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  1. I believe the results are also based on other user submitted scores in addition to the hardware speed increases causing the scale to constantly change. They would have to because otherwise those of us with PCs that were in the UFO range like mine was in 2019, can't stay that way forever. Eventually the newest stuff has to take over the UFO status and drop the rest of us that don't keep up with the Jones'
  2. There are two games made during the original run of the 7800 that actually are basically exactly the same on sound between the 2600 and 7800 versions of the games. Those two games are: Kung Fu Master Double Dragon They sound the same to me identically. So that would seem to indicate that the 2600 was/is able to do better than what was originally done in the late 70s and early 80s. Then again, I'm sure these games were given more ROM storage space to allow for better programming of the sounds and music. But for the pinnacle of TIA sound, you should check out Bob's Pac-Man C
  3. Crazy the amount of dust already on the solar arrays on this little guy!
  4. When is the 'copter' set to attempt its first flight?
  5. While not a certainty, most leaf switches don't really made any sound when they are activated and also lack tactile feel compared to the positive detent and click you get from micro switches. At least, that is how it is in the arcade world.
  6. I remember owning a pair of these for the 2600 in the early/mid 80s but they didn't last very long as I recall. Then a few years ago, I stumbled on a pair of these that only had on 9pin connector on the end. I was curious and suspected what they were for. I was pleasantly surprised when I was correct and found out I'd bought a pair of these for like $6 for the.... Ti-99/4a And they work just fine which, I can't say for my actual pair of Ti controllers.
  7. Well I'm pretty partial to the Epyx 500xj myself. I do like the feel of the slick stick and the TAC-2, but the TAC-2 fire buttons needing constant cleaning really turns me off them. Most of my game playing now is using a modified NES controller but there are some games where I feel a joystick is still be to use. I also have one of those 'Industrial' looking controllers from Newport controls that I think were popular with the Atari 8-bit crowd in the 80s? I've two of them and they work okay but kinda unwieldy to hold onto when using them.
  8. Only thing I did with my Ti about 2 years ago was to replace all the caps in it with a kit from Console5. I also redid the bodge wires inside so they weren't going over those heat spreaders anymore. I also know that I wiped off the old thermal paste and replaced with newer higher grade stuff. But that was it, just a little preventive maintenance for the future. Didn't take any pics at the time as I didn't think about it? Here is the link for the cap kit I used about 2 years back. They are currently out of stock, but that just means they haven't put any together as a complete kit. They lik
  9. I was pretty sad when Fry's shuttered up. We didn't have Fry's or even MicroCenters here in my state. We only had the Radio Shacks and maybe a few EBs. There was a Babbage's at the local mall when I was kid, but it was replaced with a chain known as Software Etc. in the early 90s which eventually closed that mall space and reopened it a few spaces down in the mall. They are now a Gamestop. We did have Circuit City and I actually was pretty fond of them at the time. Most of my Dreamcast collection and earlier DVD releases came from their stores. My first large flat panel TV I purchased fro
  10. I like variant 2 alot! I purchased mine from TBA from his booth at PRGE 2019 so it is in whatever printed case he makes and uses for them? But I've still yet to even setup up an SDcard to try and use it yet so it hasn't exactly been too much of a bother with whatever current shell it has. But I do like that Omega shell above.
  11. @RickR My previous PC that I built back in like 2011 and was replaced out with the one I listed above was in a very similar case. It was in an Antec 902 and was about the same height as the one I have now but stuck out further. Here are some pics of it in its final form before it was gutted, with new stuff installed and then given to my youngest. You can see at the time I owned this one, I only had the MT-32 and MT-200 modules.
  12. I don't have a recent pic but here is one of my mostly current PC here at the ITC when I had just gotten it built and was making images of my old HDDs to archive and restore data to the new PC. 'Ivory Tower - 2019' - Build in August 2019 - Case = Corsair Carbide Air (white) - PSU = Seasonic Prime 750W Platinum Modular - MB = MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon AC - CPU = Intel i7-9700K (Locked Freq @ 4.9ghz on all 8 cores) - No Speestep enabled - Video = EVGA RTX 7020Super Black - Sound = Creative SB ZxR - RAM = 32GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 3600 - Cooler = Cor
  13. To be fair, the title of the thread is cheap and awesome. Only my first microphone I mentioned is on the cheap side at about $20. The second one was my Awesome part of the thread LOL!
  14. Well at the time I bought it, it was on sale through Best Buy for like $125 I think? And...I had a visa gift card left over from Christmas or my birthday or something that I used to pay towards it. The smaller mic I had first and it was good but having to keep it connected to the side of the camcorder all the time was a pain in the rear. So when I purchased my halo ring light to use in my vids, I also look for mic accessories that attached to my camcorder, like one of the small booms that attaches. Then I found this setup on sale and when I saw how it worked I took a chance. I actually connect
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