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  1. Loving the new site the more I use it. In my video game art thread I noticed how easy it is to upload multiple images /attachments now. Starting to really see the benefits! Great work JUSTIN and all involved! Atari. io is better than ever! 🍻😘

    1. Justin


      THANK YOU ROB!! That means so much coming from you. We're very fortunate to have you as part of the forums. I'm glad you like it! We're all averse to change in some way. I think the more you get used to the new site though the more you'll love it. Uploading is better, personal profiles are really cool, member blogs look awesome, and the "Topics" box on the top right shows shows topics with new unread content, not just "new" topics. This feels like a big leap ahead! 🕹️

    2. MaximumRD


      Definitely the more I use and adjust I am digging it more and more.  

    3. Justin


      THANK YOU!! I hope it never stops impressing you. It really has turned out to be a great site. Just takes a little getting used to.

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