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  1. Some sushi, a beer and then a nice long nap. Oddly, five days after my Pfizer vaccination I think I felt a few affects today, in the span of about 10 to 15 minutes I had dizziness / lightheaded, hot flash, instant poop, not diarrhoea thank goodness but let’s just say it all came out rapidly (fear not I was already on the toilet) dry heaves but I didn’t  throw up thankfully, tingly feeling in my hands and forearm, and afterwords all my symptoms seem to subside as quickly as they had hit me. Physically now Feel perfectly fine, we had to run around and do a few errands I just feel, you know, out of sorts, like not fully focused, that floaty feeling, like that out of body type experience where you feel like you’re seeing through the eyes of somebody else but otherwise fine. No more nausea no more sweats, so yeah I will finish this and just have a nice long nap and then I’m sure once I wake up and I will feel my old self again.


    1. RickR


      I have another friend who had the same thing happened.  Quick flash of symptoms about 5 days after the shot. 

      I hope you feel 100% quickly.  I say it's worth it.  For me, it was about the same as the Shingles vaccine.  Just a day of feeling slightly flu-ish. 


    2. MaximumRD


      First shot 5 days ago - UPDATE : Well after this I slept for like 12 hours, got up a couple times to pee, considered getting up half way but thought well, I will just lay down again and see what happens and yeah seems I needed more 😆so roughly 12 hours sleep but I think I am back to my usual self now, no more brain fog or out of sorts, just needed proper rest to recover. Hope it's over at least until the next Pfizer follow up shot, 🙂

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