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  1. !!!! Deadlight: Director's Cut free on GOG next 48hrs https://www.gog.com/game/deadlight_directors_cut

  2. F*ck Boris Karloff ! FFS enough for today! RIP (Well at least he was pretty old) Loved him in Ed Wood and Space 1999 ! Martin Landau, Oscar Winner for ‘Ed Wood’ Dies, at 89 http://variety.com/2017/film/news/martin-landau-dead-dies-ed-wood-mission-impossible-1202497128/

  3. Awww RIP :( George A. Romero http://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3447149/george-romero-passed-away-age-77/ George A. Romero Has Passed Away at the Age of 77

  4. Unfortunate. He was great on TRUE BLOOD. ‘True Blood’ Star Nelsan Ellis Dies at 39 http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/nelsan-ellis-dies-dead-true-blood-1202490405/

    1. atarilbc


      Sad news indeed.

  5. RIP Joan Lee I suspect it will not be long before Stan passes now, that is usually the case after the spouse dies and such a old couple have been together for so many year. RIP Joan Lee http://www.newsarama.com/35212-joan-lee-passes-away-at-93.html

    1. Rowsdower70


      My wife and I just had this same discussion sadly. Stan had already given up the convention circuit because of his health.


  6. Will wonders never cease? YES it's true, I finally uploaded a new video! See my youtube thread here http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/39-maximumrds-youtube-videos/?do=findComment&comment=34051

  7. Listening to Castlevania Symphony of the Night Soundtrack!

  8. Listening to Castlevania Symphony of the Night Soundtrack!

  9. Well glad he had a long life. Time to hand in your Licence Mr. BOND RIP - Sir Roger Moore, dead at 89: http://variety.com/2017/film/news/roger-moore-dead-dies-james-bond-star-1202441217/

  10. ‘Tombstone’ And ‘Deadwood’ Actor Powers Boothe Is Dead At 68 RIP :( http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/14/entertainment/powers-boothe-dies/

    1. Rowsdower70


      He's been in so much. RIP

  11. Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong.

  12. RIP :( Jonathan Demme, Oscar-Winning Director of ‘Silence of the Lambs,’ Dies At 73 —

  13. AMAZING fan made DEADPOOL "Gaston" parody!

  14. "Dormammu, I've come to bargain"

  15. If you were not aware GAMEFAN Magazine posted something naughty back in the day. Check out this video I posted 7 years ago. http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/39-maximumrds-youtube-videos/?do=findComment&comment=29515

  16. !!!!!! I cannot believe that tomorrow, Sat Feb 11th, it is my Birthday, ok well, I can believe that, what I cannot believe is I am turning 49! HOLY CRAP !

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