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  1. I don't and likely will never, own an Atari Jaguar....I think I am OK with that. 😜

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    2. MaximumRD


      I no longer own a Amiga CD32, but would love to own ANYTHING AMIGA,however that is unlikely at this point as well. 😒Oddly, I DO own 3DO and CD-i consoles...because the world is cruel. πŸ€”πŸ˜œ

    3. Justin


      So why CD32, 3DO and CD-i but no room for Jaguar?

    4. MaximumRD


      Not about room, well not just about room, it just turned out that way while I was still actively collecting, at this point I could say the same about many consoles / handhelds / computers. πŸ˜‰When I still HAD a CD32 it was because of my love for Commodore /Amiga, CD-i & 3DO because I happened upon great deals and I was curious since I never had much exposure to them. I never came upon a Jaguar let alone a good deal on one while I was actively collecting so at this point with no funds left for my hobby while out of space long ago (lately I am contributing more to our electronics recycling bin 😜)Β it just seems so unlikely, on top of the fact Jag stuff seems to go for a premium now, the few games I might be interested in just don't warrant it. To be clear, I am not "hating" on the Jag, I just literally come to terms with he fact I will likely never own one and I have accepted that, which is all I was trying to convey with my original comment 🍺

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