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  1. An Atari-themed hotel is planned for Las Vegas, officials recently announced. 😜

    Is that where the AtariVCS backer money is being redirected? 
    Fox News - CHECK
    Via "Globalnewswhire" - CHECK
    Rendered mock up images - CHECK
    Oh sure that'll happen........😜🙄😆😆😆😆😆😆


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    2. kamakazi20012


      I just found this on MSN.  Atari gets a percentage of what the hotels bring in plus $600,000 just for signing the deal.  I hope they use that money to finish the Atari VCS project they started.  I'd hate to think of all those backers not getting what was promised to them.

    3. RickR


      My opinion:  whatever/meh.  But one thing that bothers me is how something like this gets posted 100 times on the various facebook retro feeds. 

    4. kamakazi20012


      I've been getting news on the Atari Hotels for a couple of days now.  It even made ABC news all day long.

  2. 😥Buck Henry Dies: ‘The Graduate’ Writer, ‘Get Smart’ Co-Creator & Early ‘SNL’ Favorite Was 89 https://deadline.com/2020/01/buck-henry-dead-saturday-night-live-the-graduate-get-smart-1202825337/

  3. My FIRST PS3 🤔If all goes as planned  within a couple weeks I will be getting my first ever PlayStation 3, a slim series model with Custom Firmware even. I had the OG PlayStation and PS2 and loved them but was put off of PS3 launch price and somehow it just slipped by me since. I won this one in a contest though much to my surprise, not sure what I can do with the Jailbreak custom firmware besides load games to hard drive, I've no interest in online play with others or if I need and PSN account to do anything with it or what is risk of messing up the custom firmware etc? All new to me, I watched a video on the process of how it was modded, frankly not hard but many tedious steps involved, now I just want to get the most out of it but it's all new to me. Anyway I intend to research and learn as much as I can, might post back here in a thread for help or suggestions once I have received and set it up.

    1. RickR


      That episode "Charlie X" is one of my favorites.  I've always thought Charlie's benefactors and the Trelaine aliens are probably "Q".  

  4. 😮😢RIP Iconic Star Trek Writer Dorothy “D.C.” Fontana Passes Away at 80


  5. Good long life! RIP ! Virginia Leith, Female Lead in Stanley Kubrick’s First Film, Dies at 94


    One of her best-known roles in recent years was in Joseph Green’s 1962 low-budget science fiction cult classic “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die,” in which she played the disembodied head of the main character’s fiancee, which he keeps alive after discovering how to keep human body parts from dying.



  6. RIP - Our Star Trek family lost another actor last night:, Jack Donner who played "Tal" in The Original Series episode "The Enterprise Incident” and 36 years later played a Vulcan priest in the Star Trek: Enterprise episodes “Home” and Kir’Shara.”

    Mr. Donner was 90 years old and passed peacefully in his sleep. Our deepest condolences to his loved ones and fans.


  7. RIP 😢 https://ca.startrek.com/news/aron-eisenberg-obituary-star-trek

    Remembering Aron Eisenberg, 1969-2019
    The Nog actor passed away today at age 50.




    1. RickR


      Way too young.  R.I.P.


    1. atarilbc


      I was so saddened by this news. In my opinion, the Cars' self-titled is one of few perfect debut albums. It's been a lifelong favorite.  Thanks for the music, Ric!

  8. 9 am - YAWN - NEED COFFEE NOW !!!!!


  9. - YAWN - Up early this morning, try to open my eyes and make some COFFEE ! 🥱


  10. My Facebook group for all fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 / RiffTrax / Cinematic Titanic / The Film Crew etc ! 😎🍺😛


  11. After years of using computers in various forms, various platforms, assembling my own rig, well before competing platforms like Windows / MacOS even existed, I am of the opinion that this is definitely the answer of AT LEAST 98% of computer related issues 😛




    1. RickR


      Botany Bay?  Botany Bay?  BOTANY BAY!  Let's take 30 minutes trying to get out of here instead of calling for an immediate beam out!


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