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  1. Eh, I agree with you. I like Bill, we go back to Armchair arcade, some podcasts etc, known him a long time, he definitely has always been more of a "glass half full" type. We have had pleasant exchanges and I would like to think even a friendship and have been supportive of each others endeavours so I never align myself when someone over on AA that straight up calls him nothing more than a shill for AtGames but THAT SAID, I have cut Bill a lot of slack in past, as well, and like you, challenged some ideas BUT lately, yeah I am finding his association with AtGames is definitely imho causing him to lose some objectivity and perhaps with that some credibility. I believe he means to be honest and when pressed I would say he is a good well meaning person but he does seem defensive to a fault where AtGames is concerned. And I agree, the "Causal audience" excuse does not hold water for me anymore, it seems to be the card AtGames often plays whenever they just don't want to admit to the crap quality or have a real excuse for the product shortcomings. Like you say, when AtGames is sending product to Gaming Youtubers for review and giving info to articles etc they cannot then go claiming their product is for the impulse casual gamer the moment they are questioned or called out, and even so that is NOT a good excuse for shoddy product or business practices. To suggest that Atgames does anything more than release (and re-release) the cheapest low end barely satisfactory experience to make the most profit cashing in on nostalgia is just silly at this point. That is exactly the AtGames strategy and on some level I wish they would just own up to it.
  2. Not my vid but had to share. Cheaper and better than AtGames options at least!
  3. Admittedly, I am parroting this topic I seen over on Atariage because I think it could be really interesting. "Games your parents liked" Instantly when I read that I recalled a few. Keep in mind I grew up a only child in a single parent family. That said, my MOTHER though not really into videogames, she DID enjoy and even got really good at a few back in the day. Colecovision. - Mr. Do! and Ken Uston BlackJack/Poker. The Black Jack and Poker was pretty much a given but she also took to Mr. Do! to the point that we were pretty competitive. We both got to the point we could roll the score and so it was more about how many times you could roll the score, so for example if I rolled the score 3 times, I would come home and she would have beaten that and I would immediately go and beat that, over and over. At some point we pretty much just had to agree that we were both pretty amazing at Mr. Do! lol. Some time later after getting the Nintendo 8 bit system there was the usual family Duck Hunt competitions. After those systems though she pretty much lost interest.
  4. Exactly WHY I post stuff like this. we are a small but awesome community here but I know many are not over on AA and so whenever I run across anything cool like this I try to search here to see if already posted and if not I post info and links about it, I try to give credit where it is due and not simply upload the file here but include the source link which seems only fair. I try to think about our community as I peruse other sites and forums. I think in this way way keep all the clutter and nonsense out while sharing the good and worthwhile stuff.
  5. Thanks to user playsoft over on Atariage ! Here is post link, grab copy for your favourite 5200 emulator or Atarimax flashcart. GRAB THE ROM FROM THIS THREAD over on AA: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/281372-scramble-5200/?do=findComment&comment=4082438 here is a video posted by NML32 in the same thread (played on the MiSTer FPGA device)
  6. Part of a recent Well's Gray Ltd. trip (Skeena and Inside Passage package) we stopped at the the Historic Town of Barkerville and I decided to check out the Cemetery as it was not on the tour agenda but I took it upon myself to break away from the other tourists and check out this historic Cemetery since I would not get another chance. If I seem somewhat out of breath don't worry I am fine, I was not expecting the hike to be so out of the way and I was rushed since I was on a schedule! Well worth it and I am happy to share with you all. Check out these related links for more info on Barkerville and the Cemetery. WELCOME TO BARKERVILLE : https://barkervilleblog.com/welcome-to-barkerville-bcs-gold-rush-town/ Barkerville Cemetery Accessible Trail : https://cariboord.ca/services/recreation-2/accessible-trails/barkerville-cemetery-accessible-trail -------------- Barkerville Cemetery ----------------------- Meet Reverend Reynard at the Anglican Church and journey with him on a 1 km walking tour to Barkerville’s original cemetery; the final resting place of Barkerville’s famous (and not-so-famous) residents and one of the most interesting historic cemeteries in British Columbia. Many of the headboards have been recently restored, and the tour benefits from up-to-date research.
  7. Ah man, well best of luck, it is good to see people like yourself attempting to clean and fix these.
  8. Continuing topic: Had to dig out of storage area downstairs, took me a while to find it but here are the results. Woo Hoo I got Safari Hunt AND Hang- On! My model / serial #
  9. That is awesome kamakazi20012 ! I lucked out a few years back getting a pretty nice SMS lot (ebay if I recall?), even including the 3D Goggles and some boxed games. It really IS a fun system I pretty much ignored back in the NES days as well. Honestly I really need to give it more playtime, it is a great part of SEGA history. It is one of the systems I wish I had picked up an Everdrive for back when I was still buying and had the means Sure I can load them on my EverdriveMD and play them on Genesis but it is just not the same. Is yours an original version? I love the look of that one as it was so different. Keep us updated and congrats.
