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  1. Update: Late in coming, but I composite modded the above Atari 2600 Vader board and now it has perfect video and audio! Gifted the system to my brother for his birthday with a selection of great games! ~ Trellot
  2. Hi all, I've recently purchased a 4-swtich 2600 Vader unit but I only get static noise, no sound at all from the unit. Great video though! Looking for some suggestions on how to resolve this issue if possible. What I've done: Cleaned mainboard top and bottom with alcohol and toothbrush Dismantled and cleaned all the switchs which now work great Electrically tested voltage regulator and power jack (all well within range) Noticed rust under the RF shield and the top and bottom plates had some rust on them which I've abraided away. Tried the sound adjusting coil but got nothing from that Tuned the RF Modulator without success Noticed a rusty base on the RF modulator box so I desoldered it and cleaned it all up (rust on the board underneath which I've also cleaned well) Resoldered the RF modulator but get the same static noise Replaced the sound adjust coil with another working unit (no dice). Should there be anywhere else that I need to look other than the RF modulator? I've read that the TIA also manages sound as well? Any suggestions would be appreciated! As it stands now all is perfect except the static noise I get. Thanks, Trellot
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