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  1. When I saw WMCJ on a YouTube video for the first time, I was not so impressed. That was until I bought it. Sure, your players get knocked down so easily all of the time, and that bores me,  it does seem at times very intuitive to play to a certain degree. That is, at least if you select an easier difficulty level. I agree that it is so bad it is good. At least, it isn't horrible. But, it could be better. I do enjoy the Team Tap, though. That thing is mint. I wish I could get another one for potential eight-player gameplay, but I do not think that there is a Jaguar game that is eight-player. However, I can't remember if there was anyway. Whatever, that's irrelevant. I have NBA Jam: TE also, but never played it at this writing yet. However, I do plan to. I can share my feelings on that later.



  2. Yes. I have heard of Carl Forhan and Songbird Productions. He is based in Rochester, Minnesota, approximately 100 miles from where I live. He has done impressive work, especially with "Robinson's Requiem." I really wish, but no one would know where to begin on it, someone could complete "Black ICE/White Noise." Unfortunately, no one knows really where the original source code or master video sources in standard definition are. For all we know, they could have been lost forever. Some mook from Atari could have carelessly thrown them away! Anyway, one can dream. I am glad that we have what we have acquired so far for the Atari Jaguar, CDs and cartridges alike. I think that the Jaguar was underrated and, of course, under-marketed. Ah, what could have been…


    Thanks for letting me share.

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