pole Position Popeye and BurgerTime Mr Do and Ms Pacman Discs of Tron and M Network Football SpaceChase and INFILTRATE Video Chess and Missile Command Asteroids and Defender Buck Rogers and Qbert Star Voyager and Solar Fox AMIDAR and StarShip Moon Patrol and Skiing BeamRider and Gyruss Commando and Space Invaders
  12. Thanks Jinroh I'm glad you like it! 🙂 I wanted to release KC OS before the show but many of the effects look best on a real CRT. SillyVenture 2020 has been postponed until June but I've shared preview builds with the Game Modem club for players who enjoy using the old hardware:
  13. Love the Zaxxon port but Double Dragon Double True! 🙂 I get knocked out on the first screen and can beat the Arcade with a quarter.
  14. Great thread! So many awesome choices! 🙂 Here are a few more with some repeats: COMBAT (2 player) Wizards of Wor (fun with 1 or 2 players) Pacman (must have a CRT, otherwise MS Pacman) Burgertime (underappreciated, it's a great musical I can't get the theme out of my head) Qbert (played it so much I saw the hidden technicolor disco dream mode before computers found it) Defender Beamrider Commando Communist Mutants from Space Buck Rogers Centipede Moon Patrol
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