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  1. I would like to pick Othello and Mario Bros. They are both for the A2600. Let me think about my next pick for a few minutes. Thanks.
  2. Good job, RickR, reconditioning the joypad controller. I should see what is going on with mine, if it needs it.
  3. Yeah. I forgot about that. That makes things easier for sure. I just unscrewed it myself as a test.
  4. I use one at home. It is a good controller, but if you use the pad and not just the joystick part of it, it might be more accurate. I have to see if it needs reconditioning, though. It does not respond as well on a game I am testing with it. I do not think that there is anything wrong with it. But, it may need some diagnostics. I wonder if there are better builds of the European joypads, like with better electronics in them recently. Like a mod, I mean. It might breathe new life in these pads and they might be better with more responsive control.
  5. OK! I took less time than expected. For my next pick, I will take "Miniature Golf" and "Trick Shot," both for the A2600.
  6. Then I will take, for my pick, "GIJoe: Cobra Strike" and "The Activision Decathlon," for the A2600. Let me decide on the next pick in a few minutes. Thanks.
  7. That is what I thought. That is actually a cool way of doing it. That way, everybody gets a chance in the rounds.
  8. Do I pick something yet? Or, do I wait my turn until it comes up? I am twelfth pick right now. Just curious.
  9. That's mint! Love it. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Oh! OK. I understand now, SInce I am in, we choose according to who is ahead of us and they decide first. I get it now. Sorry, I had a brain freeze.
  11. Oh, OK. Count me in then. Do I have to decide now what to choose?
  12. Let me see… Please, feel free to elaborate more on this. I am interested. But, I do not fully understand this. Are you talking about drafting people or games and game systems? I see games I would like for the A2600, but I do not know. Forgive my naivete, but I never have done anything like this before. So, I feel like I am a novice here. Sorry. But, please, tell me more. Also, do I have to give something in return? You talk about the Extra Life fundraiser, and I am game on that, but I guess I am a little lost here. Thanks.
  13. Sad, sad day in the Star Wars Universe. I did not think that he would die so soon. Bummer.
  14. I got the same e-mail. The Intellivision Amico should be a contender. It has money in behind it, that is for sure. I think that it will do well.
  15. That was what I initially thought as well. It has the 8-bit graphics capability, so I assumed that.
  16. Well, then, that makes more sense. Since the Z80 is part of the Genesis motherboard, I can see that happening. Pretty ingenious.
  17. I always was under the impression that the Power Base was a miniaturized SMS designed to run off the Genesis power supply. From what you are saying, that may not be the case. It must have been just enough circuitry to run piggyback with the Genesis for backwards compatibility. Interesting design. Quite innovative, actually.
  18. I had a Sega Master System about ten years ago with thirty-five games for it. I gave it away along with my ColecoVision collection to concentrate strictly on Atari games in my collection. The Sega even had a pair of 3D glasses. I used to play Maze Hunter 3D, Zaxxon 3D, and Missile Defense 3D. I even had Space Harrier 3D. Sorry, no more of that unfortunately. But, I do have over 300 games in my total Atari collection, for all five game systems and the computers. Kamakazi, if I still had it, I would have probably given it to you. It was a cherished part of my collection at one time, and I loved the SMS. I still do, by the way. I once had a Power Base for the Genesis myself, but it got worn out over time.
  19. Me, too. It has the display of how many ROMs are stored in it. That is actually a good rule of thumb. I like that feature. :)
  20. That is a cool item. Is it just as good as the SD cartridge that SainT makes from RetroHQ? I assume it is basically the same, isn't it?
  21. That's true. I have one original Pro Controller. It actually did cost me over $100.00 to purchase. It was new in the box when I purchased it as well. It was a nice find.
  22. I have seen this game before. Pretty cool.
  23. Interesting development. Then, it should no longer be called XBOX Live. It is more than on one system now. I am sure that they will think of something.
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