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  1. I think that I might have seen one, but I don't remember. It looks familiar. But, I am not so sure.
  2. BlackCatz40

    ROMs -n-such(JEP#4)

    Sure. Make it more user-friendly. That would make more sense. The third-party developers you mentioned to sign on would have made it a great force to be reckoned with. It needed top billing. Thanks.
  3. BlackCatz40

    Atari ST Disk Imaging Tutorial

    Thanks for telling us this tutorial. Now, if I can, I can create my own floppy disks with titles on them.
  4. BlackCatz40

    ROMs -n-such(JEP#4)

    If I were in Jack Tramiel's shoes, here is what I would have done. I would have added 4 MB more RAM in the Jag. I would develop the software only on Atari and similar RISC-based computers, and more of the software titles for the Jaguar would have been produced. I would have used a killer marketing blitz, and since I am a graphic artist I might have done well. I would have released Black Ice/White Noise with the Nine Inch Nails soundtrack, and I would have made it easier to port ST and Falcon titles over to the Jaguar. That alone would have possibly produced over 300 titles for the Jaguar right away. Also, I would have released the MPEG decoder cartridge, fully completed, for the CD unit so it could play VCDs and other movie discs with MPEG-encoded software. Actually, I would have released the CD unit with a built-in decoder for MPEG compression. Atari had made many blunders, and these actions would have corrected them, IMHO. Well, most of them anyway. But, I could be 180º off on that as well. But, it would have been a better system if these actions were implemented. Also, I would shoot for more developers to be in the know on how to program this beast, which would make a lot of sense since it needed more developers to make games for it. This is a RISC-based system with five RISC processors in it. That is why the Jaguar can be hard to program for. But, hopefully, for home-brewers anyway, languages like Raptor BASIC+ will make it easier than ever before to make games. I would not mind learning it myself and working on my own games for it. But, I need to learn the language anyway, so it is wishful thinking.