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  1. The "Works" 7800 Updated

    This was an Atari 7800 sent to me where the client wanted the literally 'Works' done to this system. This is what was done:
    - UAV installed for composite and s-video output
    - New capacitors
    - New Alps branded high quality panel switches installed
    - Original voltage regulator replaced with newer tech DC-DC switching regulator
    - Cartridge sleeve modified to allow all 3rd party carts to fit and seat properly, including Tigervision games
    - Original power port removed and replaced with common 2.1x5.5mm barrel jack
    - PAL BIOS installed so that both NTSC and PAL games can be played. Asteroids comes up by default with out a game inserted when powering on the 7800
    - Power LED replaced with diffused UV LED
    - C64 removed from circuit to improve compatibility with 2600 supercharger games, home brews, and earlier Activision games
    For those curious on how the barrel jack was installed. It actually isn't that elegant since the 7800 main board and the location for the power port doesn't allow for something like this to be done. I ended up having to epoxy the jack in place directly onto the main board and upside down so that I could then solder on wires from the power plug to corresponding locations on the main board where the original plug used to connect to. Because the barrel jack is such a common size and it would be very easy for the wrong type of supply to be installed, I also added a diode just after the ferrite bead before the main filter cap as a means for reverse polarity protection. 
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