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  1. 🙁Bleh, well we wont be going on two tours / trips that were planned this year. May was "Four themed Towns" and December was THANKSGIVING ON THE OREGON COAST, both with Wells Gray Tours. Regardless of what happens at this point even IF the Dec trip would have been a possibility it is more sensible for us to just call 2020 a NO TRAVEL year. We are not young and healthy, we have diabetes (compromised immunity) as well as mild Asthma so taking the chance on any travel in 2020 is a gamble we are not willing to take.

    We work hard to try and maintain the health we have so a week of fun is not worth the risk. The time frame for a vaccine to be created, tested and the rest of the outbreak to be contained / controlled means 2020 is a write off travel wise. Ah well, we now return you to your regularly scheduled program. 

    1. RickR


      I'm sorry, man.  My wife and I had similar plans.  A summer trip to NYC or Florida, and then a fall cruise Vancouver BC to Los Angeles (visiting grandma, and both sons).  It totally sucks.  But we will try to make the best of a bad situation.  Trying to stay home as much as possible.  Hoping we don't get laid off (and lose our health insurance during a pandemic).  Editorial:  Canada, many of us Americans envy your health care system. 

      Here's to hoping for a brisk end to this madness, and maybe the world will make some changes for the better once it's done.  That we should all work together no matter where a dangerous virus begins.  That we can keep the environment clean.  That we can all understand health care should be a given for all and not just those with jobs that happen to offer it. 


    2. Justin


      It can still be a terrific year Rob, hang in there!

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