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  1. Thank you very much sir! 😄 About the GBA, thanks I modded it myself 😇 I got me a AGS-101 screen on Ebay out of China for €30,-. You can also get them now from either Deadpan Robot in the UK and if I’m not mistaken also from Handheld Legend in the US. You do have to solder a wire for power and that is a little tricky due to the very small solderpoint but with a little patience you’ll probably can do it no problem! One thing: before you buy the screen, be sure to check wether you need the included ribbon cable to be 32-pin or 40-pin. You can do this by removing the battery cover on your GBA. You’ll see a number on the mother board. For a 32-pin it will start with “1” and for a 40-pin it will start with a “0”. As for the shell, you have to modify the front somewhat by cutting some plastic so it’ll fit but it’s an easy enough job. 💪😎 To all of you, it was a lot of fun, thanks for pushing me with those awesome scores! This game is one of the first Master System games I owned. Never managed to beat it, even now I didn’t make it past Mandara. Looks like you almost HAVE to beat the game with 1 life because if you die in the later levels and you lose your powerups.. it’s game over very fast. Tips from anyone who did beat the game?
  2. I try to stay right in front of the chopper and concentrate more on shooting the ninja’s. In between I try to jump over the missiles and try to hit the front of the chopper as much as I can. hope it helps! 💪💪💪
  3. Don’t want to discourage you guys but I just managed to beat my previous highscore.. it’s now 291800 😅 Haven’t been able to beat this boss though, this is like the third time I’ve reached him since I was twelve. Never did beat the game haha This time I’m playing the game on my GBA with my Sega Master System Classics cart.
  4. Also, make sure you jump so he shoots the fireballs upwards. Then walk underneath them and just jump and shoot. I’ve been caught by too many low fireballs haha
  5. Hi guys, managed to up my score again, did pretty good in the bonus stages this time 😅
  6. 165,650 My 2nd nightshift, first attempt. Didn’t come as far this time and I failed two bonus stages, but still a pretty good score 😄
  7. Good score!! 👌 It seems the bonus rounds are key to crank up the score!
  8. Heheheheh.. 😏 229400! 🙌 By the way, I’m playing on my Game Gear, off my Everdrive GG which also supports Master System roms.
  9. Awesome challenge!! I already see a lot of great attempts 😅 I’ll definitely have a crack at this. The Master System was my second console after the 2600 and shinobi was one of my favorite games back then! Never managed to beat it though, curious to see how I’ll do now 😄 -edit- allright here’s my first try: 139050. Only 1 bar left when I got to tha choppaaa!
  10. My final attempt this nightshift: I’m off to bed now, have a great day you all and keep playing! 😄
  11. 3rd attempt, this time I got to 36040 points. So far I haven’t gotten past level 1-3 but I believe I can do better! 💪 I’m playing the original cart, this time on my Gameboy pocket.
  12. Here’s my first try 😆 Original cart played on my modded dmg-01.
  13. Cool I’m in! I love sml, haven’t beaten it yet though I keep crapping out at the final boss. 😆
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