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  1. I'm assuming you purchased those from Shawn over at AA? Pretty cool! I've got most of the repros for games that weren't released in the states already, but my go to on this has always been this guy here: https://genesisrepros.com/ His repros are some of the best I've ever purchased. Nice glossy labels like they were back in the day, new clamshell cases, and in many cases, full color manuals to go with them. Even when something is listed as out of stock, it helps to contact him and ask all the same.
  2. Commando Atari 7800 Difficulty: Novice Score: 1,310,400 October 17, 2020
  3. ITC# 72 has been made public as of this morning and features the Colecovision once again. This time I go through the complete process to install one of the new TMS-RGB boards on the Colecovision using a Megadrive/Genesis 2 AV out 9-pin connector. The connector allows me to also connect up composite video in addition to the RGB and make for only a single AV out being needed that a wide range of AV cables can be used with. There is some modification required on the TMS-RGB board when using it with a 9-pin mini din like this and all of that is detailed in the video. I also show the process I used for attaching the 9-pin connector and how I mark on the case where the output hole needs to be made in a very easy manner. As some SMD components are involved, this video is for those more comfortable with a soldering iron with some level of experience. However, while I don't state this in the video, you can in fact leave the TMS-RGB alone as it comes from Mobius and it will still work but the overall image on RGB will be a little darker than you see at the end of this video. Thank you for watching and enjoy!
  4. Yes I own both games and have played them multiple times. The truth is that for the games I prefer to play being mostly arcade style, the Genesis does that better in my eyes. For RPGs of the day, the SNES is where it was at and that is why I own both systems and have a decent SNES library of games and a vast library of Genesis games. So they both have their strengths and weakness. Although I'm the only one in the world that would feel this way, I also prefer the audio of most Genesis games as the wavetable from the SNES just sounds very muddied and weak compared to the wavetable audio I was used to back then. I had a Roland sound canvas add-in board in my PC during the SNES time of reign and so it just sounded on most games like the little engine that could but really couldn't. The Genesis on the other hand had some excellent FM tracks for many of its also unique games of the time. Matt Furniss was a master of the Genesis YM2612 and his compositions on his Genesis/Megadrive games are some of my favorites of the 16-bit era. Of course you can do this. You can de-solder any through hole IC from these classic systems and install sockets for them to use. In fact it is considered standard practice that anytime you find that you have a replace a faulty IC chip that is soldered to a board, that you install a socket and then install the replacement IC into the socket. There are other slightly more expensive options that can be used also for when a socket might add too much height to the overall setup making it not practical for use. But generally, I always install a socket on an IC, especially if it is one that is prone to failure often. Examples are the 4013 chips that control the power on/off in the 5200 and the 4052 MUX chips in then 5200 in charge of the controller matrix.
  5. Well there are some 7800s like the 2 I own that can play all the games just fine without issues. But they are both older model 7800s too. The other consoles it moves around depending on what I'm currently playing. Of my modern consoles I can state I prefer my PS4 Pro, but I don't actually game on it that much. But I also enjoy my Dreamcast quite a bit, my Genesis setup (Has been my #1 for some time now), the 5200, the 7800, and PC Gaming.
  6. That was awesome! Thank you much for sharing that. I've not laughed in sometime it seems and this was much needed. Appreciate it!
