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  1. This is from my old house, so this pic is over 10 years old, but here it is. I built the cabinet and found a TV with super video input. I have it connected to a power outlet that turns on when it senses another machine turn on. And I have the computer inside (still running Windows 98!!!) run off that plug and set to turn on when a key is pressed. I bought the control panel from SlikStik. So when I press any button on the panel, the computer turns on which triggers the TV to come on. It's magic! I have a shortcut on my desktop to turn off the computer, so I track ball to that, double tap it and the whole thing shuts off. I love it. Just played it with a buddy last weekend while cranking 80s tunes and finishing off a bottle of Jack. Fun times.
  2. Alas no. Over the years I've lost my original files. And I'd hate to start from scratch. I worked on that beast whenever I was bored at work a few jobs ago. So it's dead, Jim.
  3. Hi, all! I'm an old timer. Got my first 2600 in 1978 or so. Still have a Woody, 1040ST, ColecoVision, INTV, and most newer systems. Even built a full MAME machine. But I guess my claim to fame is I'm the guy who made the Atari Manual Tome back in 2002. http://www.westg8.com/atari/
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