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  1. Well, I never owned either when they were new back in the day because I was already part of the PC Master Race at that time. I got both as part of retro gaming and collecting in the early 2000s. But I'm much more of a fan of the Genesis than the SNES. For me the Genesis just has more of the games I like to play. More arcade like games as it were. Having said that I own both now because they each do certain games better than the other and in some instances, where cross platform for a game exists, again one of them could be better than the other in some regards. But, My Genesis library of games is MUCH larger than SNES. Why you might ask? Well, for one, the Genesis stuff is easier to collect for or at least it was 20 years ago because the SNES titles that command the money they do today, also commanded some serious money even 20 years ago. I haven't priced SNES stuff lately, but compared to Genesis they were always more expensive. So what I've done over the years is that there are games that are exclusive or play better on the SNES and I own those games. But then I tend to buy all games for the Genesis because it was easier to get them and for less money. If I want to play Chrono trigger or Zelda LTTP I'm firing up the SNES. I want to play a side scrolling beat em up or a shooter, and you can be sure the Genesis is getting fired up for that. If I want to play Sunset riders I will likely fire up the SNES. If I want to play some Turtles, I'm more likely to fire up Hperstone Heist. The Genesis is turned on and played much more often than my SNES or NES are. But I'm much more likely to play on the NES vs my SMS. So I was never part of the war and for me, it is about playing a particular game on whichever system it is best on or that I prefer to play it on. But I will tell you right now, that I have always preferred the Genesis FM sound over the muddy and tinny sounding wavetable that the SNES does. And trust me, I know what wavetable is supposed to sound like as again during my PC Master race tiemframe of the 90s, I was using Roland modules with my PC for music back then and the SNES was not to my liking on most of the music. There are a few games that sound really good but I've also heard some of those games covered on the Genesis and prefer the Genesis version when I hear it.
  2. I believe I read somewhere that it happened at night and there aren't many that actually live that close to it. But again had read that some who did live in the area did hear it crash and apparently it actually registered on seismographs in the area as well when it collapsed. I guess they weren't kidding that it wasn't safe to repair it?! Have they confirmed whether another cable snapped from tower 4 that causes this yet? I has seen a YT vid yesterday from Scott Manly where it stated it was a chain reaction caused by a 3rd cable breaking overnight. This also answers the question I had about how they were planning to dismantle it safely if it wasn't safe enough to repair? Looks like time and physics answered that question for us.
  3. Very cool! I still need Water Ski and Tank Command. The rest I've just been lazy and hadn't picked them up knowing I could at about anytime I wanted. But I know that for me at least with these two Froggo released titles, they would just be shelf pieces as I would never want to actually play the games. So due to that, I'm more hesitant to drop the $ on them for the time being.
  4. @nosweargamer Vinnie has been around awhile and the 7800 has been his retro console of choice since I knew of him back in the JoseQ's Emuviews days. Good point about his lack of a homepage link, but I hadn't noticed until you said this because I use the back button more than anything these days and especially so as my mouse has a back button on it LOL. @Funkmaster V NSG has a point and you should have links to go back to the homepage, back to the reviews section, etc. Both at the top of the page and bottom of the pages. Would make it much easier for those checking out your site to be able to navigate through all of its content you have to offer!
  5. I've not played the original Viking Child game and honestly, until your video I didn't know there were any other versions of the game. So yeah in watching your video the first thing that started to spring to my mind on its game play is that it mimics WB: Monster World quite a bit. And on the sound effects being the same as Switchblade II, I also started checking it out and found out that a LOT of Lynx games tend to use the same set of sound effects but I guess I just hadn't really noticed it that much before now. I think Switchblade II is one of the few Lynx games I've played all the way through but I also am pretty sure I took advantage of the cheats in that game to do so.
  6. CrossBow

    The "Works" 7800

    This was an Atari 7800 sent to me where the client wanted the literally 'Works' done to this system. This is what was done: - UAV installed for composite and s-video output - New capacitors - New Alps branded high quality panel switches installed - Original voltage regulator replaced with newer tech DC-DC switching regulator - Cartridge sleeve modified to allow all 3rd party carts to fit and seat properly, including Tigervision games - Original power port removed and replaced with common 2.1x5.5mm barrel jack - Power LED replaced with diffused UV LED - C64 removed from circuit to improve compatibility with 2600 supercharger games, home brews, and earlier Activision games For those curious on how the barrel jack was installed. It actually isn't that elegant since the 7800 main board and the location for the power port doesn't allow for something like this to be done. I ended up having to epoxy the jack in place directly onto the main board and upside down so that I could then solder on wires from the power plug to corresponding locations on the main board where the original plug used to connect to. Because the barrel jack is such a common size and it would be very easy for the wrong type of supply to be installed, I also added a diode just after the ferrite bead before the main filter cap as a means for reverse polarity protection.
