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    Programming Atari games and retro development tools! Write Atari games in classic BASIC that run on all Atari consoles including the Retron7, the Flashback Portable and the Model 9! This BASIC features a soft blitter chip and a soft synth that use an extra 256 bytes of either SuperCharger or CBS RAM.
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  1. Mr SQL

    BREAKOUT studies

    BREAKOUT never gets old, having a lot of fun with this rendition Button control is reversed and reserves the laserbeams which run out before the end of each level...
  2. EDIT: New version BREAKOUT2002 LASERBEAMS! Can you make it to the playable green treasure room ending scene on level 10? Button control reversed; reserves finite LASERBEAMS that run out before the end of each level. BREAKOUT2002_LASERBEAMS_NTSC.bin BREAKOUT2002_LASERBEAMS_NTSC.wav BREAKOUT studies A collection of seven BREAKOUT stories featuring an inspired new rendition, BREAKOUT 2002 with a 10 level quest and a harmonized sound that is different. Breakdown of the studies Five stories of the continued evolution of Atari Breakout design with examples of games and links to prototypes Stories of old and emerging technologies for creating more dazling and colorful retro videogames! Party Gameplay instructions for BREAKOUT 2002 Printing it out To create a 4-page mini book, print the PDF on one piece of double sided paper and fold it in half. Best play experience Use either classic hardware or full screen settings if you are running an emulator and turn off phosphor/merge frames. BREAKOUT discussion Hope everyone enjoys! Share your thoughts and ideas about BREAKOUT on this thread! BREAKOUT 2002 Party Games Manual.pdf
  3. Space Invaders for Girls Plasma HD Retron 77 Long Play Space Invaders for Boys and Girls is an upgrade to SuperCharger Space Invaders which is included with the new Hyperkin console and requires the Community 6 upgrade to the consoles firmware for audiovisuals matching the video, a Plasma display is also suggested but it's tremendous fun on any display even without the firmware upgrade, and also on the Atari Flashback! Features soft synth music and Fx that change with the gameplay and level progression to draw you into the game. Gameplay - This time the Space Invaders have the shields, game pink screens when you get hit and red screens when you di but it is possible to come back twice by playing your way through abstract and ethereal cut-scenes to reach the bonus levels. Beat both come back rounds to make it to the final ending cut-scene animation! This game is an audio visual odyssey that takes 15 minutes to complete. Both versions can also be played online in Javatari: Space Invaders for Girls Space Invaders for Boys
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