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  1. Yes...AA is a wonderful site and I've been a member there for a very very long time. My personal favorite homebrews for the 7800 would have to be Rikki & Vikki and Astroblaster to be honest. Rikki & Vikki is just amazing technically for the 7800 in addition to being a fun puzzle platformer game. And they are down to their last 50 copies of that game so I wouldn't wait on that one as they do NOT have plans to make another run for the 7800 for that game. Astroblaster is a semi obscure Sega arcade game I believe and PacManPlus (Bob) ported it to the 7800 a few years back. I know his pac-man games are amazing and I do own them, but I'm not a huge pac-man fan honestly so I don't desire to play those games that often. So of Bob's other releases his other arcade ports are fantastic! While pricey, my favorite 7800 officially released game would probably be Commando. Although I do like Xenophobe quite a bit as well. True the 7800 version isn't the best port with the Lynx actually being my favorite version of the game released but I do find myself popping that game in when I want to play some 7800 for a bit. Some other homebrews that I play often, are Dungeon Stalker (Excellent take on Night Stalker and even better in my opinion), Donkey Kong PK / XM, and when it gets released, I know that I will be purchasing Knight Guy Castle Days as I've have a blast testing the WIP releases of that game on my 7800.
  2. Not a repro well..I guess kinda it is. AtariAge actually did a full release of Sinistar back in 2010 I think it was with a box, manual, and cart. It was a limited release but you can still order the cart and manual from AtariAge still. And yes that Adventure II release is the original release that was also a numbered limited edition that included some extra feelies inside it that later releases didn't have. Like a gold key and some post cards of the game screens etc.
  3. Yeah the cart I'm using was designed originally to hold a 2600 system and games below it. But since mine is missing the front piece to the lid, it works quite well for housing my 5200. These were taken over 4 years ago, but it still sits in this same cart in the same corner of the game room when not in use. I do have a dust cover on it now though so the lid doesn't just sit ontop of console directly anymore.
  4. That sounds like an excellent plan! The 7800 is actually a little smaller than the standard 2600 systems minus the JR of course. So I've never really had any issues finding a place for mine. The 5200 and the Colecovision are much more difficult to find space for and I end up storing the 5200 in its own roll around cart and the CV sits sideways on the shelf. I pull the CV out and place it on my table in the center of the Gameroom when I want to play it.
  5. I think I've only had 3 actual controllers that went bad beyond repair. 2 of them for sure was due to wiring within the controller cable breaking somewhere internally as they are really thin. Another one I think was due to the plastic that the directional pots sit in breaking so the pot didn't sit properly anymore. The main issue as @RickR stated is the flex circuits inside loose conductivity due to corrosion very easy. Quick fixes are to simply use a pencil eraser and some alcohol on the flex but that will likely only last for a little while and you will find that you have to do it again soon. The foil dots metheod in combination with a good cleaning of the flex is he method I use and my controllers seems to work fine for several years before I have to go through the refurb process on them again. But for the 30min or so per controller it might take to do that, I'm okay with it.
  6. Put in place of where your 2600 sits currently perhaps? I have all the variants of the 2600 console released. Not a single one of those 2600 systems is actually connected or at the ready for play because I just use my 7800 for all of that.
  7. You might be able to correct some of the screen issues by recapping it as it likely needs it anyway. But yes eventually you will want a McWill in that thing. It is a pretty excellent handheld and I'm sorry I didn't pick one up when they were new back in the day. I went the Game gear route instead during that time. But I don't regret that decision either!
  8. Well as I updated my reply. It honestly dosesn't look that much different. But in the video you see that the lower shelf of the Genesis boxed stuff still has room. Well, that is totally filled up and I've run out of room for more boxed Genesis stuff. I also sold off about 30% of my PS2 collection as I just didn't see my actually playing those games again and needed the space for other stuff. I still have the laser discs but those really need to go and I'm about on the verger of just donating them to goodwill and making them a tax deduction at the end of the year. I also added more boxed and rares to my intellivision, 2600, 7800 etc.. so that large display case of Atari stuff is starting to look a little too crowded now as well. I also added a few more tabletops to the collection since that video was made I believe. The console display case with the systems is also a bit more crowded as I have the PS3 and PS4 Pro jammed in there. I also added the PS2 back into the system and it sits under my Saturn now. Also dust covers were added to all the consoles since then so they aren't as exposed. The closet of doom is still puking extra boxes of stuff I don't have anywhere to put and don't want to put into the attic.
