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  1. Should I be honored or dismayed at my sad life  🤔😆🤷‍♂️ Either way, see? I may not always comment or participate BUT I AM HERE OFTEN. 😉

    Screenshot 2021-10-27 013738.png

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    2. RickR


      These new badges are fun!  Thanks Justin for doing the site fixes/upgrades. 


    3. - Ω -

      - Ω -

      Yeah, I figured it must still be crunching, because I don't have my blog award yet.

    4. Justin


      @- Ω - Part of the "crunch" appears to be awarding Atari I/O Members their Badges for existing achievements - once a new achievement has been reached for that action. So for example, it appears you will receive your "First Blog Entry" Badge (which you would've earned in the Spring, had our achievements system existed back then) upon completion of your next Blog entry.

      Another example is users who are no longer active in our forums have not been awarded their Badges yet. It appears that the "crunching" begins for each member upon logging into the forums and engaging in these activities.

      Achievements are still being "crunched" and will continue to reward past actions for loyal Members who have been active in our site for years. Most all Badges for new achievements will be awarded in real time. Also, more Badges are still baking in our Imagineering oven and will be ready soon!

  2. Well, have you checked your power plan settings? If the external USB Hard drive is set tp shutdown after some time then sure, when your OS attempts to access something on it it may be waiting around until the drive has had time to spin up again and resume regular file access. If the USB ports or indeed the drives themselves are USB 2.0 and not 3.0 then this would be even more of a noticeable issue. You can edit your power plan accordingly, perhaps increase the time before it put the hard drives to sleep / standby mode? Personally I set mine to never sleep because I've never been convinced the time powering down and back up again is any less wear and tear then to just leave them running and power draw is neglectable.
  3. Besides the Trak-Ball which I forgot to mention of even show which I also have in very nice condition YES in fact I DO have the 2600 VCS adapter. Funny, enough I actually have TWO, one mostly untouched, well besides adding some faux Woodgrain style mactac vinyl on it 😏, the second, heavily modified by someone more skilled than I to not only work as normal plugged into the 5200 but ALSO operate as it's own stand alone 2600 compatible console with a separate power supply and composite / S-video outputs! But that's another story and I am guessing at this point I should probably stop there and let this thread get back to the OP's original topic of "Atari 5200 - Games Wished For" 🤔😀 Sorry for derailing too much Atari 5200 Guy 😏 If I think of anything else I will be sure to continue in my own thread, perhaps continuing my Retro Gaming Corner setup. Thanks again everyone, I should probably go get some sleep......
  4. Awesome Crossbow 😮 thanks so much for your reply and all that additional info! I I’ll keep it in mind! Yes, the cover and front does have nice a textured feel and indeed the label reads Atarimax Inc ! I will reply with the label on AA AS WELL so feel free to ignore or whatever, when I make the effort for such a post I like to share on several sites and platforms and tailor it accordingly. Thanks again, so glad I posted now 👍🙂
  5. Let me just say all the recent 5200 threads definitely reminded me about my own collection packed away like so much of it but also, if you’ve seen my other thread about setting up my own little retro gaming corner well, I think I definitely need to make some time and add some 5200 playtime and appreciation. Been meaning to post in the other related threads but since I just now located the system and games I had stored away I figured I would just make he one big post here. First, apologies for the lazy way I have laid everything out, My wife is currently attempting to sleep at 1am while just a few feet away in our laundry room with the door closed I shuffled through these boxes to set up these pictures all while trying to be quit and likely failing miserably. Since my buying and collecting is at a halt for some years now I cannot say, we’ll I better not 😆as far as games I still want or are missing. I had gotten a huge lot of the console and games probably 10 years or so ago. Later, one of the first things of course was getting an early Atarimax USB flash cart as I figured that would cover me for other games I might want to play. HOWEVER, looking through it just now I got to say overall it’s not to bad a collection of original carts? Definitely some titles like Vanguard I would have wanted anyways and I think even a couple the op mentioned. Really, as far as original cart collections I forgot that this is one of my better ones until I pulled it all out of storage 👍 Also shown a variety of manuals, some catalogs and such, also controller overlays, many are doubles and I thought that was all of them but as I was sorting through I noticed many carts already have an original overlay tucked in the back of them. I am quite pleased with the overall condition especially of the 5200 still having the plastic on the silver label and specially the back storage cover is intact. It’s an original 4 port with the odd power passthrough from box as well I have two original power supplies but see one has heat shrink wrap near the end of the connector so I will stick with the other one. I do know it is compatible with the 2600 add on as well as all 5200 games because it had the fix applied. At some point since it never came with a controller I got one of the original 5200 controllers from BEST ELECTRONICS with the gold contacts inside and a member on atariage, was creating his own db9 pc controller adapter that allows me to plug in both an original controller and PC CONTROLLER SIMULTANEOUSLY, it’s not pretty but I recall it working back when I originally tested it. Pretty sure I picked up the Gravis pc joystick back during my thrift shop days and though we’ll, this is the one to go with my 5200 🧐 So there is my massive post on it, sorry for the novel but I been building up to it and had to find time to put everything together take the pictures as well as have the motivation which comes and goes so easily these days. 🤷🤟
  6. This is great, even if I do not have original cart, even playing roms or using my atarimax multicart it may come in handy having the manual for some games. Also I might be odd in this but sometimes I just like flipping through old game manuals from back in the day.
  7. Me, when my wife goes to pick me up some Guinness but instead returns with this assortment. 😮😜🧐🍺🤟

