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    dgrubb got a reaction from DegasElite in In defence of emulation   
    Yeah, this is definitely a problem, and it's not one unique to Jaguar either. I have the utmost respect for emulator developers because it requires such a unique cross-section of skills: the ability to write good code, a deep understanding of the hardware (including its buggy and undocumented behaviour, of which the Jaguar is a particular culprit), and the free time to devote to, sadly thankless, large projects.
    The brightside is that the gains from improving software don't go away, so the emulators will only ever get better and more accurate.
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    dgrubb reacted to Atari 5200 Guy in In defence of emulation   
    I have nothing against emulators. It was emulators that reminded me of the games I enjoyed and introduced me to games I missed. Because of those my starts of wanting to collect those games and systems was ignited. My only issue with Jaguar emulators...not a one is 100% accurate. There are one or two decent ones but at the time of this writing this is one where emulation comes close but misses. However, given the number of Jag units left, and knowing these systems can fetch a hefty price, emulation would be easier to obtain.
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    dgrubb reacted to Atari 5200 Guy in Project: Jaguar USB Tap   
    Only one issue: you mention the Jag's controller being ten-key.  It's actually 12 keys.  4 columns, 3 rows.  Might want to note that
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    dgrubb got a reaction from Sabertooth in 009 - Syndicate   
    This was one of my favourite games on the Amiga, the mix of cyberpunk-theme and depth of the world building won me over, but even then I found the control scheme a little awkward. I can't imagine how frustrating the experience must be with a controller but, to be fair, if there were any console controller with the best chance to make it work it'd be the Jaguar's and its ten-key.
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