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  1. Adam is very funny. Like him on Mythbusters and his YouTube videos.
  2. Here is a New All Video. Updated to include a Muskie Attack segment and information about my channel. I am figuring out new things about YouTube and putting links to other videos at the end.
  3. Do you know when it will be ready? Do we know if a future version of 7800 Basic and Emulator will also support this. The way I might design any games that use anything with a passthrough, is they will still work without any extra device, just won't hear additional sounds in this case. That way people can still purchase and play the game.
  4. Maybe a future version of 7800 will support the YM2151. That is the 8 channel chip? Video 61 and I are always looking forward to provide more videos about what is happening with our game development. I just figured out how to customize my YouTube channel and is very easy once you figure all this stuff out. People can always subscribe to our channels and be notified when new content becomes available, even if we do not announce it on the forums and other social media right away. I sometimes will upload a video and let Video 61 and friends look it over before posting links to make sure everythin
  5. Another solution that has been tossed around for years was a pass through cartridge with a sound chip on it, but would have to be at a memory location that does not affect 48K, 128K, or larger. I elected not to support the XM for several reasons. One was many years passed and nothing came back from Curt about the progress of the XM, people were calling him out for being a scammer. It would had been a limited market in an already small market, so a game would need to be able to run without it. Plus Curt and I did not get along all that well. He blocked me from his Facebook group for no good rea
  6. I understand games with Pokey or other sound chip are nice, but will drive the price up on the cartridges. TIA is not an easy chip to program for. I see what the 2600 guys needs to deal with. I wonder if anyone tried to put another common sound chip in a 7800 cartridge like Yamaha or something.
  7. Here are the links to the updated videos. The original videos had an Audio issue and dropped several minutes into the video. So I re-edited the audio track and replaced the videos. I did not want anyone to believe there is a problem with the game itself. I had believing this several years ago on another popular Atari forum when members with malice intent and proclaimed games were buggy just from viewing these videos. However, I later discovered issues were coming from the processes of making the videos. Several things can go wrong with recording original footage, using codecs to compress a new
  8. Looks like a Pac-Man game that went crazy.
  9. Here is a video for everyone to enjoy. Comment and discussion here.
  10. Many people here porting or looking to port Basic program sources to Atari Fast Basic? I already done a few programs to bench mark and compare the speeds. So far, it looks like it runs code much faster and the compiled executables can be run from SpartaDOS and do not need the run time. I would like to do more. Get a larger library of samples out there for everyone to learn and enjoy. I am putting out a few free games and currently not intending to profit from them. https://github.com/peteym5/FastBasicPJM Personally I think it is a great language and providing something great to the Atari Co
  11. For the 7800 .BIN files that are 48K. Should they be split 16K + 32K or 32K + 16K for an EPROM burner?
  12. I am in the process of porting other games over to CC65 from Turbo Basic, Fast Basic, Basic XE. Something I did many older games is that I have many USR calls to machine language routins. Either copied from Compute! magazine or later I made some custom ML routines myself. One major difference is C ML calls do not use the 6502 stack like Basic does and it took me some time to figure it out going through pages and forum posts. CC65 puts values onto its own stack labels "sp". In Basic you Pull arguments passed to the ML from Basic like this.... PLA ;# of parameters, not needed in Fast
  13. Wasn't removing yellowing from plastic something simple like soaking in baking soda and water for several hours. I am sure modern pool/billiards balls are all acrylic (imitation ivory) and cannot use natural ivory because of the band on elephant hunting. . But may need to measure diameters before you go and order them from eBay or another website.
  14. I am the Alpha and Omega on cartridge.
  15. I was laughing when Johnny tried to sell the "Nintendo" at the Pawn shop, which was an Atari 2600.
  16. Was there some issue with the recording here where it only recorded alternating frames. This happened to me with certain screen recording software.
  17. I believe I found a solution. In the MAME documentation, I found a command line mention "-mouse", default is "-nomouse". A7800 emulator by default turns on mouse capture. Adding "-nomouse" after "-debug" disables the mouse capture and allows the mouse pointer move between the emulator and debug windows. Very useful.
  18. A7800 Emulator Debug Question. Is there a way to disable the internal mouse pointer capture when using debug mode. When I use it, the mouse pointer disappears or cannot move outside the emulator window and cannot move over the the debug windows. I need to ALT-TAB to switch to another application that may be taking up the whole screen or displaying over the emulator window. There is no option labeled "capture mouse" in any of the option screens. This is a serious issue that needs to be fixed A7800 Debug environment. Nothing in any of the documentation, web pages, or anything posted on that othe
  19. I know a large number of people already purchased Delta Space Arena and Megaoids on cartridge. There were actually two releases of Delta Space Arena, second version supported different controllers and added some background music. I am considering another version of these games with support for two play Co-Op or Verses play. But before I decide to go forward. I need to know if there is any interest. Like each of my games, I kept the original source code. Just in case I need to modify something into a new different game.
  20. It is great that someone is doing this. I found many of the comments on these patches amusing. Perhaps we should consider something for our games.
  21. Here is the Latest Work-in-Progress video for Ice Cream Ike. I recorded some video game footage this morning of various features in the game. I am currently working with Lance on the labeling and manuals that will be shipped with the game.
  22. Much of it depends on the quality of the original film or negatives. If those are lost, and only surviving version is film or video tape version, it is lost. It may be possible to enhance the video recording frame by fame to enhance the quality using software. There probably is no way to eliminate scan lines with video, or get away from pixels with digital video. It is better to make pixels and scan lines smaller than what people can perceive.
  23. If you wonder how a movie going all the way back to when humans starting making movies, and it looks like it was filmed with a modern digital camera. There is a reason for that, it is called FILM. It is a chemical analog process that uses light, putting the images onto this paper thin stuff. I came across this video that explains how it works. Shows how stuff recorded onto Video Tape cannot be transferred to modern digital media and expect great results.
  24. I have replace a prior statement to avoid any issues between Atari.IO and the other Atari forum website. There is no need to bring any issues here or to other social media that I am using.
  25. We are proud that Putt 18 has received a positive response from the Atari community. I worked with Video 61 and other team members to make sure this and other games are working properly before being released on cartridge.
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