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  1. It's not you. Atari games are randomized every time that they turn on. They never play the same way twice. :O)
  2. Man, that is a bummer. Well, here's to hoping that everything gets worked out. Thanks for the link. :O)
  3. That is a good sign for a good joystick. I have one, too. It works great and doesn't slide very easily. :O)
  4. FuncoLand. That is bringing back some memories. We had a whole bunch of them in Saint Paul and Minneapolis. It was a great experience. :O)
  5. I started really playing Atari games in 1982. I saw how it started with Telstar in the 1970s (I remember it when I was about four or five; I tried to get one and my mother pried it from my hands because it was too expensive for her at the time), then we got our first Atari 2600 when I was seven years old. We had a lot of fun with that A2600. Then, Christmastime in 1987, we got an A7800. It had PPII and also my parents got Xevious. It was hidden from view and I actually got upset because of that. I thought that I did not get it. Then, I saw it and hugged the machine. Over the years, we had a Genesis, and I played that endlessly. I also got a TG-16 for a while. Then, after me parents gat tired of the games, I "inherited" the Atari collection (quoting the word because my parents are still alive). I got a SMS, Intellivision, and a ColecoVision for a while, but I sold those and went strictly Atari, which is largely unchanged as a collection for the past thirty-eight years. I decided to go that route because it was getting to the point that Atari games were becoming more and more valuable as collector's items. Later, I got a Jaguar and the CD unit. This is the most advanced game system I have had. I love to play my Jaguar as well. It still is a lot of fun. I also have a Lynx and my new A5200, which I have recently acquired. So, what am I getting at here? What I mean is this. How classic gaming has changed over the years is the technology. Gaming has become more advanced over time in playability and appearance. It has also miniaturized. Granted, the technology has advanced in great strides. But, it has improved the gaming experience, and the graphics improve over time in visage as well. The A2600 has very primitive graphics in earlier cases, but over time as technology has improved, the graphics get better with every generation of game systems. So, I guess that is my point. You would think that the newer games, having better graphics and faster CPUs and GPUs, would have better gameplay. But, not always. I think that we are relying too much on emulation to imitate the classic gameplay. Don't get me wrong, as emulation is cool and I think it is cool because it can imitate the games. But, some things are sacrificed due to the software emulation. You cannot get it 100% perfect in emulation ever, unless we really actually do advance in the emulation technology. Speed can suffer. For instance, my iMac has Virtual Jaguar. The speed is OK, but the music is choppy in every game I play. I have a Core i7 processor running at 2.8 GHz, a Radeon HD 4850 GPU with 512 MB of RAM, and 16 GB of RAM (which I could expand to 32 GB of RAM, if I wanted to, and actually I do). This iMac is also primitive in today's standards, being made in 2009. But, the Jag does it spot-on with real hardware at only a mere fraction of the iMac's CPU/GPU speed and with only 2 MB of RAM. And, that RAM amount is skimpy even for the Jag! I believe that, if you are going to use emulation, use it in cohesion with the real hardware. Reverse-engineer the real hardware, try to make it better with the real technology, and use hardware emulation more sparingly with it, if you need to. Like I said, emulation is great. But, I think that, as a technologically advanced society, we are too dependent on emulation, and I think that we are really cheapening ourselves. Emulation is great, but the real experience with real hardware is so much better. I say re-work the real hardware and advance it even more from that. Then, I think that you will get even more stellar results. We can do so much better than now.
  6. It is a great review. I love the presentation of the V61 Grip-Stick Joystick. It really is presented well, BTB. Also, good luck on your move. Let it be a good move, of course. :O)
  7. I love Duluth. Been there many times. I have even been to the Edge Water Park. Fourth-largest city in Minnesota. It used to be the third-largest.
  8. It really is a cool game, and it really is like Zaxxon with an Egyptian theme, just like BTB said in the video. I will try to play it and see what I get. I would probably get better in the long run at it anyway. :O)
  9. I wonder if this guy can do custom labels, where you send him the design and he does it. Maybe, others can do a good job of remaking designs themselves. Then, he can produce them. It's just that I have Photoshop and I could make my own factory-accurate design and have it produced as a label. That's all. I wonder if he is up to that. Interesting thought.
