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  1. You know it saddens me that SEGA has never matched the quality / quantity / fun that they generated back in the 8-16 bit era. 😐

    1. Justin


      Me too. Sega MasterSystem is one of my all-time favorite systems. Totally overlooked in North America. I don't know what happened when they hit the skids with Saturn, I was excited for it. Had Dreamcast on 9.9.99 but for me that didn't recapture that 1986-1996 Sega feeling.

    2. RickR


      SMS and Genesis were special indeed. 

      And count me as a weirdo that LOVED the Dreamcast.  In fact, Dreamcast was the first "next gen" console I bought for myself.  I passed on the NES, SNES, etc because I was poor and in college, and very into PC gaming then. 


    3. MaximumRD


      Still have 3 Dreamcasts sitting in my closet as well as a modded Saturn and a ton of games, yes I enjoy many of them still but I cannot quite say it generated that same excitement for me personally.

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