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  1. I don't know. But, if you look at the Jaguar Gamer's Guide, if you can find one, every planetary system has a password. if I remember correctly, they are numerical passwords that can be entered using the keypad. I have not played it in a while, but I think that it is like that. Thanks for letting me share.
  2. Interesting stuff. I will keep checking in here. Thanks. 🙂
  3. Jennifer Connelly is also in the movie "Phenomena." It is like a horror-suspense movie.
  4. My three favorite all-time Atari arcade games are: 1. Crystal Castles (first and foremost) 2. Marble Madness (a close second) 3. Food Fight (still very good and harder with the arcade controller) I always loved Crystal Castles because it is different. It is like 3D Pac-Man, only with competition. It has a mascot (Bentley Bear), and it is challenging. I never beat the game, but came close a couple of times to Level 10 (THE END). I always wanted to beat that game. It's really fun.
  5. When I lived in Indiana for two years, we went to Tysen's (a local IGA), Jewel, and Meijer. We even went to Sam's Club for a while. My girlfriend's parents had a membership there, and we were guests. That was around 2004-06. But, I am glad I am back in Minnesota. It has better fishing up here.
  6. When I lived in Saint Paul, MN, we shopped at a chain called Country Club. It lasted only until the 1980s or 1990s. Then, they folded. There was another chain called Applebaum. It later became Rainbow Foods. Then, Robert Mariano got a hold of it and ran it to the ground. He owned Roundy's in Wisconsin. They used to double and quadruple the amount of coupons you had to get even better deals on sales. Actually, when Mariano closed Rainbow, it was still profitable. Imagine that. Stupid financial move, IMHO.
  7. Fright Night is another one, with Christopher Sarandon as the vampire, Susan Sarandon's ex-husband. I think that came out in 1988.
  8. Jennifer Connelly is the teen girl in Labyrinth.
  9. Legend with Tom Cruise. One not mentioned yet.
  10. My collection keeps me occupied, too.
  11. Everything is closed in Minnesota, it seems. Minnesota Governor Timothy Walz is putting everything on notice. School, restaurants, gatherings, et cetera. No gatherings with more than 10 or 50 people. State guidelines. At least, until the pandemic ends.
  12. Emulation is easier, but it needs to advance. It is slower than actual hardware, but can still be convenient especially if you cannot afford the original hardware. Even of it is too hard to find anymore. I still believe in real hardware, but what can anyone do? I think that, to preserve the old stuff, emulation is cool. But, we should get resources together to reverse-engineer the old stuff and try to reproduce it as close as possible without emulation. Then, we can really advance in technology in the long run, and possibly be able to repair the older stuff much more easily. It can even help with backwards-compatibility on newer systems if the older stuff is applied the best way. Emulation works, but real hardware can as well. So, try to have a bit of both. Please everybody and be the best of both worlds. That might work for now. Like I said, I love MAME, MESS, and OpenEMU, but the real stuff does run better. Not an argument, really, but a compromise. Thanks.
  13. Right-click where it says 499 Items on the PDF option on the web page. You will be able to download all as a ZIP, or right-click on PDF on Firefox. It should give you the option to download as a ZIP as well. Be warned: it is 1.3 GB in size. If you have a fast Internet connection, and I assume that you do, it will download in 10-20 minutes. Thanks.
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