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  1. In Minnesota, right in my neck of the woods, it is currently clear and 14ºF. It is supposed to get colder as the days trudge on. It feels like 4ºF. It could get to -3ºF in temperature. Since we do not utilize the metric system much in the US, I do not know the conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius off-hand. We are so used to the Fahrenheit scale for temperature measurement here, as you all know. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. I will look into it. It looks nice. It needs a little cleaning, like you said, but it should be fully functional.
  3. How much is the S&H for the Wico joystick? After all, "your stick-o won't go whacko when it's a Wico (I remember their original slogan from the 1980s TV commercial)!" XD
  4. Has anyone tried "Crystal Castles" for the XE? It is fairly close to the arcade version in level layout. It is a classic game and one of my favorites in the arcade world. Maybe.
  5. Now, that makes sense. Or, upgrade the GPU of the card with the RAM. I guess cost, but I am not so sure. Good idea, though.
  6. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2020. Great screenshot, by the way, Kamakazi.
  7. Or…, was it made by the Japanese? The company say that their location was in Walnut, California. Impressive.
  8. Interesting. I never knew that the Japanese made that. Nice find. I hope that you are able to sell it then. It should be quite a collector's item.
  9. Looking pretty good from the vids, Lance. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Cool find, Justin. I wish I had some prototypes in my Atari collection. Nice!
  11. BlackCatz40

    eBay Finds

    I once got "Snoopy and the Red Baron" for the A2600 on eBay. It unfortunately was stolen. But, fortunately, I got another copy from V61. It is the only game I had three times, and twice it was stolen. IIRC, I lost it twice. So, call me fortunate there. I still have the third copy. I also received "Pigs in Space" from eBay. I still have that one as well, ActiPlaque and all. Thanks for letting me share.
  12. On Halloween 1991, we received over two feet of snow in one day. It blocked the roads and no one could go anywhere. It is known here in Minnesota as the "Halloween Megastorm." People died from shoveling snow due to heart attacks. At least, IIRC. It was one really bad snowstorm, that was for sure. I was stranded in Minneapolis that day. I wanted to see my folks in Saint Paul, but could not do it. Obvious reasons.
  13. Well, unfortunately, I could not dress up last night. But, I watched "Stranger Things" yesterday on Netflix with my girlfriend, who just moved in with me. She move in yesterday of all days. It was fun. Also, I played "Dragon's Lair" on my Jaguar CD, just as I said I would. Although I did not get very far in it, I enjoyed it. I have not played the game in a while. I have finished the game before and rescued Princess Daphne, but it has been years since then. I am pleased that my Jaguar CD works so well. I think that "Dragon's Lair" would be a great game to play for the Halloween season. It is about a haunted castle, after all. Thanks for letting me share.
  14. I bought a SuperCharger from V61 back in the day. Back then, it was about $29.95, I believe. That was about twenty years ago. I still have it and it works beautifully. I would like to get a Harmony cartridge as well, but it is too cost-prohibitive for me at this time. Maybe, I will do that in the future, but I am pleased with the SuperCharger and the fact that I have the Stella Gets a New Brain CD. If you can find a copy of that CD and a SuperCharger, I would say get it. Otherwise, you could try to get the ROMs converted to Harmony-compatible binaries. But, I would still love to play my CD on the original hardware, because I can. Thanks for letting me share.
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