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  1. Sorry about the small video size, but I can't figure out for the life of me of how to get a better resolution out of Fusion.
  2. When I first saw Tetris, I had absolutely NO idea what I was supposed to be doing! I tried playing it in the arcade, and less than half a minute later, I got the Game Over screen! It wasn't until I got my first Game Boy that I finally learned to master the game that would serve as a huge addiction for everyone everywhere! That was nearly thirty years ago, now look how far we've come!
  3. Long time no post... Maybe tonight I'll try to hook up my Flashback and see if I can get something.
  4. Time to boot up Stella and give this one a shot!
  5. Alas, I no longer own an actual Intellivision, and I don't know heads or tails about emulators.
  6. Next time I'll use my phone for sure. While I'm thinking of it, is the SNES Classic acceptable, since it's technically emulation?
  7. I hope this is OK. If not, I'll do it again with a video file.
  8. 308 I hope I did the video right. Final score is at 1:49. CanyonBomber.mp4
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