  7. I knew of the 7800 in the mid 80s from the Sear's catalogs. Oh...those were awesome times to go through that catalog and circle the stuff you wanted for Christmas...etc. The 7800 to my memory was released about the same time I knew of the NES. And I do remember the commercials for the 7800 that played although there were FAR more commercials for the NES in the day. So why did I choose the 7800 over the NES? Well, the main issue was costs. I was still a young teen and not old enough to work yet so the 7800 was cheaper as compared to the NES. But, the one selling point that got me the 7800 for my Birthday back in '87 I believe it was, was the fact that it was backward compatible with my 30ish or so 2600 games I already owned. That was a pretty inciting and new thing for a console to have the ability to play its older generation games right out of the box like that. First games I had for it was Xevious and Dig-Dug I think? And that was it for a while due to the games still cost about $40 each back then new. I eventually picked up Food Fight, Joust, and many others that I could find and afford. I would mow lawns in the summer and that was largely how my games were purchased back then. Once I had an actual job just about 2 years later, I also had my 286 gaming beast PC that my entire family went in on to purchase. I basically didn't touch the 7800 or even care much about console games for another 10 years. But at the time, I thought the 7800 had better graphics on most of the games compared to the NES because I did have the advantage that my Step-Brother would come over ever other week and bring his NES with him. Of the games that had arcade ports on them, he and I both found that the 7800 versions of the games were better. But the 7800 didn't have SMB, it didn't have Metroid, it didn't have Zelda and it sure as heck didn't have Batman. But again once, I got my first real PC I abandoned the console scene and wouldn't come back until I discovered emulation in the very late 90s. That sparked my interest in wanting to play my old 7800 games etc again and I went home (Now married and with my first son on the way) to retrieve my 7800 from the garage and all the games I still had for it at the time. Of all of my consoles, my favorites always has the 7800 in the top 5 somewhere. It is also amazing to see what the home brew community has managed to create for the system and really show with games like Rikki & Vikki, the upcoming Knight Guy game and others that it had and still has some very untapped potential that would have been still impressive in the late 80s had it been fully utilized and would have been game changing in the early 80s.
  8. Most if not all of the components mentioned at the beginning are included in most 2600 refresh kits you can buy online. And honestly, a 2600 is a good console to learn to solder on as all the stuff is laid out with lots of room for the most part and the traces were made nice a thick so they don't tend to peel or melt off the board when doing rework like what can happen with newer consoles.
  9. The cart slots on the 7800 are known for this I'm afraid. On my personal 7800, the ring cracked on its own when I was inserting a game into it. Now pretty much all the games fit in much more easily and since the crack happened naturally along the side, it isn't really noticed when you look at it as it closes back together flush when a cart isn't in the system. But yeah...that is known as 'Popping the 7800 cherry'. Aside from the Lock-On 2600 adapter, I've also used a dremel to just remove about a 1/4 inch from the corners from the bottom of the cart sleeve to about 3/4 of the way up. This way, the games still have an initial tight fit to get past that upper lip of the sleeve, but once they do they will then seat all the way into the slot properly. BTW...there is a way to get tigervision carts to work that doesn't involved clipping or breaking the pegs inside them. Just FYI...
  10. That store does look amazing! And unless I'm seeing it wrong...is that what I think it is to the left of the Strategy X cart in the second pic? Looks like a Crazy Climber to me? I see several very decent and not very common games in that case. Although they might want to rethink how rare they think Mario Bros for the Atari is if they have 3 of them stacked up at once in there.
  11. Yes I had only been holding on to them because even with DVDs, the picture and especially the audio was still superior on many of my LDs vs their DVD versions. Additionally I think I still have some LDs of movies that never got released to DVD or especially never received a Blu-ray release. But with Blu-ray and especially UltraHD Blu... the LDs cannot compete at this point. The picture and sound have never been better than when Blu-ray was released. I've had a few people want to buy a few of the movies I have, but I honestly am just tempted to dump the whole lot at the local goodwill and make it a tax write off for next year.
  12. I've been actually collecting since the late 90s. I have well over 2,000 games but no complete collections for any one system. Although the closest are likely my 5200 and 7800 collections As I really only need the heavy hitters for those. But the point is that I do lack the space to add much more without it starting to look like being a horder so I did trade in last year about half of my PS2 collection and might do the same with my 360 and PS3 games as well only keeping ones that I'm likely to want to play again in the future that don't have a remaster available on something newer or that I might now own on PC. And I need to get rid of my 150 or so LDs that I still have taking up shelf space...ugh.
