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  1. 4 hours ago, RickR said:

    player in the background -- just an idea.  I have one similar, and I loaded it up with the WAV files for the Supercharger.  Instead of tapes, I just use that MP3 player.  Works perfectly.  Although I do realize it's a lot easier just to use a Harmony cart -- sometimes realism wins out.


    Fortunately I have a Harmony cart, that isn't an MP3 Player, it's a...get this....one of two extensions for our LANDLINE telephone, yep we do not have cell phones of any type and still use cordless home landline phones, though it is powered through our SHAW Cable Internet. I mean I do TECHNICALLY have an old iPhone 4 I phone some weeks back but literally use it as just an basic iPOD for the apps on WiFi, the SIM card has no service attached to it, I only keep it in there so there is no NO SIM CARD message lol.  But between a home landline and devices with internet apps, facetime and messenger that is about all the communications we need 😆I like knowing when we go out or to an event or just get away from home the RARE phone call we might get (I think we average 2 a month between the two of us) can wait as a message to respond to at our convenience when we get back home. It's funny because the world tried to ignore you if you don't have some kind of cellphone, like activating or verifying services always wants to "Text" your cell, less and less there are options to call a landline instead, so I guess we are hold outs in the cellphone revolution but I am OK with that. 

  2. You know I had no interest in getting a PlayStation Classic myself, mostly because my collecting days have ended, maybe one day I would accept one in some sort of trade because frankly I WAS tempted if I could have found one in my area for a reasonable price, sadly I never did BUT considering the mods and hacks that can been done I certainly would not pass on one under the right conditions, sure as is and for the launch price it was not great but for those who do not mind a little tinkering getting one for a good price is a no brainer and aside from other emulation and hacks I just seen THIS video from a source that has been legit, not a bad way to play Nintendo DS titles !

    TEASER of Nintendo DS Running on Playstation Classic - COMING SOON! | DEMO



  3. As I continue to go through my collection I find so many items I did not even realize I had or I overlooked because of lack of interest, a side effect of buying large lots and packages over the years for specific items you tend to end up with many things you would have never purposely acquired. THIS is a good example, I have very few original Snes games since I have an Everdrive Cart but I definitely had no idea I had this one, I don't even recall seeing it originally in whatever package it came with 😛



    🍺MAN I loved using my NES Advantage joystick to play Zelda and Metroid back in the day. I found THIS Camerica "TurboTronic" Joystick I acquired somewhere but have never used before, will be interesting to see how it compares, or doesn't as the case may be. Anyone use one before? 😎


  4. 😂🤔New quick video ! Looking through some loose NES cartridges I noticed this name written on with permanent marker, so being late at night I thought I would upload this quick little video asking "Did YOU ever write your name on your cartridges?" - As collectors we often come across them, often research how to remove them but I did make me think about how people did this, sometimes it was kids who did not know better and would mark everything they owned in some fashion, maybe because we did not think of decreasing value or ever parting with our precious games? I sometimes wonder about the people who owned them previously, why they sold or traded them etc. 😎🍻



  5. That dude (aka Eric Butts) knew exactly what he was doing I am pretty sure. 😉Over reacting / getting emotional watching trailers is one of his gimmicks, it got him TONS of views and sweet ad revenue as well as attention from celebs including Mark Hamill,  and Gary Whitta and already he has been interviewed and supported by his local news as well as the BBS and his twitter description "I’m the guy who cries to Star Wars trailers! " - While the hate is unwarranted and sad I suggest he knew EXACTLY what the result would be, there are plenty more people standing up for him and being upset on his behalf, Eric is just fine with the reaction and thick skinned, a direct quote from Eric. TO BE CLEAR -  It does not excuse the hate I just believe Eric anticipated it and used it to his advantage and GOOD FOR HIM lol. It's LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE all over again.


  6. 22 hours ago, Justin said:

    WOW congrats on a great find @MaximumRD!!!

    Thanks, I got imessage and facetime going on it (they say not activated but runs fine 😛 ) this will be good because end of May we are going to Nashville for a week, business trip Melissa only accepted because they agreed I could go along lol, so during day she will go to conference and I will hang at resort and surrounding areas (going to check out the Dukes of Hazard Museum) so this should come in handy instead of dragging the iPad around. 

  7. My Everdrive collection. Had a bit of a scare, decided might be a good idea to back up the contents of my Sd cards contents for each Everdrive. Yes, I have all the files and roms scattered about but figured instead of searching for them it would be better to just archive them all into a single Everdrive backup folder. Took me a while to find all my Everdrives and especially the EverdriveMD which was my first one I bought a few years back, took me a couple hours to locate it and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't getting a little worried but just before panic set in I located it in a tub with a bunch of spindles of blank cd's / dvd's, it made no sense why it would be there but I am not complaining. Anyways, all of them are backed up in a sensible manner and I will be more careful about where I store these in future! I have had far too little actual use out of them to loose any. 🤓🍻😜




  8. I enjoy the shows retro theme, Goldbergs, the latest episode is interesting 😉

    Eight-bit Goldbergs
    The Goldbergs episode (season 6, episode 19)
    Description : Adam is thrilled when he has to design his own video game for school; Beverly is worried about Pops' gambling and ropes Bill Lewis into her latest scheme.

    Several 8-bit machines were shown throughout the episode. 


    Wired-Up Retro
    Published on Mar 2, 2019

    In today's presentation my guest-host from the Atari 5200 Podcast, Pete Spivak, and I will show you how to use adapters to play your Atari 5200 with a wired PS3 and wired Xbox 360 controller.

    Also shown is how to easily fix the Atari 5200 when the controllers aren't properly responding to your joystick/pad direction input with a  potentiometer adjustment.  This is a reliable method to troubleshoot your mother of all consoles.

    The adapters needed to get the wired PS3 controllers compatible with the Atari 5200 are as follows:

    1) a 15 pin PC Gameport controller to 15 pin Atari 5200 adapter.  These are obtained by contacting Atariage member, bohoki.  He makes these for under $20.

    2) An adapter that converts Atari/Amiga/Sega controllers with a 9 pin connector to a 15 pin PC gameport.  These are available on Ebay from  "Ikonsgr74" and can be obtained for under $20

    3) A Tototek Joypad Convertor version MD (for Playstation controller compatibility on the Megadrive/Sega Genesis).  These adapters are under $30.

    4) A Brook Game Controller Super Convertor for adapting a PS3/PS4 controller to a PS2 console.

    5) a USB splitter cable ($12 or less).

    6) a powersupply with a USB cord (5Volts) OR a USB Hub with connected power supply.

    To get the Xbox 360 controllers compatible with the 5200, you'll need one additional adapter.  It is the Mayflash Universal Adapter for Xbox360/PS3/PS2/PC USB.  These may be found at Amazon.  Current price for these on Amazon is $30, but that is subject to change.  Mayflash adapters tend to become scarce and go up in price.

    Special thanks to Emforay for the music in today's episode. 
    Intro: "Wander"
    5200 fix-it music: "Candle Dance"
    Music playing during comments at the end: "Sister"

    DJ Kestutis gets credit for the outro song, "Reborn": License: http://goo.gl/ZSoZf



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