  10. The Grateful Dead were a great group. I love the long version of "Touch of Grey." I like Jerry Garcia's guitar in there.
  11. Cool! Thanks for the links. I can order some for my copy of ZiMAG's Tanks But No Tanks. It needs cosmetic repair, for sure, especially the label. :O)
  12. I am not sure. You may have to check with the VA, I would guess. Or, ask the Army or whatever branch of the armed forces he served in. The worst that they can say is no.
  13. Did your grandfather get stationed at Fort Ord, CA, or Fort Dix, NJ around 1966? My father was stationed in both those places in the Army.
  14. Probably not, since my dad never went to Vietnam. He went to Germany instead. Yeah, Agent Orange is a killer, for sure.
  15. Operation Danube. That was the code name for the invasion.
  16. The only person in my immediate family that has traveled outside of the country is my father. He has been to Ireland, Germany, Spain, and Canada. He was stationed in Europe when he was in the Army during the Vietnam War. In fact, he did guard duty in Munich during the Cold War. His station was put on full alert when the Soviets moved into Prague (then Czechoslovakia) in, if I remember correctly, 1968. I think that they moved in to quash a pro-democracy demonstration there. I think that was it, but it was before my time, since I was born in 1974. So, I could be wrong. Myself, I have never been outside of the country. Not yet, anyway. :O)
  17. The only thing that I did not like about the Skydeck is the express elevator. It travels at 1,800 ft. per minute, last time I checked the stats. That's 108,000 feet per hour, or over 20 MPH. That is cruising for an elevator, plus it makes my ears want to pop and the deceleration effect makes me want to feel like passing out. But, once up there, my fears ebbed away. I was on Cloud Nine. I conquered the world's tallest building at the time. Eat your heart out, Sir Edmund Hillary! Joking, of course. XD It was a fun time being up there. By the way, Hillary was the first man to conquer Mount Everest in the 1950s. I wouldn't dare go that far, though. That is over six miles into the air. Imagine that.
  18. Pray for Minneapolis and the family of George Floyd.

  19. Yeah. That was what I thought. Darn.
  20. That was what I surmised. I had heard that there were some issues with the four-port version. I would still like to collect the adapter anyway. It would be a nice addition to my collection, I think.
  21. My favorite places to visit: Chicago: Brookfield Zoo Willis Tower (I went to the 103rd floor Skydeck when it was still the world's tallest building; then called the Sears Tower) John G. Shedd Aquarium Museum of Science and Industry Duluth, Minnesota: Army Corps of Engineers Marine Museum The Depot Edgewater Resort Bentleyville (during the Christmas months, the City of Duluth gets decked out and creates a Christmas village every year) Wisconsin: Madison Milwaukee (my dad was born there, and my mom lived there when she was a little girl) Wisconsin Dells When I lived in Indiana for two years, during that time I visit its capitol city, Indianapolis, for a day. It was fun. I have been in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, South Dakota, and was born in Minnesota, where I have lived for almost forty-four of my almost forty-six years of life. I would not trade that for anything. :O)
  22. Hey, Kamakazi, does your particular A5200 need to be modified to use it? I only ask because isn't the VCS adapter just plug-and-play? I also want to collect the following A2600 systems: Heavy Sixer Light Sixer Darth Vader Junior (Long Rainbow version, since I have the Short Rainbow version already)
  23. Let me think about that as well. Thanks. :O)
  24. Yeah. I think that I can get one, but not yet. I need to save up for it. I am sure that by now it will be costly.
  25. I would not mind getting a VCS adapter for my A5200. I think that it would enhance my collection exponentially. As previously stated earlier in this topic, I used to have a VCS adapter for my ColecoVision, when I owned one. It was a fun add-on. It played all my A2600 games with virtually no compatibility issues, of course it was a stripped-down A2600 in the first place. But, I guess that there are some issues with some A2600 games and the A7800 in compatibility. Sometimes, like with Activision's Decathlon and Robot Tank, they will not work. I guess that there might be a fix for that, but I am not worried about it. I have an A2600 Junior Short Rainbow that plays every game I have anyway.
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