  13. For the time, I always felt that the 7800 version of Xevious was pretty darn close to the arcade version. But I was also a teenager so my view might have been skewed a bit. Galaga I happen to like, but you have to be ready for that sudden speed up that hits at level 10 if memory serves. Eventually you learn the patterns between the waves of the enemies as they fly in to form up and that makes it easier to know where they will be coming in from and where to go to dodge incoming fire. Food Fight I bought when it was originally released and didn't know anything about it because I've honestly never see the actual arcade cab in person I don't believe. I know I had never heard of it back in the day when arcades were still a place my buddies and I hung out. Having said that, I ended up being very surprised by the game and having a lot of fun with it. Especially on higher levels when ever step and throw of food you make counts due to lower supplies of food to throw, faster chefs coming after you, and the ice cream melting at blazing speed.
  14. ITC# 71 was released this morning and once again focuses on the Colecovision. This time I show you the process I use to install one of the common composite upgrades into a Colecovision console. There are several kits available through online resources, ebay..etc. But from what I've seen, they all seem to use the same circuit design for amplifying the composite video within the RF modulator and use essentially the same installation instructions. As I like to keep wiring simple I do show you some alternate points that I use in this video for attaching to the composite video board but like all things in my videos, the DIY types can find other places to mount the board and locations from which to attach the wires for voltage, ground, etc. I also have a card in this video that pops up taking you to a specific ITC short on how to disassemble the Colecovision. I extracted it from a previous video I released on the Colecivision. There will be at least one more tech related video to be released within the next few weeks on the Colecovision so if you find these interesting, be sure to look out for that one in the coming future. Thank for watching and enjoy!
  15. Odd that the conversation of modern gaming vs retro and the appeal and changes for us over the years. I do have a PS4 Pro but most of the games I've purchased for it are either remakes of games I had on the PS3 or LRG releases of the Indie titles. The last modern game I really put a lot of time into was Horizon Zero Dawn as I just couldn't stop playing that game. But then BOTW on my Wii-U just doesn't seem to keep me as engaged as Horizon did. I have a pretty decent PC for gaming these days, but most of the games I play on it are modded versions of DOOM or Quake and just recently started playing Doom64 that was released to the PC with enhanced visuals. However, when it comes to HALO I do like the series. I was pretty jazzed when the Master Chief Collection was released for PC back in March for such a low price. Some of the games in that collection I'd never actually played yet so it has been fun to fire them up and visit the remasters of the classic games and play the newer ones I hadn't yet. But I only like single player FPS games. Borderlands and HALO might be the only modern FPS series I've played. I do own and have played Doom 2016 on my PS4, but it was just kinda 'meh' for me and I didn't go out and purchase Doom Eternal. Will I? No idea...maybe if I see it in the future on Steam for uber cheap I'll likely grab it. But no..most of my game playing these days is retro games on my retro consoles and the newer home brew releases for our beloved classics are really both impressive technically and a lot of FUN as well! And that in the end...is all we want. To escape for a bit from reality for a bit of engaging fun. Welcome to your 'Ivory Tower'!
  16. Good job on that starplex controller and even better that it doesn't have the woodgrain vinyl sticker starting to peel yet?! I actually have two Starplex controllers. One is mint in the box and purchased a few years ago from a guy at AA that apparently found a case of them and was letting them go for like $25 shipped each at the time I think? The other I got before that and is badly peeled on the sticker but I only paid like $5 for it from some game store in Houston when I was visiting relatives. 7800 Alien Brigade is an excellent game, but it was really more designed for the XE light gun. I've never managed to beat the game with a joystick but have with a light gun without much trouble. Also that Track n Field set is very nice! I've only seen the cart twice in the wild and bought it both times. But they both had been 'coxed' in their earlier lives so they aren't very minty at this point. I also have the controller but it had a corner broken out of it. But again..it was a cheap purchase for like $10 if I remember at the time?
  17. This is 100% accurate. You have to plug a controller into port 2 for a 1 player game. This is mimicking the original arcade where player 1 was on the right and player 2 on the left. So yeap..plug a controller into port 2 and you will find you can start the game and play that way. If you must plug a controller into port 1 to play this game, then you have to select a 2 player game so you can play as the blue/purple guy instead of the yellow.
