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  1. Got the package today, SS. Thanks for everything! It is a dream come true. :)
  2. No worries about fur in the box. I know the pup can't help it. Probably shedding his or her winter coat. Thanks for everything, SS. Appreciated, as always.
  3. Cool. I hope that it all works out for you with the collection.
  4. Cool! Can it be modified for faster load times with other PS2 discs? I assume yes.
  5. Cool find. I used to have an original design PS2, but someone stole it. That is one reason why I stayed Atari in my collection. But, I had been collecting over 300 Atari games across all Atari platforms and computers since 1982 anyway. Say, did Sony ever market hard drives for the PS2? i had heard that they were thinking about it. It certainly could make games load faster. Would you not think? My brother has a PS2 Silm Black somewhere in his house. I liked it. Thanks for letting me share.
  6. Cool! How does the modified NES controller work?
  7. I recently bought that book as a digital copy on Amazon. I had a gift card to redeem, so I did. Interesting stuff in it. I like Atari because they were one of the first game companies. It was pioneering at the time. Atari is synonymous with video gaming. I have been collecting Atari games for almost forty years, since 1982. They are fun, challenging, and imaginative. I love my collection as well. There are over 300 games in it, almost all Atari.
  8. I just PM'ed you, SS, with my address. Thanks a lot for your generosity.
  9. Sorry, SS. I would have retrieved the SwordQuests, but I already have them. I am glad that a lot of the draft was so successful in finding new places for these games. Thanks again.
  10. I will take the Web Browser disc for the Dreamcast, and Street Racer for the A2600. For my second pick, I will take RS Football and Star Raiders, again for the A2600. This completes my quota. Thanks for the fair game. In a private message to you, SS, I will give you my address to send it. I will do that within a couple of days. Thanks again and it was fun.
  11. Happy B-Day, SS. Did not know it was that time of the year for you. Congrats.
  12. For my two picks, I want RS Soccer and RS Tennis, as well as International Soccer and Human Cannonball, all for the A2600. Thanks.
  13. Agreed! It is a lot of fun for sure.
  14. I would also then take Championship Soccer for A2600 and Sneak King for the XBOX 360. There. Those are my two picks.
  15. I would like to pick Othello and Mario Bros. They are both for the A2600. Let me think about my next pick for a few minutes. Thanks.
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