  7. That would be outside my skillset I'm afraid. I too was pretty saddened to hear of this yesterday. I remembered the concerns they had about the sub cable breaking back in August and wasn't even aware that one of the primaries had also snapped recently! When I hear of the safety concerns required to try and repair it etc. I wonder, why they didn't routinely replace out the cables one by one over time? That is what they do with radio antennas here where I live. But then I really think about it and it makes sense. It all comes down to money and rather large amount required to maintain something like this. Fact is those who decide where that money goes and needs to be invested, likely look upon this and go 'It is 60 years old, how much do we really want to invest in this?' and then pass it over. Or in a similar fashion they look at the structure over time and determine, 'yeah that should probably be replaced but we haven't the funds right now to pay for a proper inspection to even determine what needs to be done. We will have to deal with it when the time comes...' Now that the time has come, its time...has come. I wonder if they will actually disassemble the facility or just let the jungle take it back over time? I mean, if it is too dangerous and costly to repair it, then how would it be any less expensive or more safe to disassemble it properly?
  8. CrossBow

    Your first car

    I would advise removing this topic completely since all of your are basically announcing to the world the answer to one of the most common security questions. Just my .02
  9. This game was one of the first I had to get and play when I first acquired an 800xl. I later got rid of it and have a 130XE I can use now. But that is also because I have a NIB still in plastic 800xl in the box in the closet hehe. But I still prefer to play Star Raiders and Fractalus on the 5200 given both games really made excellent use of the analog controllers.
  10. Viking Child I think is the Lynx answer to Wonderboy in Monsterland or something similar as the game play mechanics are quite similar with defeating enemies and getting coins from them plus the way the levels look and are designed. You know I just noticed in watching your vid on this that it uses the same effects as Switchblade II on the Lynx. And it kinda plays the same way as that one too but with a medieval setting instead?
  11. To add on to what @Atari 5200 Guy stated above.... Darksiders series of games are like a mature dark version of Zelda 3D games. Saint's Row series is like GTA but all satire and over the top in every way possible. I played Sacred on the PC and it was very Diablo like, however Diablo III I believe is also available on the PS3 as a console version and apparently works very well that way although I have not played it. The Uncharted games were one of the reasons why I picked up a PS3. They basically play like the Gears or Wars games where you move from area to area with duck and cover fire mechanics with a Tomb raider exploration thrown in for climbing around obstacles. My favorite of the uncharted games is actually the 4th game in the series on the PS4. The Last of Us...hmm. I personally found it to be a boring game with a story that just didn't engage me much. I know it was highly applauded and there are merits in that game that I can see why. But I was bored most of it and couldn't wait to finish it. L.A. Noire I would recommend if you want another GTA style of game but in a more realistic and less violent tone and style. Then again, I like playing as a detective in games and L.A. Noire is right up there.
  12. Actually inserting the carts backwards won't damage it. I know because as a young kid I did it on purpose several times to see what crazy stuff it would produce on the screen. And even Tailchao stated in the AA forums that during the development of Rikki & Vikki, he was guilty of inserting the PCB in backwards and it never caused an issue on the console. Now, I can see that trying to insert the game backwards could possibly damage the cartridge of the cartridge PCB, But I would also think that a person would figure that out pretty quickly before it got to that point. The Pegs only exist on 7800 cartridges because Atari Corp was using the exact same cartridge shell for both 2600 and 7800 games at the time. And they had to include the holes in the cartridge slots to make sure that old original Atari 2600 games could still be used in both the Jr 2600 and 7800 consoles. What I wonder about more, is why the spring dust covers with small pegs were included on the older 7800 games in the first place when Atari would have known it wasn't needed. But again, they were doing the same on some 2600 releases around that same time, so again, single cartridge design and shell for two different systems saves you lots of money in design, tooling, and manufacture. In fact I'm guessing the reason why some of the Atari corp carts you find today have broken pegs on them is likely due to people trying to insert them backwards and snapping them off in the process.
  13. Yes I believe the earlier made carts have those sprint doors on them. I don't think I have any 7800 games with those but I do own a 1984 PPII cart where both the top and end labels were applied upside down and it is quite mottled with the glue rot on it. But it does NOT have the spring door. Also, I NEVER understood why the 7800 games have the cart pegs on them. The 7800 cart slot does NOT have a dust door to open like on the 2600 earlier units. I know why they did it, it was because the 7800 had to have the holes to allow 2600 games to be played, and they figured it was cheaper to use a single cart shell for both 2600 and 7800 games. But yeah, technically the 7800 games do not require those pegs at all. Same with the 2600jr console as I believe those don't feature dust covers on the cartridge port either.
