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  1. As I continue to go through my collection I find so many items I did not even realize I had or I overlooked because of lack of interest, a side effect of buying large lots and packages over the years for specific items you tend to end up with many things you would have never purposely acquired. THIS is a good example, I have very few original Snes games since I have an Everdrive Cart but I definitely had no idea I had this one, I don't even recall seeing it originally in whatever package it came with 😛 🍺MAN I loved using my NES Advantage joystick to play Zelda and Metroid back in the day. I found THIS Camerica "TurboTronic" Joystick I acquired somewhere but have never used before, will be interesting to see how it compares, or doesn't as the case may be. Anyone use one before? 😎
  2. 😂🤔New quick video ! Looking through some loose NES cartridges I noticed this name written on with permanent marker, so being late at night I thought I would upload this quick little video asking "Did YOU ever write your name on your cartridges?" - As collectors we often come across them, often research how to remove them but I did make me think about how people did this, sometimes it was kids who did not know better and would mark everything they owned in some fashion, maybe because we did not think of decreasing value or ever parting with our precious games? I sometimes wonder about the people who owned them previously, why they sold or traded them etc. 😎🍻
  3. As a kid I took a bottle of Flintstones Chew-able vitamins from home and ate 1/2 a bottles worth by the time I walked to school.....and promptly threw up....true story.....😜

    1. RickR


      Technicolor barf. 


  4. My god he was funny , especially the skits with him and Harvey 😢
    Tim Conway, star of "The Carol Burnett Show," dies at 85
    1. Justin


      This is sad and frustrating. I'm a huge Twin Peaks fan. Thankful they brought some resolution to Hank and Norma's storyline but wish they'd stop wasting time and start filming Season 4. And now this.

    2. greenween


      I was shocked to get home last night and see this. I agree Justin. Seeing Ed and Norma get closure was one of my many favorite parts of The Return.  Sadly, at this point I can't imagine season 4 will ever happen. Of course, Lynch is capable of anything.

    3. Justin


      @greenween They keep hinting at it. Showtime wants to do it. Kyle MacLachlan says Lynch has more stores. Lynch hints at it. They need to do it and go make it now before there's no one left.

    1. Justin


      R.I.P. old friend. Glad they were able to get everyone together one last time in these new movies.

  5. That dude (aka Eric Butts) knew exactly what he was doing I am pretty sure. 😉Over reacting / getting emotional watching trailers is one of his gimmicks, it got him TONS of views and sweet ad revenue as well as attention from celebs including Mark Hamill, and Gary Whitta and already he has been interviewed and supported by his local news as well as the BBS and his twitter description "I’m the guy who cries to Star Wars trailers! " - While the hate is unwarranted and sad I suggest he knew EXACTLY what the result would be, there are plenty more people standing up for him and being upset on his behalf, Eric is just fine with the reaction and thick skinned, a direct quote from Eric. TO BE CLEAR - It does not excuse the hate I just believe Eric anticipated it and used it to his advantage and GOOD FOR HIM lol. It's LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE all over again. 🤔😆👍
  6. The Sega Genesis Mini just added ten more games, including two licensed Disney games. https://ca.ign.com/articles/2019/04/18/sega-genesis-mini-release-date-preorder-games#games
  7. The Sega Genesis Mini just added ten more games, including two licensed Disney games. https://ca.ign.com/articles/2019/04/18/sega-genesis-mini-release-date-preorder-games#games

    1. Justin


      I see Earthworm Jim made the list! I'm as excited for that as anything. That's great news that they are adding more games!

  8. Thanks, I got imessage and facetime going on it (they say not activated but runs fine 😛 ) this will be good because end of May we are going to Nashville for a week, business trip Melissa only accepted because they agreed I could go along lol, so during day she will go to conference and I will hang at resort and surrounding areas (going to check out the Dukes of Hazard Museum) so this should come in handy instead of dragging the iPad around.
  9. I FOUND AN iPHONE 4 ! 


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