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  1. I forgot about Half-Blood Prince. Cool. :O)
  2. I believe the sixth book is "Deathly Hallows," isn't it?
  3. I am practicing myself. My highest unofficial score is 1,800 points. It is VERY difficult and challenging. :O)
  4. Speaking of virtual visits, I have one with my doctor tomorrow morning. I have an audiobook on CD by author Brene Brown. It is about embracing imperfection. She is also a therapist, I think. I wanted to see what it was like, so I bought it from Amazon. Interesting book, by the way. :O)
  5. We in Minnesota have about 38,000 confirmed cases so far, but maybe 1,500 deaths, I believe. I know that sounds morbid, but I see that also as hopeful because that means most people are recovering. So, I am not trying to purvey panic here, but optimism. My neighbor had the coronavirus, and he spent two weeks in hospital, but has somewhat recovered since then. He is doing much better. This, of which, I am glad of. Since I don't know him very well, I was never around him, so I distanced socially anyway. But, it is good here. We are all healthy and all the wiser at that. :O)
  6. Hey, guys, I'm hanging in there. We are under a heat advisory here in the Twin Cities Metro Area in Minnesota today. It is 87º F, but feels like 91º F. The humidity is up a little. So, I am at my computer in the basement, where it's cool. Cool it is, as well. I'm not breaking a sweat anymore. I perspire right away when I go outside. We are OK here. COVID-19 was concerning me a lot before, but I have not been sick with anything all year. Strangely enough. Proper hygiene helps. I always wash my hands for twenty seconds in a rich lather of Kirk's Castile Soap. It is a little expensive for soap, but it's worth the cost at about $4.00 a three-pack. I have been taking very good care of myself all year. I only go out when I need to, and then with a mask. It helps a lot. But, I am having a decent time, otherwise. I have been playing my video games, and trying to get a decent score with the Squad Challenge for Alex Kidd in Miracle World. So for, being it is a difficult game, I only scored at best 1,800 points. It is a challenge. For sure. But, as I stated, all is good. We are fine here and no one has been sick, which is a good thing. Thanks for letting me share. :O)
  7. The NES version is OK, but seems a bit dazed and confused when compared to the A7800 version. Also, The NES version has flicker and is choppier than the A7800 version. I think that the A7800 version is the closest to the arcade experience when compared to other home system versions. The ST has great graphics and layout, but the music and SFX suffer a little.
  8. Yeah. the A7800 version is graphically more pleasing and faster.
  9. This is true. The A7800 outdoes the XE here. For sure! :O)
  10. I have a way to make disposable razors last longer. I have a razor sharpener called Hone Alone. It can make a disposable razor last five to seven times longer than normal. It is made entirely in the United States and can be found here: madeinusaforver.com Todd Lipscomb is a businessman that owns the place. It is based in California. Great guy. You can get information about it there. Sorry if it seems like a solicitation, but the items he sells are so good. Thanks for letting me share. :O)
  11. Yes. It sure can be. I lived in Indiana for two years, so I know. So close to Illinois.
  12. Gyruss for the A2600 is one game that I do not have yet, unfortunately. I am sure that I can get it in the future, and I have it for the A5200. I would welcome Gyruss to my A2600 collection. It would be well taken care of. :O)
  13. Lately, in Minnesota, it has been in the upper 80s to low or middle 90s. Summers are hot in Minnesota. I know. I have lived most of my life in Minnesota. But, you're right. It's bitter cold in the wintertime. Sometimes, it gets to almost -30º F. One winter, in Faribault, MN, it was -59º F. Once, in Moorhead, MN, it got to 114º F. Those temperature extremes were the highest and lowest ever recorded in the State of Minnesota.
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