  9. I saw that @socrates63 reacted to this old post of mine. I need to straighten up a few things and do a little dusting, but sometime soon I need to do another video tour of the ITC game room. While the larger pieces of furniture are still where they have always been, LOTS of stuff has been added since this video was done. I basically do not have any exposed wall surfaces in the room now due to shelving and other stuff that has been put on the walls..etc. One major addition not in this video was the two large floating shelves I installed above the couch that have a good chunk of my PC big box games on it. Also the Genesis and Atari sections and the tabletops have expanded as well since that old video. I stand corrected! I guess I've had my PC games and that shelving up longer than I thought! LOL! yeah..I guess with the exception of additional stuff added it basically looks the same.
  10. Starmaster is still playable on the 7800. I seem to recall that if you have a second controller you can use the fire button on it to activate the star chart. I believe you can also use the player 2 difficulty switch to activate the start chart. Point is, that Activision included some additional features into their games that do make playing them on the 7800 still very possible even if they aren't advertised in the manual. It is almost like Activision knew the 7800 was coming? Or could it be due to the 2800 / Sears Video Arcade II console? Space shuttle was one game I used to play a lot on my 4-switch woody and was sad I couldn't play it on the 7800 due to having to use the BW/Color switch to turn the Ohms rockets on and off as part of the deorbit burn process etc. Well, once again in reading the manual you find out that the player 1 difficulty switch is backup ohms rocket switch? Backup switch? Why would that have a backup for that one and only function for the entire game? Seems they again knew there was a chance of trying to play this on a system without the switch or only being momentary and not static. Does the VCS adapter have a BW/Color switch on it? Could have been these games included these little known options for the VCS adapter?
  11. I'm just glad to see it found a new home where it will can really be appreciated! For the record, it ended up being modded as much as it was due to all the issues it came to me having. It didn't have a pokey, the CPU and ANTIC both ended up being bad and the audio section on the mainboard had been damaged quite a bit by the previous owner attempting some repairs. So that 5200 ended up being an excellent candidate for several videos I did featuring the 5200.
  12. Yeah I'm very much on the fence about this. I just don't see how these can be marketed to actually be playable. The screen is barely an inch diagonally in size?! Imagine playing an RPG or anything with text on this. They should have just stuck with arcade ports or games that didn't require caring about the text. Although I have to admit that the red and blue do look really cool. Maybe it will get hacked and there will be space for people to put any 4 games on it they might want? That could be more interesting...
  13. Well, I've told my story on this several times that can be found in various places. But I will sum up as I might have a slightly different take on the hobby from then vs now. I always had an Atari with my original 4 switch unit in the early 80s and then my 7800 in the late 80s. But in '89 we got our first real computer. A 286 20mhz powerhouse that could do expanded memory and all sorts of advanced features for the time. This is when I discovered computer games like the Sierra adventure games (Still some of my favorite memories), Simulators from MicroProse and the like. After that, I didn't touch console gaming or really even keep up with as it just seemed to all be primitive to me at that point compared to the PC games I could play. Sure I was aware of the Master system, NES (My step brother had one that he would bring over on the weekends), Genesis, SNES, etc. But I didn't personally want consoles at that point and only played a game here and there occasionally at a friends house. Heck the entire 32-bit and 64bit generation I totally skipped. Then in '99 there about I discovered emulation on computers. Initially I was shown Colem, M.A.M.E. and...Gens. It was Gens that actually got me back intro what we now called Retro gaming. I had played Sonic the Hedgehog when it was new at a friends house in the past and remembered liking it but hadn't really experienced all the great games that I missed out on back then. Gens brought that light to me. But...Gens wasn't perfect either. There were sound issues, glitches, stuttering..etc. So I sought out to find an actual Sega Genesis figuring they would be cheap enough. Sure enough I got my now still daily driver model 1 va2 for about $15 shipped off ebay. It was my very first ebay transaction. I then found Turtles:Hyperstone Heist as a loose cart for $8 at a local pawn shop. Grabbed it not really knowing what to expect from that game. I got the Genesis in the mail a few days later and...was blown away playing that game thinking about how close to an arcade experience it was! I then started grabbing Genesis games from all over. At the same time, I contacted my mother to ask about the Atari 7800. I got that back, along with I believe all of my original games both 7800 and 2600 and spent the weekend cleaning the games, the system and just having a blast playing some old favorites I used to play nearly 20 years prior. Well...it exploded from there and I've