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  1. Of course I would be semi-interested in a CD32 and TG16 - they're only expensive as hell. Too many toys as of late and moving, plus I have to prepare for an STe to go along with this demoscene book!

  2. Sad that System 3 (Epyx) is unwilling to license their games for modernized renditions :-/

  3. Has anyone even been to the so-called Atari HQ in New York?

    1. Justin


      I have been, but it's far less meaningful than going to Sunnyvale.

    2. The Professor

      The Professor

      I'm not sure I'm allowed back

    3. RickR


      You MUST tell us the rest of this story, Prof. MUST.

  4. It's been about 12 years since I've owned an Atari Falcon but may have one coming in the post in a matter of weeks. Very anxious and excited to be able to utilize this machine for a music-MIDI setup!

    1. Rowsdower70


      I'm looking forward to hearing about your Falcon's first flight!

    2. MalakZero


      Very cool! I know little to nothing about that unit. Please post lots of pics and a vid or two :)


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