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  1. My guilty pleasure BAD BEER 😏 Let me be perfectly clear friends....IT IS NOT A "GOOD" BEER, I am very aware of this 😝THAT SAID, IT IS CHEAP and I will consume it for a quick BUZZ. Prefer Innis & Gunn or Guinness or Grolsch or pretty much any PORT or STOUT. I will definitely take it over a BUD or Coors or any light ass Beer. 😆


    1. RickR


      Why qualify it at all?  If you like it, it's GOOD BEER.  F those who give you flak. 

      PS - When I'm in Canada, I make a point to get a Kokanee beer or six.  It's a pilsner, which I like.  And it has a bigger buzz than our whimpy American beers. 

    2. HDN


      I have not had beer before for obvious reasons

    3. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      I've never had much beer but, I do agree with RickR, our beer tastes very watered down.  Most of it tastes like someone peed in a can and called it beer.  I'd like to try some of what Japan has.  I hear their beer is good.

      I'm a Smirnoff person myself 😉 but not as often as I use to be.  It's good for breaking a fever, I know that much.  I'd rather drink a shot of vodka than to take any cough syrup.  That stuff's nasty.

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