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  1. I never thought you guys would be asking to see my stroke play.
  2. DS9 was much better when I rewatched it a couple of years ago. I had always liked Voyager, but I was dumb and young. Upon watching it in full last year, I still liked it. But only because it was still a dumb sort of fun. ST:V really needed to stick to it's concept and stop pretending they were simply exploring most of the time. There are great episodes around though, and if you can be patient, they are worth the wait. ST:V is still leaps and bounds classier than STD though. I was really hoping it was cancelled after season 3, but it still looks like a 4 is on it's way. It's gross, but I have never seen all of the ToS episodes. I am slowly going through them with my son, so it is taking a while, but we just finished Season 2.
  3. Here it is. Damn, I got nearly double the score right before recording, ah well. C'est la vie. 46100 is the best I caught
  4. I got a 7800 emulator running on my Wii. I played a lot of Joust on my 2600. I have the Midway collection that has it on Gamecube and PS2. It's great to know that I suck at the 7800 version just as much as all the other ones.
  5. Thanks! But I'm good. I'll download something.
  6. I have a 7800 but only one game. You can guess which one. It isn't Joust. Sounds like I will have to find a way to emulate.
  7. No way! I don't think I dislike any game that crossed my path those days. Simply controlling something on TV was enough to excite me. The fact is, it may have been a weird and lesser conversion of the arcade, but it had everything that pac-man had pretty much. In the end, it's differences is what endears me to it to this day where more accurate version are forgotten. Plus, I LOVE the sounds in it!
  8. Man, I have been virtually with you through all the hard times. I'm so happy that you are in the place you are now!
  9. I think my rarest is Bumper Bash - cart only.
  10. These are called games. Games need some sort of win condition. Few games had ending, so scores were needed so you could compare your skills with others. I would love to see more games without score, but even E.T. had scores. Did Secret Quest? Did Haunted Mansion? It's an interesting thing to watch games in the NES era have scores even though no one cared anymore as it was about finishing the game rather than high scores. Relevance was somewhat had by earing lives or continues at certain milestones. For instance, who cares about their score in Super Mario Bros.3? Modern games have scores too, but they seem to be more win/death tallies. However, The Guitar Hero/Rock Band games are beautifully retro in nature both in gameplay and scoring!
  11. I have more fun with Atari 2600 sports games than modern sports sim games like madden and whatnot.
  12. I still want to wait to find this in a store. Picking this up in person would be much more exciting.
  13. I like these things, but I am not sure if I would like to play them in this form.
  14. I should check out hte NES game. I don't have it. I have the PS1 game however and should play that one more.
  15. Here is my entry. Not great, but still fun to get to. 47775
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