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  1.  I cannot believe it, just after my video the other day and I said I never find anything good in electronic recycling during holidays? Today I found a laptop! Guess someone got a new one for Christmas, in take, great condition, Silver 14 or 15' HP Pavilion! Of course could not log in, don't know specs yet but it came with WINDOWS 8 so already better than the old HP Pavilion I was playing with Linux. Will make a great secondary laptop. Looked it up and running recovery mode on it NOW.

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    2. Justin


      That's incredible. Why would somebody just throw that out? You know that might be good just for doing MAME and other stuff.

    3. MaximumRD


      Considering the timing I suspect someone got a nice new powerful laptop for Xmas 😛 Ah well, fine by me, they literally sat it gently on top with the power supply right beside it. Guess they figured nobody could log in anyway but hey in the wrong hands....fortunately for them instead of bothering to access the hard drive by various methods to bypass the login password or hook up to an externally to look at the files, I just looked up how to access HP RECOVERY and after setting it to original stock install of WIn 8 since it is a valid license I was able to update free to Win 10. Not the fastest CPU but it is still better than the previous old HP laptop I found a few years back (I use that with Linux MINT). There are a lot of older retirees here as well so who knows? Maybe someone bought gramps a new laptop and he just placed the old one in the bin. I figure better I got it than someone else or having it actually end up at the recycle depot 😛 

    4. kamakazi20012


      Let's see.  AMD architecture, Radeon GPU, and 4 GB of RAM?  That sounds like a basic gaming laptop setup.  Would be perfect for some Steam games and definitely MAME.  Amazing what you find in that recycle bin.  Just goes to show you that good things come to those that wait.

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