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    2. MaximumRD


      Yes Sir, specifically "Chocolate Spiced Rye Whisky" - Here is the blurb on it

      Often, Canadian bootleggers would blend, age and transport Whisky in used cocoa barrels — after all Canada is famous for having invented the world’s first wrapped chocolate bar! The leftover cocoa husks would infuse the smooth rye with rich, warm chocolate flavours, creating something unique and delicious. 

      And a nice couple drinks that can be made with it (though I tend to drink straight up)



    3. socrates63


      😮 🍻 can't wait for the border to re-open. Looks like Nov 8 is when it re-opens. Party at Rob's!

    4. DegasElite


      So, the Canadians invented the chocolate bar. Interesting. :O)

      In America, Milton Hershey is famous for Hershey's chocolate. The town of Hershey, PA, is named after him.

  8. I believe that is it (unless someone says otherwise?) sadly, there was supposedly an unreleased prototype of Track 'n Field. https://www.gamesdatabase.org/game/atari-5200/track-and-field love my 5200, I have an excellent conditioned one still, 4 port but with those modifications that give it compatibility for those titles that originally did not work with it. I also have a Atarimax Falshcart but actually have several original carts, I really need to play with it more.
  9. Heh, oh trust me I am old-school and experienced, I learned the hard way through much tinkering over the years. I know all about the effects on magnets on TUBE TV's, degaussing etc. I appreciate the concern but from what I can see, even with the BOSE speakers literally up against the side there is no ill affect, I suspect it is very well shielded. 😎😉
  10. Once again after more tweaking and organizing, I am really enjoying the look and feel of Windows 11 on our main Desktop PC. AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Quad-Core Processor, 16GB, GTX 1060 6GB, Windows 11 Pro 😎🤘


    1. Gianna
    2. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      Is it worth the upgrade from Windows 10?

  11. Currently Running on my MAIN DESKTOP PC for last 5 days, updated from Windows 10, really like it perosnally, not noticing any compatabilities and performance same or better in my daily usage. Of course, first thing I did was CLOSE the Widgets as they are useless to me and shift the START MENU from the center back to the left hand corner where it belongs. 😏 My specs - Processor AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Quad-Core Processor 3.50 GHz Installed RAM 16.0 GB System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Pen and touch No pen or touch input is available for this display Edition Windows 11 Pro Version 21H2 Installed on ‎10/‎5/‎2021 OS build 22000.194 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.194.0
  12. Ah of course, sorry I mostly skimmed as I am ought to do and misinterpreted. STILL that said, it is always saddening to see original classic console end up like this.
  13. Ugh so sorry about that, always breaks my heart. I been lucky in my short years of collecting mostly everything was packed so well and arrived safely. I just don't understand when people do not pack properly. Standards I guess and some expeirience. Myself, when I pack something I do so with the thought that it will loikely end up in the hands of a delivery person who had a bad day or just just a moron etc and so I wrap it securely, pack tightly in such a manor that if it were thrown against a brick wall it would still arrive unscathed. It annoys me because just the slightest care and attention could prevent all that damage. 😞 Honestly, more and more over the years seeing so many horror stories involving the 5200, yes it's a big boy and fairly heavy BUT WITH THAT there defintiely is some delicate fragile parts on itespecially that rear cover.
  14. Since it’s Sunday and I am doing laundry I thus decree that today shall be known henceforth as laundry/8 bit Nintendo day! 😝😎🧐


    1. Justin


      Hi @MaximumRD, it's funny you say that!! Sunday is typically laundry / 8-bit Nintendo day for me as well. Laundry can be too quiet for me, almost like meditation or swimming under water. I decided doing laundry would be a nice time to listen to some good podcasts. I clearly remember one Sunday in 2009 you recommended that I check out the Retroist Podcast, that I would enjoy it. This was around the time that I had the YouTube videos, usually with an 8-Bit Nintendo game over my shoulder on the TV set behind me. I started listening to The Retroist regularly, and Sunday turned into a "treat" I would look forward to. After a while, that became a big inspiration for me to create Atari I/O and the Forums.

    2. MaximumRD


      Awww nice! thanks for sharing JUSTIN. 

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