  10. Well in case anyone still watches........ My spider story walking around the condo. MaximumRD Published on Jun 20, 2018 Just a quick off the cuff the video I shot the other day while walking around our condo grounds I talk about spiders.
  11. Well I had to learn to use a new editing program as I went along BUT other than some auto focus issues and one camera drop I am quite pleased with the end result. Video description: Contest winnings from mr_intv UNBOXING ! Such fun! Some nice INTELLIVISION RELATED items I won in a little giveaway held by mr_intv over on Atariage. Music: www.bensound.com Atariage: http://atariage.com/forums/index.php
  12. Been to long, I decided to do this MOSTLY to let my youtube subscribers know I am still alive lol. Otherwise silly, off the top of my head rambling unscripted, you know, the usual. Surprise package I should've expected.
  13. Ha, I wonder how many other great things are listed under "junk", I love oddities / rarities like that. My favorite Sega controller is a 3 button Genesis pad, no different than anyone except it is the one that came with the JVC Sega X'eye console (Some would know it as the Wonder MEga) and so it has the lettering JVC right in the center of the pad and to me this is just cool. I love the days when consoles and accessories were made by a variety of companies, like the Samsung or GoldStar 3DO consoles etc.
  14. Hey gang! Was inspired by The Ataricreeps latest video on Retro Game Catalogs so I did a response! Video response to The Ataricreep Retro Game Catalogs I The Atari Creep Drop by, say HI, consider subscribing and tell'em Rob aka MaximumRD sent ya! The Atari Creep https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRULdTREt024w7_v1G8RvpQ
  15. Looking out our lobby window. Some of the residents do decorations for the holidays in our lobby, this is just by the elevator on our floor (video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG63M77Eoh0&feature=youtu.be Took this around our Condo today ! Our biggest snowfall so far this year
  16. Previous video I forgot to post (WATCH VIDEO ABOVE IT IS MUCH BETTER )
  17. Opinions on EMULATION - What do YOU use? Been far to long! My NEW video. Be warned this is a ramble where I veer off on tangents and for those that have been with me for a while it is expected. Be sure to grab a beer / coffee and sit back and listen to my take on the topic of emulation ranging from my history to views on ethics and morality of emulation to thoughts on what I might like to try and finally PLEASE SHARE what you like to emulate and your personal favorite means of emulating. THANK YOU.
  18. Always a shame losing a good and talented contributor to our hobby. Shared by ALBERT YARRUSSO on FACEBOOK in the Atariage group - Albert Yarusso shared a link to the group: AtariAge. 1 hr · I have some very sad news to report. Ken Siders unexpectedly passed away at the early age of 49 several days ago. Ken was responsible for writing several homebrew games for the Atari 5200, 7800 and Atari 8-bit computers (mainly b*nQ and Beef Drop). Ken was kind and always very helpful to anyone who asked. He was a great contributor to the Atari community and will be missed. Link over @ Atariage for those interested. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/269359-ken-siders-has-passed-away/ The condolence page can be foundhttp://www.boydbornfuneralhome.com/obituaries/Kenneth-Siders/
  19. Excellent, it is the little aesthetic touches I love that can really make a system stand out but you know Justin this post comes with a extra benefit for me at least. I have several Colecovision controllers of various condition but I have a couple where that aluminum sticker on the top of the joystick (much like the 7800) is either very worn or damaged or in some cases entirely missing I I had been wondering for some time now HOW I can fix this and where would I even find aluminum stickers the exact size needed, Well looking out your parts list I see I can easily make them for myself!! Problem solved. THANKS. Hell I might do my 7800 controllers in the same fashion you outlined here as well, looks great and I always fine it cool to be just a little different than other people as you noticed people catch on pretty quick when something looks different form stock.
  20. Thank you Sir! It has literally been a desert the last couple weeks, hoping this is due to people being out and enjoying the heat! Look forward to sharing more nice discoveries in future. Fingers Crossed ! Myself I have never owned a PS3, they were soooo expensive when they debuted but given the option now I would probably grab one now before a PS4 lol. I Friggin LOVED the PS2 system and library and to me ot was such an advancement in video game tech.
  21. AWESOME RICK! Hahaha well I will check our electronics recycling bin daily no shame but I would be stunned to make such a find! CONGRATS ! It is karma I am sure.
  22. Mark the calendar I made a new video! Tales From Electronics Recycling like 7 or something. Published on Jun 29, 2017 Found something nice in the Electronics bin today so a good excuse to upload, say HI I AM ALIVE and test the webcam on my new DELL laptop! Win-Win!
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