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  1.  I cannot believe it, just after my video the other day and I said I never find anything good in electronic recycling during holidays? Today I found a laptop! Guess someone got a new one for Christmas, in take, great condition, Silver 14 or 15' HP Pavilion! Of course could not log in, don't know specs yet but it came with WINDOWS 8 so already better than the old HP Pavilion I was playing with Linux. Will make a great secondary laptop. Looked it up and running recovery mode on it NOW.

    1. Justin


      CONGRATULATIONS! I think this calls for a video, Rob! ☺️❄️

    2. Justin


      PS - I'll try to respond to you later this evening

    3. MaximumRD


      Woo Hoo! Using media creation tool I just updated it from 8.1 to Win 10 valid license. Now I am just customizing, removing crap, optimizing, updating drivers then of course finish off with my own OS image backup. 




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