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  1. Cool find. I used to have an Atari 1040STE computer with 4 MB of RAM. I now have an Atari MegaSTE that I traded the 1040STE for. It needs a new hard drive, but that is it. It also needs a graphics card, but I do not know where to find a VME graphics card. I also want to get a CosmosEX floppy drive emulator for it as well. Lots of money for the upgrades, for sure. It is money I do not have yet. It can get expensive, for sure.
  2. You are welcome. Happy to oblige.
  3. Also, one more thing, it may be that there is a solder connection in the EPROM board that may need attention. That would be a possibility. It might not be making a complete circuit. I am just guessing, but I cannot be sure. It could be anything. But, these are possibilities anyway.
  4. Do you think that the cartridge might need its leads cleaned? It might not be getting a full video signal because of that. Try cleaning them and see what happens. You might want to consider cleaning the A2600 cartridge port as well. That might help. Also, as a precaution, check your connections to the TV as well.
  5. That was that way for me, too. I saw the arcade after the A2600 version was released.
  6. I have always loved "Asteroids." I remember playing the game as a kid in the 1980s. Sometimes, I would get over 35,000 points. Maybe over 70,000 points, if I am not mistaken. Great game. Certainly a classic, but it is great nonetheless. NOTE: By the way, I am the kind of person that loves getting a high score in a classic game over unlocking great achievements in a modern game with DLC. It just makes for great goal setting that way. The modern games, although still good, kind of take that away from the goal. Some do not even have a score anymore. I can understand that with JRPGs, but it can be less fun sometimes to me anyway. When I was a kid, high scores were the thing. Same with a lot of you guys, I am sure. I loved those days.
  7. It is the boys' room from the show. I remember it from that.
  8. It looks like a bedroom from "The Brady Bunch." It looks like the Brady boys' room.
  9. Got the package today, SS. Thanks for everything! It is a dream come true. :)
  10. No worries about fur in the box. I know the pup can't help it. Probably shedding his or her winter coat. Thanks for everything, SS. Appreciated, as always.
  11. Cool. I hope that it all works out for you with the collection.
  12. Cool! Can it be modified for faster load times with other PS2 discs? I assume yes.
  13. Cool find. I used to have an original design PS2, but someone stole it. That is one reason why I stayed Atari in my collection. But, I had been collecting over 300 Atari games across all Atari platforms and computers since 1982 anyway. Say, did Sony ever market hard drives for the PS2? i had heard that they were thinking about it. It certainly could make games load faster. Would you not think? My brother has a PS2 Silm Black somewhere in his house. I liked it. Thanks for letting me share.
  14. Cool! How does the modified NES controller work?
  15. I recently bought that book as a digital copy on Amazon. I had a gift card to redeem, so I did. Interesting stuff in it. I like Atari because they were one of the first game companies. It was pioneering at the time. Atari is synonymous with video gaming. I have been collecting Atari games for almost forty years, since 1982. They are fun, challenging, and imaginative. I love my collection as well. There are over 300 games in it, almost all Atari.
  16. I just PM'ed you, SS, with my address. Thanks a lot for your generosity.
  17. Sorry, SS. I would have retrieved the SwordQuests, but I already have them. I am glad that a lot of the draft was so successful in finding new places for these games. Thanks again.
  18. I will take the Web Browser disc for the Dreamcast, and Street Racer for the A2600. For my second pick, I will take RS Football and Star Raiders, again for the A2600. This completes my quota. Thanks for the fair game. In a private message to you, SS, I will give you my address to send it. I will do that within a couple of days. Thanks again and it was fun.
  19. Happy B-Day, SS. Did not know it was that time of the year for you. Congrats.
  20. For my two picks, I want RS Soccer and RS Tennis, as well as International Soccer and Human Cannonball, all for the A2600. Thanks.
  21. Agreed! It is a lot of fun for sure.
  22. I would also then take Championship Soccer for A2600 and Sneak King for the XBOX 360. There. Those are my two picks.
  23. I would like to pick Othello and Mario Bros. They are both for the A2600. Let me think about my next pick for a few minutes. Thanks.
  24. Good job, RickR, reconditioning the joypad controller. I should see what is going on with mine, if it needs it.
  25. Yeah. I forgot about that. That makes things easier for sure. I just unscrewed it myself as a test.
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