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  1. Yup. That about sums it up. XD
  2. Well, then, what of Star Wars Arcade? It was released for the A2600 as well. Great game, too. I think that it was going to be released for the A5200 as well, as I had seen pics of that version when I was a kid. Great graphics on the A52 as well.
  3. This is just a thought, I don't know. What about "Moonsweeper," for the A2600? It is an early 3D shooter with great perspective. I got it recently from one of the people from Atari.io (I had it once before, but it got stolen or lost). That is a really cool game. It is from 1982, and at the game over screen, it plays "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" when you are dead. Aside from that, it is pretty fun. Imagic created it. Great programmers from that era.
  4. In Minnesota, right in my neck of the woods, it is currently clear and 14ºF. It is supposed to get colder as the days trudge on. It feels like 4ºF. It could get to -3ºF in temperature. Since we do not utilize the metric system much in the US, I do not know the conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius off-hand. We are so used to the Fahrenheit scale for temperature measurement here, as you all know. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. I will look into it. It looks nice. It needs a little cleaning, like you said, but it should be fully functional.
  6. How much is the S&H for the Wico joystick? After all, "your stick-o won't go whacko when it's a Wico (I remember their original slogan from the 1980s TV commercial)!" XD
  7. Has anyone tried "Crystal Castles" for the XE? It is fairly close to the arcade version in level layout. It is a classic game and one of my favorites in the arcade world. Maybe.
  8. Now, that makes sense. Or, upgrade the GPU of the card with the RAM. I guess cost, but I am not so sure. Good idea, though.
  9. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2020. Great screenshot, by the way, Kamakazi.
  10. Or…, was it made by the Japanese? The company say that their location was in Walnut, California. Impressive.
  11. Interesting. I never knew that the Japanese made that. Nice find. I hope that you are able to sell it then. It should be quite a collector's item.
  12. Looking pretty good from the vids, Lance. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Cool find, Justin. I wish I had some prototypes in my Atari collection. Nice!
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