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  1. MaximumRD

    MaximumRD's YouTube Videos

    Globetrotters - waiting for the show to start. 😉
  2. MaximumRD

    MaximumRD's YouTube Videos

    Quick video heading out to dinner and to see the Globetrotters Live. XMas condo, heading out for dinner & Globetrotters.
  3. MaximumRD

    Was the Atari 2600 Video Touch Pad a mistake?

    Agree with everything touched on thus far. I cannot add much as I've little experience with it, I've no excuse as a generous person did send me Star Raiders with a new looking touch pad that I've yet to try but I don't know why accessories like that always excited me. I was not fortunate enough to experience many back in the day but I agree seemed very cool and so much more could have been done, I think it is yet another example of just how innovative early Atari was, it was not until much later I would learn just how many patents and technology Atari was dabbling in, all industries including medical fields, Atari just seemed HUGE. This may of been the same thing that would hurt them later when things started cooling off, perhaps in some ways they over extended themselves? I am sure Justin has much more insight in such matters but they seemed to be in everything including hologram technologies, portable computing etc, I think many modern technologies have Atari to thank in pioneering so much even if not everything was a success I think it open doors and proved concepts. Well, I hope to use the Touch Pad with Star Raiders at some point. For the longest time and even still a little bit I was confused on the differences between regular paddles for Pong or Warlords and the driving paddles? If someone could clarify the differences that would be great. Even 3rd party companies that created add ons or peripherals that added new features or different ways to control things always looked cool and exciting but again there never seemed to be much continued support outside a game or two. Cool thread JUSTIN.
  4. MaximumRD

    NSG Giveaways!

    DOH! I am in CANADA ! 😛
  5. You know it saddens me that SEGA has never matched the quality / quantity / fun that they generated back in the 8-16 bit era. 😐

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    2. Justin


      I might be interested in purchasing or trading for one of those Dreamcasts if you ever consider letting one go. I bought one the day they came out but let it go many years ago. It's one of the few systems I don't currently have. I was living those VMU Dreams in the late '90s.

    3. LeeJ07


      I love Dreamcast. Sadly mine is starting to get finicky about reading discs. It won't play half my games anymore.

    4. kamakazi20012


      The only Sega hardware I felt was a waste was the Sega CD and 32X add-ons.  Sonic CD was the only Sega CD game I could find in my area worth anything and Star Wars was fun on the 32X.  I never found any of the other games for these that were worth the purchase price.  Well I did find Sol-Fease on the Sega CD which was a fun shooter and had the six pack on CD as well but nothing spectacular.

      Saturn I enjoyed with Daytona, Virtua Cop, Sonic Blast, WipeOut, Tomb Raider, D, Darius, and The Horde.  My only wish is that it could have got the same third party games that PlayStation got.  It might have too if Sega didn't shoot themselves in the foot releasing the system too early.

      Dreamcast I absolutely love!  It was a game changer, underappreciated, undervalued, hardware.  It set standards and started the whole online gaming aspect.  I got a PS2 only after Sega left the hardware part of gaming.  And that was only to get Gran Turismo 3 A Spec.  I supported Dreamcast spiritually.  I wanted it to succeed.  It must have if Sega couldn't keep up with the demands and pre orders.

  6. Loving the new site the more I use it. In my video game art thread I noticed how easy it is to upload multiple images /attachments now. Starting to really see the benefits! Great work JUSTIN and all involved! Atari. io is better than ever! 🍻😘

    1. Justin


      THANK YOU ROB!! That means so much coming from you. We're very fortunate to have you as part of the forums. I'm glad you like it! We're all averse to change in some way. I think the more you get used to the new site though the more you'll love it. Uploading is better, personal profiles are really cool, member blogs look awesome, and the "Topics" box on the top right shows shows topics with new unread content, not just "new" topics. This feels like a big leap ahead! 🕹️

    2. MaximumRD


      Definitely the more I use and adjust I am digging it more and more.  

    3. Justin


      THANK YOU!! I hope it never stops impressing you. It really has turned out to be a great site. Just takes a little getting used to.

  7. MaximumRD

    Video Game Art / images, admire or post your own.

    Here are some mostly fun and silly ones.
  8. Let's try this. Post video-game related artwork or images. NOTHING "REAL LIFE" and no "Cosplay". Just video game related images that you have created or have seen and would like to share, as long as it is video games related, any genre, retro, classic or modern. Any format fine paintings / sketches / digital / rendered etc. Tributes, mash-ups or parodies, re-imaginings whatever. Of course all should be within site rules of etiquette and in the spirit of fun, reasonable common sense as always 😎 Source or credits are fine but not essential (as with my examples they are not always given where they are posted) . Of course I will start things off with a few I just discovered and enjoyed that gave me this idea.
  9. MaximumRD

    Star Trek Continues

    They are awesome, seen them all, very much a product of love and IMHO the closest thing we ever got or will get to the OG Trek series.
  10. MaximumRD

    MaximumRD's YouTube Videos

    Talkin' bout Batteries, Rechargeable, Recycling, etc Talkin' bout Batteries, Rechargeable, Recycling, etc - Sorting through my hard-drive I found this video which I don't recall uploading. Doesn't mean I didn't but since I cannot confirm here it is anyways. Maybe I simply decided against uploading it for some reason or maybe I just forgot, here it is now all the same for better or worse.
  11. MaximumRD

    MaximumRD's YouTube Videos

    Part of a recent Well's Gray Ltd. trip (Skeena and Inside Passage package) we stopped at the the Historic Town of Barkerville and I decided to check out the Cemetery as it was not on the tour agenda but I took it upon myself to break away from the other tourists and check out this historic Cemetery since I would not get another chance. If I seem somewhat out of breath don't worry I am fine, I was not expecting the hike to be so out of the way and I was rushed since I was on a schedule! Well worth it and I am happy to share with you all. Check out these related links for more info on Barkerville and the Cemetery. WELCOME TO BARKERVILLE : https://barkervilleblog.com/welcome-to-barkerville-bcs-gold-rush-town/ Barkerville Cemetery Accessible Trail : https://cariboord.ca/services/recreation-2/accessible-trails/barkerville-cemetery-accessible-trail -------------- Barkerville Cemetery ----------------------- Meet Reverend Reynard at the Anglican Church and journey with him on a 1 km walking tour to Barkerville’s original cemetery; the final resting place of Barkerville’s famous (and not-so-famous) residents and one of the most interesting historic cemeteries in British Columbia. Many of the headboards have been recently restored, and the tour benefits from up-to-date research.
  12. MaximumRD

    MaximumRD's YouTube Videos

    Well in case anyone still watches........ My spider story walking around the condo. MaximumRD Published on Jun 20, 2018 Just a quick off the cuff the video I shot the other day while walking around our condo grounds I talk about spiders.
  13. MaximumRD

    MaximumRD's YouTube Videos

    Well I had to learn to use a new editing program as I went along BUT other than some auto focus issues and one camera drop I am quite pleased with the end result. Video description: Contest winnings from mr_intv UNBOXING ! Such fun! Some nice INTELLIVISION RELATED items I won in a little giveaway held by mr_intv over on Atariage. Music: www.bensound.com Atariage: http://atariage.com/forums/index.php
  14. MaximumRD

    MaximumRD's YouTube Videos

    Been to long, I decided to do this MOSTLY to let my youtube subscribers know I am still alive lol. Otherwise silly, off the top of my head rambling unscripted, you know, the usual. Surprise package I should've expected.
  15. MaximumRD

    MaximumRD's YouTube Videos

    Previous video I forgot to post (WATCH VIDEO ABOVE IT IS MUCH BETTER )