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  1. That's true. I have one original Pro Controller. It actually did cost me over $100.00 to purchase. It was new in the box when I purchased it as well. It was a nice find.
  2. I have seen this game before. Pretty cool.
  3. Interesting development. Then, it should no longer be called XBOX Live. It is more than on one system now. I am sure that they will think of something.
  4. Agreed. Great job, Lance, and everybody on the V61 team.
  5. I think that Fatal Run should have been full-blown RoadBlasters. RoadBlasters was well known in the arcades and I love it in the arcades. The A7800 would have probably had quite enough horsepower to create a decent 8-bit port that would have blown the NES version away. It was not meant to be, I guess. Fatal Run, to me, was more a road quest game. You had an agenda, you had a mission to save people, it sounds like a quest to me. I don't see Fatal Run as arcade-like, but I did like it to a degree. I have Fatal Run for the A7800 and RoadBlasters for the Lynx. Even the Lynx version of RoadBlasters is very well done. For as small as the game is for the Lynx, it is very close to the arcade version. The A7800 is a great and advanced system for an 8-bit CPU. It could handle it. I just do not understand why it was scaled down so much. Cost, I guess. The management at Atari at the time loved cutting corners for cost. Thanks for letting me share.
  6. If you get a chance to play it, it is actually quite impressive. The graphics and game play are top-notch for a handheld game system of the 1990s. I have played it on and off for two years, and I still have to find and beat the Criminal Brain. It is a maze that you have to figure out on our own. I want to map it, so I can figure it out. That way, I know where everything is. That makes it even more fun, for me anyway.
  7. I think that I might have seen one, but I don't remember. It looks familiar. But, I am not so sure.
  8. Sure. Make it more user-friendly. That would make more sense. The third-party developers you mentioned to sign on would have made it a great force to be reckoned with. It needed top billing. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for telling us this tutorial. Now, if I can, I can create my own floppy disks with titles on them.
  10. If I were in Jack Tramiel's shoes, here is what I would have done. I would have added 4 MB more RAM in the Jag. I would develop the software only on Atari and similar RISC-based computers, and more of the software titles for the Jaguar would have been produced. I would have used a killer marketing blitz, and since I am a graphic artist I might have done well. I would have released Black Ice/White Noise with the Nine Inch Nails soundtrack, and I would have made it easier to port ST and Falcon titles over to the Jaguar. That alone would have possibly produced over 300 titles for the Jaguar right away. Also, I would have released the MPEG decoder cartridge, fully completed, for the CD unit so it could play VCDs and other movie discs with MPEG-encoded software. Actually, I would have released the CD unit with a built-in decoder for MPEG compression. Atari had made many blunders, and these actions would have corrected them, IMHO. Well, most of them anyway. But, I could be 180º off on that as well. But, it would have been a better system if these actions were implemented. Also, I would shoot for more developers to be in the know on how to program this beast, which would make a lot of sense since it needed more developers to make games for it. This is a RISC-based system with five RISC processors in it. That is why the Jaguar can be hard to program for. But, hopefully, for home-brewers anyway, languages like Raptor BASIC+ will make it easier than ever before to make games. I would not mind learning it myself and working on my own games for it. But, I need to learn the language anyway, so it is wishful thinking.
  11. I have been wondering about that XM add-on. Curt Vendel was supposed to come out with it years ago. I know he has been sick, but come on. It would help if he made some headway on the project.
  12. It looks more like arcade Zaxxon than the original A2600 port of Zaxxon did. I like it. Thanks.
  13. Taz Atari 2600 Difficulty: Default High Score: 388,500 December 17th, 2015
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