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  1. The Jaguar library receives a fair amount of criticism, and I don't think it's all unwarranted, either for wasting the system's potential with 68K based ports or for attempting to compete with later systems like the PS on their own terms. In contrast, I feel a game like Tempest 2000 works because, beyond just being a fun game concept, Minter was very careful to craft his implementation to the system: lots of pixel shattering effects, abstract polygon 3D, transforms and rotations etc etc. So, what other games, or game concepts, would have suited the special abilities and limitations of the platform? My vote goes to The Lawnmower Man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p64uiKnhAQM It's a mix of platforming levels and 3D zones. I think it'd work on the Jaguar because the movie established an aesthetic which followed what the popular impression of what virtual realty was going to be like, rather than how it actually ended up being. That is, the movie tries to portray a virtual world as an extension to reality, rather than mimicking the real-world with real textures and shapes so it's all very polygonal and abstract. It's exactly the kind of 3D which could have been achieved well on the Jaguar with its proclivity towards things like gouraud shading. Also, the platform levels include a lot of pixel shattering effects (enemies and objects don't explode conventionally, they shatter, because ... umm ... stuff is like, all digital now, or something?) and would have benefited from embellishment of colours and scrolling effects.