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  1.  RIP - Kenny Rogers. My mother and step father were country fans so often heard country music on radio growing up (I was more into Motown and Sha Na Na going through my 50's phase) but I liked Kenny, his appearance on THE MUPPETS doing one of his classics made sure of that.


    1. Justin


      You know it's funny, people who know me wouldnt really think of me as a "Country Fan" and I guess I didn't really think of Kenny Rogers as a "Country Star" although I guess you could say he was. Maybe he was one of the first "crossovers"? I'll miss him, I'm sad he's gone.

    2. RickR


      Sad.  One look at 2020 and he knew "when to fold em" 

      I'll miss his music.  I also remember his "Roasters" chicken restaurants that had great food. 


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