  14. Might look into the De-Blob as I believe the sequel for that is on the PS3 but the original game was a Wii exclusive if memory services. Very fun casual and I really like the soundtracks! Mod-Nation racers was suggeted and that is another one with super catchy tunes. I own the OST to it as well. I would also recommend Dragon's Crown. It is basically a side scrolling beat em up with very slight RPG elements. It really plays more like the arcade D&D games that Capcom released in the 90s. The artwork, animation, and audio is quite stunning on that game. I now have the PS4 remaster version of the game, but get it for the PS3.
  15. Yeap I didn't own a switch until this past March when AC: New Horizons was released. My wife LOVES the AC games and it was around her B-day at the time so I pre-ordered it all about a month in advance. Glad I did considering how difficult it became to get the switch when the pandemic really took off. I opted for the family annual online since that way anyone in my house that creates an account (I think the limit is 7 people?) will have access to the online content and this was especially needed for the new AC game as well. But to answer you question about the games for the old NES and SNES there @Atari 5200 Guy, yes, the classic Mario platformers are all present for the NES online games as well as on the SNES games. Ninendo updates this with new games about every month or so and it makes sense why they had NO desire to keep producing the Minis even though they were selling so well. The Online games is the exact same in how they play and with save states..etc. So technically Nintendo making and selling the Minis was in direct competition with themselves in this case. I don't recall what my switch profile code is but I will try and get that later to post if anyone wants to send an invite. I don't play the switch much and when I do it has pretty much only been AC since we got it but I do still like to fire up the classics and have a save state on Super Metroid I go back and play on a bit here and there.
  16. Willie, how do you have your DC connected up to your TV? Also I commented on your video in regards to the Now Loading and how long that actually takes? I was able to time it on my video capture and it is about 20sec thereabouts for the game to load up from my SSD through the MODE. All the other games I own through the MODE seem to load up at the same speed as they did originally or faster in most cases, but so wasn't sure if the load time on your video (Nearly instance it seems) is how it actually loads up through the GDEmu you have installed, or if you edited it? I'm assuming you edited it because I also didn't see the disclaimer about the game only be sold and used in Japan?
  17. Since the rom for the fixed possible version of the game has been released freely, I would ask Albert at AA if he can made a repro 7800 cart of the fixed rom? Doesn't hurt to ask anyway. I know he has done this for me on a few games in the past as long as I swore to never turn around and sell them back out. That was how the 'golden' cart of Quadrun was made as one of my prizes in the classic gaming tourney at my convention one year.
  18. Well there is Mean18 Gold on the 7800 and it isn't too bad at all for a golf game. Ninja Golf is in my opinion overrated. I give it credit for being an original idea, but the golf portion of it is really nothing like golf, and the ninja gameplay aspect is also nothing invovled. The basic gameplay is just Smack the ball in the general direction of the green/hole. You then go through the side perspective view of running towards where the ball landed. Along the way you have to jump and dodge and punch enemies that come at you from in front and behind. Make it to the ball and swing again. When you get to the Green, you throw shuirkens at a very nicely detailed dragon that moves across left and right while shooting fireballs at you. Then...onto the next hole.
  19. I can say that of that generation of systems. That I did prefer to play games on the Cube more than the PS2. However, when my ex-wife and I separated back in 2005, I found myself only playing PS2 as that was all I was able to get since I left the Cube with my kiddos as it had most of the games they were actually wanting to play at the time. I still have a decent Cube collection of games and on rare occasions will play them through the Wii via component. I own about 3 Cubes but don't actually use them to play the games.
  20. Well for classic consoles the one that was played a LOT in my house was easily Midnight Magic on the 2600. However, without question my favorite video pinball games would have to be Pinball Fantasies (Especially Stones 'n Bones table) and Epic Pinball for the PC. Although Pin Fantasies was played much more in my house and I still fire them up today. Forgot to add that I also frequently will load up either Alien Crush on my TurboDUO or Dragon's Fury on my Genesis. I also really liked Flip Nic for the PS2 when it was released and played the heck outta that, but I haven't played that in some time. Flip Nic is totally a fantasy pinball simulator that would NOT be possible on actual hardware due to the physics or lack thereoff it uses. More modern pin simulators that I frequently fire up are many of the tables available in Pinball FX3 on the PS4. I owned them originally on the PS3 and was able to transfer those over to the PS4. I don't own all the tables for that series but I do like the Tesla and Mars tables quite a bit.
  21. Oh a by 2 get 1 deal? Yeah that is an excellent deal then! My only concern with HiSpec's repros is that his are really collector grade in addition to be usable. And I'm not that wild to see he is now offering repros on games that were officially released here in the US. Previously he only offered games that were imports (Most with translations) that were never offered or sold in the US. But now I see he has added Centy and few other high rollers that did get official releases. Hmm... I do recommend Star Cruiser as it is a technical marvel to see 3D polys being rendered on the Genesis without any special hardware. The game starts off a tad slow at first and is kinda wonky control wise but it the pace and store pick up a bit and it does get very challenging the further you get in the game.
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