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  1. Like the Shmoo avatar, by the way! It reminds me of the 'Lil Abner comics. He used to be on those Saturday morning Hanna-Barbera cartoons, too. I remember them when I was a kid. :O)

    1. MaximumRD


       That is it exactly, at least in my case, as a kid I was in a library and picked up a book which was a compilations of Lil' Abner by Al Capp and I instantly loved it. Read the whole thing and for years I would scribble the Shmoo all over the place (yes even in stalls and walls and other places lol) in fact all the way up to high school the Shmoo was my signature I was kind of known for. I was just thinking about it a few days ago and just had to google for a suitable SHMOO. 

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