quite a collection these days although none of it is completed sets or even all CIB as most of my stuff is still mostly loose carts and manuals when I can find them along with systems and backup systems. I naturally discovered the hobby as well during this time in the early 2000s quickly becoming a member of the 2600nexus (Now of course known as AtariAge). I attended my first retro convention in 2002 at CGE in Vegas. Loved being with like minded people with a passion for video games both old (Retro) and new(modern). I then formed my own small convention here in the Oklahoma area and did so annually for the next 13 years. But during those 13 years, the hobby soon became something else. A business... a history and genre all its own. It became a bit more complicated than I thought it would ever be. Now we had new games being developed, but also discoveries of unreleased prototypes. But there was also political crap cropping up over the hobby that made it more... well..I will just say "Interesting". And soon, the Atari crowd had fallen to the side for the new Nintendo crowd of retro gaming and now..the 16-bit crowd. Because of this my small show began to loose its exhibitor base as we all moved, started new families, or perhaps burned out and lost interest all together? Some. swtiched from the old consoles...to retro and classic computers. As if my own history from the late 80s early 90s was coming back full circle or at least that is what I observed. But it just wasn't the same as it was 20 years ago... heck...it changed by 2010 honestly. So what does it mean to me now? Well, I still have a strong passion for these classic games of ours. I don't play them as often as I should as most of my attention is hardware focused. But I still purchase new homebrew releases for these retro systems and play them when I can. My collection is my personal museum of my childhood as I has always wanted it to be when I was a young kid being surround with games. I like that I can look at it...remember a fun time spent with that game, or looking for it during my very active collecting years. But I also really like being able to just pull one of these games out off my shelf, pop it into a waiting retro console and play an hour or two. That's all I really wanted it seems. I just wanted to be able to retreat to my "Library", pull out a good "Book", and experience a favorite "Chapter" or "Story" once again.
  14. Well I've pretty much lived in the same place my entire life. But in that time I've seen a few different chains of grocery stores come and go. When I was very young, we had a store called Sipes and my mother seemed to favor that store. It closed up and was turned into a May's Drugstore or something by the late 80s. But we also had a number of Safeway's. We also had Skagg's Alpha Beta along with GIANT and likely a few independants. Then in the 90s, this all began to change drastically! It started with all the Safeway's basically shuttering overnight. In their place opened up Homeland. I later found when working at Homeland, that it was in fact...Safeway but they changed their name as they felt Homeland fit this part of the world better or something. I just know my paychecks were on Safeway letterhead with the Safeway corporate offices listed on them. Skagg's changed their name to Skagg's Albertson, and then eventually to just Albertson's. GIANT and IGA disappeared completely from here and only existed in rural towns at that point. In their place we had the rise of Price Mart, Buy 4 Less, and the one independent in the area that was starting to expand a bunch...known as Reasor's Foods. Then by the late 90s and into the 2000s, all the Albertson's closed down and for a brief time became Food Pyramids. Reasor's eventually bought out and acquired all the Price Marts converting their stores into Reasor's and doubling their empire pretty much over night. Homeland which used to have about 40 stores in the area...completely disappeared and their buildings either being raised for different structures, or converted into Wal-Greens which was now on a huge rise. Today, we pretty much only have Reasor's (Still has the most grocery stores in the area), Wal-Mart super centers and their neighborhood markets, Super Targets, and... that is pretty much it. I'm sure we might have some smaller independents but they don't exist in the main city with the exception of Reasor's. My wife gets most of our stuff from the closest Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market but we try and get our meat from one of the local butchers. I've heard of Kroger, Publix, and others but those stores never existed that I can remember where I live and they certainly don't exist here currently. I was forgetting that we do have a few Aldi's that have sprung up but we don't personally shop them. We also have two Wholesale Food Markets but they are in the hipster part of the city so again...not our bag. We also have an independant that alongside Reasor's has been here a long time and used to have quite a few stores. They were called Warehouse Market and had been around since the 60s but as the last family member of the company decided it was time to move on, they were bought out and now known as Cox Savers. But most of them are on the other side of town and not near where I live so again for us it mainly the choice of the Super Target, Wal-Mart, or Reasor's. Reasor's is the nicest of the bunch but they are priced to match so we rarely go into the one just a mile up the road unless there is something we need and they are the only ones to carry it.
