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  1. I have always wondered about the Atari STylus. I have never read of any hands-on accounts of using this device. I would be interested to hear how good the handwriting recognition was and what the decision-making process was in killing the device. I would like to hear more about the inner-workings of later-era Atari Corporation and what their thought process was on products. For example, why did the CD drive for the ST never come out in any numbers? Why was development of the ST to the STe so slow? Why did it seem like there was often such a chronic shortage of machines? I am sure the Atari: Business is War will have a lot of good information in it. Scott
  2. I feel weird because it seems like everyone is loving it and... I didn't. I am going to withhold final judgement until I see it again but I felt like there was very little in the way of a plot and there were far too many cheesy jokes. That said, if I saw this as a kid? I probably would have loved it. I might be taking it too seriously nowadays. But I will watch it again. I actually liked Rogue One more the first time I saw it and then had a lot of nit picky complaints upon a second viewing. Scott
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