  18. Do you feel comfortable enough to at least be able to remove the power board, ribbon cable, and main board assemblies from the case? Though it isn't what I normally advise, but it would be cheaper to send the 'guts' of the system to someone to have them checked out and repaired vs the entire console. The mainboard of the intellivision only takes up half of the entire console space with the power board and transformer only taking up 1/4 of the remaining space. Most of the intellivision model 1 units on the left hand side is empty air space that was designed for the power cord to be tucked into when the system wasn't in use.
  19. Totally up to you, but I find the Intelly2 units to be less reliable overall. Their goofy AC output adapter doesn't help that much and increases the complexity of the power supply boards in them.
  20. The Lynx II uses a similar flex circuit design like the 5200 controllers. The actual buttons however, are just your usual rubber carbon/graphite pads that make contact on a set of carbon traces on the flex circuit. My guess is that either the rubber button itself has possibly developed a tear in it causing it to no longer pop up on its own, or there is some odd short in the flex itself. If the flex is to blame, then honestly it is best to replace it and Best-Electronics still has those available by themselves (Or did last time I ordered up a few). It isn't difficult to replace out but do watch a vid on the tube somewhere on how to disassemble the Lynx II before hand so you know how do go about it. Be careful trying to clean the flex as again they are graphite coated very thin aluminium traces and it is easy to damage them in the process.
  21. I actually have found that at least on the original early model 1 units, that you can insert the carts a little further in than the Line on the cart states to. So if you literally just insert the cart in far enough to where the "Insert to this Line" is right at the edge of the cart opening, that should be enough. Oh...and I've seen this on an Intellivision I serviced several months ago. Turned out to be the 3906 transistors above the CPU I believe that were cooked. In fact it is common to actually see where the board has heated up and turned color due to the heat off those transistors so they do blow out. I think Console5 even includes them as part of the cap kit now since they are a very cheap part and pretty much free to toss into the kits in most cases. So, that is another possiblity but before going that route, you have to take the top off the thing and take some voltage measurements off the power supply board going into the main board to be sure that the power is at least good.
  22. ITC# 70 is now available for viewing. What?! Two videos in the same month?! Well, this one was meant to originally be done as one of my shorts, but during editing I quickly realized that it would end up being a much longer video and decided to add it to my ITC main video series. So do please forgive the horrid camera work with this one as I was using my cell phone for all of this footage and audio. The issue in this video was interesting because initially I didn't know there was a problem with the system or else I wouldn't have bothered to have already installed a UAV etc into it until I had that corrected. This was because all other games I had tested with it, worked fine and didn't exhibit any graphic issues or lockups. It wasn't until another AA forum member posted about flickering issues on an early revision 7800 specifically with Ballblazer and Pole Position II that I decided to check out those two games. I'm glad I did as this issue could very well have escaped me since again, it wasn't manifesting on any other games I tried on this system. This video also shows you the importance of schematics (Up to date ones), that still play a needed role in helping to troubleshoot and diagnose issues today. Enjoy and thank you for watching!
  23. Yeap the NES and Sega RF boxes do not usually have the ability to switch on as they don't detect a strong enough signal from the atari consoles. Best to remove those boxes completely from the equation. While it isn't the proper cable, you can at least use any RCA cable in a pinch to at least get something on the screen. Would likely be snowy as all get out and fuzzy but you would at least know if the console is powering on or not.
  24. Perhaps. I feel that when the revival in the late 90s came about and when the 7800 was actually getting new games, that some of the actual newer arcade games of the time like Paperboy etc. would have done far better for the 7800. I know that newer arcade games were in the works and ultimately never happened, but still. Also would have helped if more unique games like Midnight Mutants had been released or better quality control for games like Planet Smashers and Scrapyard dog. Ultimately, only Atari could save Atari, and they didn't really seem to have a clear idea on how exactly to do that or stay focused on any one thing long enough to really make them stand out more.
  25. You are talking about Todd's Adventures in Slime World here I assume? Convenience mainly. I keep one Lynx in the display case and the other in a Lynx padded case. So again, it is just easier for me to pop in the Genesis version of most of these games as it is more at the ready. I also tend to prefer the YM synth music/sound over the chiptune music/sounds of most games as well. I also prefer the controls in the Genesis version of Slime World.
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