  15. most 4 port units required a factory mod to allow the VCS adapter to work on those older 5200 units. You can still purchase these in kit form from Console5 but again with 2600s all over the place and so many ways to play 2600 games, I've never wanted much less seen the need for the vcs adapter in my collection. Some later 4-port units and all the 2 port units should work as it with the VCS adapter. Later 4 ports that work with the adapter were stamped with an asterisk on the serial number sticker to indicate they had either been modded for the VCS adapter, or were using the newer mainboard revision to account for the VCS adapter. However, the units that weren't originally and were then sent back for the factory mod or had the modification applied by a local atari service center I don't believer were marked that they had been modified. So it isn't unusual to see posts at AtariAge where someone has taken the cover off their 5200 to adjust the pokey or color and freak out a big when they see these stray leads soldered to components going in under the shielding.
  16. I agree that is might be a bit too big. But I really really like the wedge look of the 5200. I still think it is one of the best looking consoles not just from Atari, but ever released. I also wish it were actually black and I tend to forget it isn't until I'm cleaning one up for a client and then with my overhead light I'm able to clearly see the brown coloring that the console actually is. The glow from the power LED is cool, but also a pain for those that might want a different color LED. The smoked plexi will obscure some colors. So I've found that UV LEDs just look blue and Yellow will just look white. So the only colors that work well are Red, Blue, White, and ...I think thats it because even Green ends up looking white through the plexi. I found all of this out when I tried to put a UV one in my 5200 years ago as most of my personal consoles all have UV LEDs in them but it just looked blue, so I just put a blue in it.
  17. I've seen this before but for me, I only had one friend who owned a C64 and that was back around '86 well after the crash. Even then, he and I still played on our 2600s more than on his C64. But he didn't have a modem for it so I'm sure his access to games with it was far more limited than some. But yeah, I honestly never even knew a crash occured when I was kid. I picked up my copy of Ms. Pac-man when it was new in like '83 at a TG&Y in the small town we lived in at the time. And they always had Atari games at full price. I didn't see cheap Atari games until the late 80s when I started to find some new in box games like Space Shuttle, Star Master, etc for like $5 at corner drug stores...yeah. But the revivial of the 2600 and release of the 7800 also meant that I saw quite a bit of Atari on store shelves then as well. So honestly I can't really recall a time when I couldn't still pick up new Atari games here where I lived. It wasn't until around '89 that I then began to notice a serious decline in games for sale. Course by then the Genesis and TG-16 were out and were the new Hot systems. That is also when I got my first IBM clone computer and for the next decade, I didn't even look at console games or systems. My point to all of this was that if piracy was so rampant, I never saw it where I lived or from any of my friends. We all had at least 20 or so games each and many of us didn't have the same games so we would borrow each others games for days at a time. Doing this was like never needing to purchase your own version of the game.
  18. Yes...both this and the VCS adapter are basically separate consoles inside a small box with only the power from the 5200 being used to run them. The video was still being generated from the onboard TIA inside the VCS adapter and I'm sure the same for the 7800 prototype as well. This is also why all the current AV mods for the 5200 kill the ability to use these adapters. The AV mods do NOT take into account the video signals from the VCS adapter and so you end up with a blank screen when trying to use one. I wonder how much the VCS adapter was original BITD. Be curious to know the cost of it vs just getting a 2600 you know? Because you still had to plug 2600 sticks to it and it didn't have a B/W - COLOR switch so some games wouldn't have been as playable through the adapter.
