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  1. Love the Zaxxon port but Double Dragon Double True! 🙂 I get knocked out on the first screen and can beat the Arcade with a quarter.
  2. Great thread! So many awesome choices! 🙂 Here are a few more with some repeats: COMBAT (2 player) Wizards of Wor (fun with 1 or 2 players) Pacman (must have a CRT, otherwise MS Pacman) Burgertime (underappreciated, it's a great musical I can't get the theme out of my head) Qbert (played it so much I saw the hidden technicolor disco dream mode before computers found it) Defender Beamrider Commando Communist Mutants from Space Buck Rogers Centipede Moon Patrol
  3. I like both tennis games and Football and Ice Hockey but Enduro is my favorite sporting game by far!
  4. KC Operating System is being released in December at the SillyVenture 2020 Atari Art Competition! 🙂 Preview vid: KC Operating System Demo description: launching the OS I enter the KC Playah zone and a classic but faster version of KC begins - I take over the AI periodically playing this demo cooperatively with the CPU until I've exhausted KC's four lives. This queues the scrolling KC Demo KC Munchkin II R2, which I could play cooperatively but don't so it is shown playing in pure demo mode. I press the button to return to the Operating System and navigate to the Arkanoid Airhead zone where KC spins in an Arkanoid scroller.
  5. Thank you TrekMD I'd like to read your articles please share the links! 🙂 I am helping with a colorful coffee table book a French company CoteGamer is putting together on the SuperCharger, it is the sequel to a previous version (also in French) about the SuperCharger here. I'm very surprised the SuperCharger didn't get wider adoption bitd, games like Survival Island (prototype) and Swords of Saros really started to tap the potential for the large games, maybe it just made the VCS too much like a real computer system where anyone could copy the games.
  6. The SuperCharger was a tremendously powerful device capable of putting a file system onto a tape drive like the ADAM and it's potential never fully unlocked and explored - the SuperCharger could have enabled 1.5 MB Tape games, it beat Microsoft and Apple to the punch (but not Xerox) with it's sleek GUI OS with starfield screen savers and a help system. I've been working on something like RS-DOS for the SuperCharger (SuperCharger Disk Extended BASIC) so that operating systems and and disk based application suites can be built for the Atari 2600 and serious productivity applications even. It's already in BETA, and I have a example here of an Atari 2600 Operating System demo with a suite of four delightful applications for SillyVenture2020 🙂 Give this serious application suite a try The Atari is always tremendous fun for games, but give this serious OS and it's application suite a try and see the OS comparison graph - how does the SillyVenture operating system stack up against an OS running on your phone or your Desktop, besides the SillyVenture OS? It's been a lot of fun working on this interesting project with awesome help from Al_Nafuur, Batari, Dirty Hairy, Jetsetilly, Alex79, Eric Ball and Eckhard Stolberg and many other great programmers at AtariAge! Here is a pic of the Disk BASIC programming Manual I am updating shown on my Atari running on the PlusCart - it's backward compatible with Flashback BASIC: The PlusCart viewer technology looks a lot like the TRS-80 Color Computer and is fantastic for reading the BASIC documentation and part of the fun! 🙂
  7. Awesome Atari book! I just finished reading HC4! 🙂 I liked the screenshots and analysis sections, and the coverage of the new Atari consoles games like Strip Off from Tactical Neuronics. I also liked hearing favorably about programmers and productions that aren't always noticed or promoted on AtariAge - my friend from the scene bitd Greg Zumwalt is featured in this book with pictures and a backdrop story for Candyman I enjoyed. I've started Reading BREAKOUT how Atari computers defined a generation and it's an awesome book too with great screenshots and insightful stories 🙂 Racing the Beam is available free online as a PDF, and I downloaded it after losing my copy, but there's nothing like reading a real book and rereading the PDF just did not compare - I'll be reading this hardcover next.
  8. It's a fun and distinctive iconic port that is different, but I like all of the different ports for genres like pacman - particularly when it's clear the programmer is very creative and going for different or just Atari streamlined. My favorite Pacmen in the 80's were two variants that took the genre to the next level - KC Munchkin and Grabber, a split-screen pacman that I hope to bring to the Atari! 🙂 https://atariage.com/forums/topic/300642-grabber-split-screen-pacman/
  9. Yes the Light Gun is for multi-player mode and should always be used on the right side! 😀
  10. Arkanoid Airhead is easy and relaxing to play, but still challenging. This is the most recent version: ARKANOID_AIRHEAD_FINDS_AIRHEAD_20200627.bin And there is also a version for the Flashback Portable that will change depending upon what console you play it on: ARKANOID_AIRHEAD_FLASHBACK_EMU_ANOMALY_20200627.bin The Flashback version plays in white on the Atari Portable, but plays in black on classic consoles via the Harmony or Uno cart. And it's multi-colored if you play it on the Retron-77 console which may be the closest to how it would look on a real CBS RAM cartridge, the format the AFP is using to get the colors. To find out for sure and how close someone would have to create a real CBS RAM cart with the binary and compare it on a classic console. I don't think anyone has succeeded in reproducing an authentic CBS RAM cart today; it shouldn't be that difficult for a retro hardware pro since Sara carts have been reloaded.
  11. This looks cool! I just ordered the real book version along with Breakout:How Atari Computers Defined a Generation, and a hardcover copy of Racing the Beam. Looking forward to some fun reading :)
  12. Mr SQL

    BREAKOUT studies

    BREAKOUT never gets old, having a lot of fun with this rendition Button control is reversed and reserves the laserbeams which run out before the end of each level...
  13. EDIT: New version BREAKOUT2002 LASERBEAMS! Can you make it to the playable green treasure room ending scene on level 10? Button control reversed; reserves finite LASERBEAMS that run out before the end of each level. BREAKOUT2002_LASERBEAMS_NTSC.bin BREAKOUT2002_LASERBEAMS_NTSC.wav BREAKOUT studies A collection of seven BREAKOUT stories featuring an inspired new rendition, BREAKOUT 2002 with a 10 level quest and a harmonized sound that is different. Breakdown of the studies Five stories of the continued evolution of Atari Breakout design with examples of games and links to prototypes Stories of old and emerging technologies for creating more dazling and colorful retro videogames! Party Gameplay instructions for BREAKOUT 2002 Printing it out To create a 4-page mini book, print the PDF on one piece of double sided paper and fold it in half. Best play experience Use either classic hardware or full screen settings if you are running an emulator and turn off phosphor/merge frames. BREAKOUT discussion Hope everyone enjoys! Share your thoughts and ideas about BREAKOUT on this thread! BREAKOUT 2002 Party Games Manual.pdf
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