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  1. It is a marked improvement from its pre-restoration state. Looking spiffy!
  2. I have "Tunnel Runner" for the A2600. Unfortunately, I need it for my collection. I bought it one time when I was living with my folks a few years back. Fun game. Very detailed for an A2600 game. I like it.
  3. Keep up the good work, Jinroh. I would love to see your completed product soon. I know it is time-consuming and you are a busy guy. It is shaping up to be a great game, as I said before. Thanks.
  4. Holy-moley. Sorry about the loss, man. I hope that you can get the insurance claim, like TrekMD says. My sympathies.
  5. LOL! I think that you hit the nail on the head there.
  6. For me? "Crystal Castles." It involves someone different (Bentley Bear), trying to face his darkest fears (Berthilda the Witch and her evil cronies), and triumph over adversity (getting out alive). It also involves finding fortune (collecting the gems in all 37 castles). It suits me to a T. I have been faced with that stuff all of my life. I think I just made a great analogy. Thanks. 🤣
  7. By the way, Jinroh, I personally messaged you about some questions concerning programming. I thought that it would be more appropriate to ask there. Please feel free to message me anytime. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the offer, Jinroh. If I have any questions at all, I will shoot them off to you. Thanks again.
  9. Oh. I have that book. It is in Kindle format on my iMac. I have been reading it a little. Steven Hugg has got it down. It is thorough, and I have books on BASIC as well for the Atari 8-bit. I do admit, assembly for me is a learning curve, but I think that someday I can master it. Keep up the good work, Jinroh. It will sell, I am sure.
  10. I have a question, Jinroh. Is this game programmed in assembly, Batari BASIC, or something else? I am curious because I would like to learn assembly and possibly Batari BASIC for video game design in the future. It is not a pressing need, because I am an artist myself and that satisfies me a lot already. But, I would like to learn the rudiments of assembly code for most Atari systems. I know that it is difficult, but I am curious. I had always heard that one needs to know BASIC before assembly could be understood. It helps, anyway. It is also not a pressing need because I do not understand all the opcodes, mnemonics, or even the computer math yet. I can use a hex editor, and have, but only for rudimentary things.
  11. Yeah. I have tried to use the SG controllers on the classic Imagic game "Moonsweeper" for the A2600. The SG controller works without modification on the game. That is because they can utilize the same connection on the A2600 as the Genesis. That is because the Genesis is based on an Atari ST computer. It is the same layout on the motherboard, with modifications. Interesting information.
  12. Splendid. It is shaping up to be a great game. It is difficult, too. I have a hard time accurately shooting the creatures in the demo I downloaded. Very nice.
  13. Love the posters! You can recognize all the games that they represent. Way cool!
  14. That's true. Stuff can be bought cheap there. I once saw an Atari Jaguar recently on there for $275.00. That is cheap for a Jaguar.
  15. I gave up Facebook, too. Too much drama and politics. I am with you on that one.
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