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  1. 5 minutes ago, TrekMD said:

    I recently updated the oldest desktop computer in my office with Windows 7 and it works like a charm with Windows 10.

    With a few older laptops I have found over the years, honestly I have had no issue running Windows 10 on anything that came with Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 8. 

    Meaning installed fine and stable, for sure where possible if I have some spare parts I upgrade with a trickle down affect on other machines, I like to take it up to 8 GB memory and replace the hard drive, especially a slow 5400 rpm with just about any sized SSD at least to boot off of. Not always possible of course depending on what I have spare but yeah this Sony Vaio with just 4 gb and 5400 rpm Hard drive definitely does the job in  pinch. Admittedly I DO tweak and customize a lot, suppress telemetry and disable Cortana etc,  these are my default actions I have always done on Windows kicking useless start up programs and background tasks to the curb to save every precious resource. In daily serious use I prefer not to use a Windows machine with less than 8 gb ram and at least an i5 CPU (Or AMD equivalent) but the old nerd in me gets pleasure seeing just how far I can push these old machines while gaining some use out of them, especially these old tank built laptops that others have discarded without thought. 😀

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