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  1. Thanks for the notice! Game looks snazzy. Definitely looking forward to more deets.
  2. Rad. I've actually never seen a pong console in real life, I don't think.
  3. I'm currently using a Sears 6-switch as my go-to console after almost exclusively using my 7800 as a 2600. Decided to switch to the 2600 for easier access to the switches and whatnot. I also have a Jr., but I've never had it hooked up. I'm really happy with my Sears; while I can't compare it with many other models hands-on, I enjoy the switches, both aesthetically and for having clearer difficulty labeling, and the RF output looks pretty nice to me. I may get my Jr. modded at some point, though, so it would take the spotlight then.
  4. Ha, glad y'all are continuing with this tradition. I've watched NSG open it on his channel a number of times, and it definitely seems like a fun idea. Keep on truckin'.
  5. Ha, such a lonely Lynx, man. I'm sure it's really exciting over there. Always a blast setting up a gaming area, even if it can be arduous, too. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!
  6. Thanks, dudes. I like the Tigervision carts. I'd like to snag some more, for sure, after doing research. I feel like at the very least I need to snag Jawbreaker soon; that red cart is baller, and the game actually looks like fun to me, too.
  7. Thanks for the input, guys! I went ahead and pulled the trigger today. Got it for $35 total.
  8. Ha, rad. Someone might be looking for those, man. I've never found anything cool inside console casings. Gunk and dust galore. Oh, and frustration! Because usually I've opened it up to try to fix a problem.
  9. Snazzy collection! And organization, too. Looks rad together like that. You're just reminding me of how lost I am with my own organization, ha. My Atari stuff is rapidly outgrowing the small bit of space it occupied previously on my shelf with most of my other cartridge-based games.
  10. Hey peeps, I'm usually a pretty savvy researcher when it comes to prices and whatnot, but my experience with Atari is more limited than with other systems, and I'm having trouble nailing down some solid data via normal channels. I have a chance to buy Miner 2049er Vol. II along with its manual, and I'm wondering what a good price is? It's the North American release, for sure, and the condition on both the cart and manual is pretty nice.
  11. Oh, snap! I didn't realize, ha. That's strange re: iTunes. Bummer that Apple bottlenecks your posting like that. No worries, though. Thanks for the heads up. Congrats on finishing the series, by the way!
  12. Thanks! And thanks to all the other folks who've posted since my initial thanks. Y'all are a warm bunch, for sure, and I'm glad to be here. My 7800 isn't anything too fancy. I bought it in a lot off eBay, unmodded, and immediately sent it to Retro Fixes (he has a website under the same name, but I knew about him from frequenting NintendoAge for the last few years). I highly recommend his work if anyone is looking for mods. He did a composite mod and changed the LED color to purple for me and even patched a hole in the casing free of charge!
  13. Hey, NSG, just wanted to say thanks for the quality podcasts, man. I've been listening to this series on my commute to work lately and am currently in the middle of episode 8. Looking forward to more!
  14. Mostly I was just trying to think of something random; then I googled the phrase, found that pic, and the rest is history, ha. Yes, most def. Pizza is a passion and is worth discussing.
  15. Sweet. I need to snag a copy before too long, along with the copy Khan Games recently dropped for the NES.
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