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  1. Spent 6+ hours overnight in Kelowna Hospital Emergency. Woke up around 1:30am this past Friday night experiencing severe upper back that not only made sleep impossible but greatly hindered my upper mobility, as well interfered with my breathing, deep breathes inhaling was very painful and laying flat just about impossible. Long story short an effect of Postural Kyphosis. Years of bad posture and slouching likely due to my low self esteem and bouts of depression.

    1. MaximumRD


      With luck working on my posture and doing exercise to strengthen back muscles will be enough to prevent such things in future. FYI guys all the DON'T SLOUCH and STAND UP STRAIGHT demands your parents may have given you growing up was more than just for appearance sake! Don't end up like me!

    2. Rowsdower70


      I know how it is to deal with back problems man. Sorry to hear you are having them now. Hang in there!


    3. RickR


      You have friends here, man! I hope you feel better soon, and game on!


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