  19. Actually I think you have it backwards. The 7800 version has the hidden openings you can find by using grenades at the right spots and that takes you to underground sections to rescue POWs for bonus points. The original arcade game (Which I own) and the NES version do not have this. So in this instance, it is an added gameplay element not present in the other ports that I'm aware of. Having said that, I prefer the 7800 version of the game to all other ports I've played on home consoles. However, it can actually be a bit too easy because there are plenty of spots where you can safely stand and just keep taking out soldiers as they enter the screens and rack up unlimited points and extra lives in the process. As the game doesn't have a time limit to it, it makes it easy to spam this exploit.
  20. I'm woefully behind in replying to this. I didn't get my own Atari until Christmas of '82 but my friends down the street certainly had them and I would play on those all the time. Most of my friends had Pac-man but it wasn't played that much. I do remember us playing it sure but it wasn't played as much as Pitfall or even Combat was. Having said that, I also don't recall us ever talking about Pac-Man being a bad game or not looking like the arcade perfectly. Back then none of the ports really looked like the arcade (Space Invaders was probably the closest back then). So we just accepted it for what it was I guess? Now, I can tell you that once I got my Atari 2600, that Pac-Man was NEVER purchased until much much later when I got it used from a pawn shop in the late 80s for like $1 or something back then. Do I think it was part of the ruin of the game industry? No... it was pac-man and still had the same gameplay elements in it. And again we expected the games to not look exactly like the arcade because none of the ports did. I also do not believe E.T. brought down the industry. I think the general lack of quality control and soo many games (Many of which being clones or rips from other games already it seemed) had more to do with it than anything. And I know that most adults back then thought that video games were just a phase and lost interest. Also many kids grow up even today and what toys they had that were awesome yesterday...collect dust and do not get played with tomorrow. Curious if any demographics have been compared on the age groups playing Atari in the late 70s to early 80s and see if there might be a correlation to most of the gamers back then just growing out of it?
  21. Anyone test these WIP builds on a CRT yet? I saw Bob's comment where most games didn't use these modes because apparently they look horrid on CRTs and he was curious what this game looks like through a CRT. So it has me wondering if this new Pac-man Collection XM might be the first game designed around video mods for use on flat panel displays? I do have an old JVC that has composite and s-video on it that I might have to try and see how this looks on it. But was curious if anyone else had done that first.
  22. Ohh....Omega Race with Booster?! I'm interested...I naturally have the game but not the booster.
  23. ITC# 68 is public as of this morning. I'm very late getting a video out since the last one and this one features yet again the "Big Sexy" 5200. But I think the 5200 is a great console with a lot of good games for it and it is an oft misunderstood system. In this video I go through the troubleshooting I used to find out why my top fire buttons weren't working on a controller that seems to actually be fine from using a simple controller self test for the fire buttons. This might be a boring video to most since I break out the old BK 1474 scope on this one to look at some quick readings to help isolate the issue. But I had a lot of fun making this video and hope it can show you that it isn't always the controller to blame if something isn't working right with it. It could very well be that your 5200 itself isn't behaving properly. Enjoy!
  24. I published ITC#67 this morning and this video goes into detail the process to install what I would consider an essential upgrade/modification to the 4-port 5200 system, the RF power bypass kit from console5. As I'm sure most of you are aware, the earlier 4-port units used a unique for the time automatic RF switch box that also doubled as the power input source for the console. At the time this all-in-one cable solution Atari came up with for power and video was pretty cool! But..over the years, this is more of a hindrance since the switch box is unique to the 4-port units and they go back and become hard to find like anything else. This modification is relatively easy to do but some confusion can be had on where what components go where. Hopefully this video is helpful for those looking to do this mod themselves and make it all clear. Thank you for your time in watching!
  25. Probably another well known movie that she was in was Dark City. She has quite the filmography. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000124/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0#actress I believe she is Maverick's new love interest in the upcoming new Tom Gun sequel as well.
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